Greens have dummy spit

The Greens and the ALP are undergoing a trail separation. Christine Milne says, amongst other things, that the ALP have put the interests of Evil Big Mining ahead of the country. I think she’s talking about the ALP’s decision on the Tarkine reserve. Bourke decided to base his decision on jobs rather than endangered species, not for any altruistic reasons, but to protect another endangered species closer to his heart – Australian job seekers who may vote ALP. Conservationists say the Tarkine is the second largest intact stretch of rainforest in the world, and is home to more than 60 rare, threatened, and endangered species. Name them! By mid-afternoon, and with government figures lining up to embrace the split, Senator Milne appeared to backtrack.
Asked by David Speers on Sky News if the agreement was dead or not, she said: ”It’s in place on paper, yes, but our signatures are on it and that means something. Whenever I have signed an agreement to give a government confidence and supply, they can rely on the Greens’ word.”
That’s great news – we can rely on the Greens word – something that hitherto has never occurred to me. So news of the marriage split now seems to be exaggerated with Julia still allowed in the marriage bed. Maybe it’s just a lovers tiff or one of a party positioning themselves in the eyes of their kids (read voters) before September when hopefully, they both lose their share of the house.
“Good riddance to them,” said one Labor MP, who criticised the Greens for their “self-righteous” attitude to asylum-seekers, support for death duties and “obsession” with gay marriage
And, can I add, for their negative attitude to anything that provides jobs for Australians.

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