Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking by Steven Scott at the Courier Mail

The plans for job cuts, privatisation and outsourcing by a conservative government in Queensland provide easy ammunition for federal Labor to throw at its political opponents.

Indications so far are that the Federal Government is planning three lines of attack based on the state plans.

  • Federal Labor will criticise the State Government’s belt-tightening to deflect criticism of its own Budget troubles, arguing it is going down a fairer path to addressing revenue shortfalls.
  • Secondly, the Gillard Government will claim opposition leader Tony Abbott is planning a similar round of unannounced cuts if he wins the September 14 election.
  • And at a local level, Labor will try to capitalise on anger in communities across Queensland to bolster its campaigns in key federal electorates in the state.
All well and good except the voters of Queensland and Australia are very well aware that the reason Newman, and Abbott, if he wins in September, are currently or about to make cuts, is they are simply trying to get the state and nation’s finances back on an even keel after years of ALP throwing money at thought bubbles. Another view (mine);
  • ….arguing it is going down a fairer path to addressing revenue shortfalls.  Wow!  the words Gillard should be looking for is “even though we have run out of money leaving our budget $12 billion in the red we think that spending more money is the answer
  • She will claim opposition leader Tony Abbott is planning a similar round of cuts.  I hope so!  How else can the country recover from the ALP’s criminal waste.
  • Labor will try to capitalise on anger in communities across Queensland.  There will be some anger as a result of Union screams but most Queenslanders understand we have to recover from Bligh’s astronomical debt somehow.
In short, what Stephen is saying is that the ALP will attack conservatives for trying to recover from years of ALP waste – that sounds like a plan to remind the voters of the ALP disasters. Go for it, Julia!  


  • My only problem with Noddy Newman is that he tells lies – over and over again….
    Public servants have nothing to fear from an LNP government.
    There will be no uranium mining in Queensland.
    Public assets will not be privatised without a mandate.
    Dr Douglas requested to leave the committee position.
    People with disabilities will be fully supported by a Newman government.
    We have no intention of closing Queensland schools.

    • 1735099    What is the basis of your discrimination…..you don’t seem to have a “problem” with Juliar, and we all know how she earned her common usage name.  If you were not discriminating you would be indicating her failings also.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too. It tends to lower your credibility as an all seeing sage. 

  • Hello 17…I asked the question twice on Catallaxy following yet another anti American comment from you but, I did not receive a reply.So here it is again:How much time have you spent in the USA?

    • I’ll play your silly game.
      You answer my question, and I’ll answer yours.
      Here’s mine – What do you think of the North Koreans?
      By the way, I’m wondering what any of this has to do with Kev’s post. You can also answer that if you like.

  • Hello 17…    
    You bring light to my life.  It has been at least 60 years since I was invited to play: you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.
    Why don’t you answer the question – it surely isn’t a difficult one?   Or, are we to assume that you have never been to  the USA, and your earlier claim to make your judgements based on lived life experiences always except when it doesn’t?
    I commented on this post as you had not answered the same question I asked twice on Catallaxy, which is where you made your most recent anti-American comment.  
    I guessed you would read it on this post as you had posted the first comment, and would surely be looking for follow up comments.   
    Was it Wishful Thinking to believe I would get straightforward response?

    • Answer my question – that’s straightforward…..

      • Numbers, I think you realise that we all know that your lack of an answer means you’ve never been to the US. remember we know and recognise your MO.

        • we know
          Love your use of the royal plural. Who the hell is “we”?
          Reminds me of Jo Bjelke-Petersen. Two of his favourite phrases were “everybody knows” and “we all know”.
          It reveals the fundamental arrogance of the conservative mindset….

          • yawn. “we” refers to the collective group here who are well aware that you are a colossal bullshit artist and hypocrite.
            I note that you still haven’t answered the simple question you were asked by HRT. and you never will.

  • Harrry include me and let him know that there are two ‘i’s in Wii.

  • Hello 17…
    Your comment has been up long enough for those who do not wish to be included in Harry’s <I>…we all know…<i> comment to say so.  As none have, I think it reasonable to believe Harry got it right.
    The question I asked originally did not require an opinion about North Korea nor a comment about Bjelke-Petersen.  But that is what you delivered.  
    If I asked you what day follows Tuesday, might we expect some more ducking and weaving in your answer, this time including Cuba and Harold Holt?

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