Bandt could be gone

TONY Abbott says the Liberal Party will put the Greens last in every seat because of the party’s “fringe economic policies” and its belief in “open borders”. He said his “captain’s call”, which could see Greens MP Adam Bandt lose his lower house seat of Melbourne, was a principled decision, and he urged Kevin Rudd to match the pledge.

“There is a world of difference between the Greens and as far as I am aware, just about everyone else who is contesting this election campaign.

“Because everyone else in this campaign supports economic growth and supports a more prosperous economy. The Greens on the other hand, they want a bank levy, they want to bump up the mining tax, they want a wealth tax, they want 100 per cent renewable energy, they want $100 a tonne carbon tax. These are quite frankly, fringe economic policies, to put it at its kindest.

They also want the coal mining industry closed down and, in fact, all mining.  

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