Nguyen court bid ‘questionable’

HISTORY was against the latest bid to save condemned Australian Van Tuong Nguyen, a Singapore-based human rights campaigner said today.

...campaigner Sinapan Samydorai said the application to the court would require the approval of Singapore's Government, and history showed this appeared unlikely.

Interestingly Singapore News has no original articles on Nguyen but links only to the Australian and Voice of America

The Straits Times doesn't carry any mention of Nguyen at all on its front page nor does the local language Berita Harian (Daily News)

I'm not sure how this is going to pan out - I fear Nguyen's days are truely numbered and all that is left to debate is the extent of the diplomatic fall-out between Singapore and Australia and will trade suffer.

If/When the Indonesians pass the death sentence on the Bali Nine then the debate is going to get louder and when it does it need rules. It is about the death sentence, not drugs. Nguyen and the Bali Nine are drug traffickers and will get little symapthy from mainstream Australia if they are sentenced to life in a rotten Asian goal, but the death sentence?

That is something different altogether.

One comment

  • I think it has once again been proven that “megaphone diplomacy” is exceptionally counter productive when dealing with Asian countries.

    I see all the characteristics of a deep loss of “face” in the lack of Singaporean Government official comment and seeming lack of public or media interest.

    I believe that all the shouting has prompted the Singaporeans to smile nicely and tell us all to shut up and piss off. Nguyen is doomed.