Excuse me?

THE Indonesian navy has slammed the Abbott government’s plans to turn back asylum-seeker boats, warning that the policy is “too risky” and could cost lives at sea.
In the latest of a string of objections coming out of Jakarta, a senior navy official says the Prime Minister’s plan to force boats back would also unfairly shift the burden of dealing with the asylum-seeker problem back on Indonesia. Major Andy Apriyanto, the head of policy for the Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board, said Tony Abbott needed to drop the plan or he would be responsible for risking lives. “What they need to do is to revise their own policy,” Major Andy said. I don’t care what position the Major holds he is not a senior Navy Official – Majors do not get involved in Foreign Affairs and are at best mid level executives.  I know, I was one and if I had been so stupid as to be quoted in the foreign press as slamming another countries policies I would have retired as a Private soldier. Where do the journalists dig up these quotes?  

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