Afghan opium plan not feasible: drugs board

An oversupply of opium used for medical purposes around the world means plans to use Afghanistan's illicit crops for such purposes cannot get off the ground, the world's independent drug monitoring body says.
The Senlis Council, a think tank specialising in drug policy, said on Monday that Western countries were wasting millions of dollars trying to stamp out the illegal opium trade in Afghanistan.
Millions? What's wrong...have we run out of Napalm?


  • Dear Kev,

    Good one Kev.

    Let them starve. Just the message we want to send to the Afghan people. Burn your only crop and not teach them to grow other crops that might feed them and their families.

    I notice that the amount of opium grown since the taliban was rebounded to the same as it was pre-war.

  • Not at all. They need an alternative crop but I don’t think the war lords are interested. We are most probably feeding them anyway so I can’t see anymore starving than would normally.

    Yes, I hear the crop is up again…I guess that’s a bit of laisse-faire on the authorities part. I’m still anti-opium and if empowered would destroy the crops and suggest that if they can grow poppies they can grow potatoes or rice of wheat and feed their own bloody people.

  • Dear Kev,

    Aren’t the war lords on the side of Kharzai’s government bunkered down in Kabul.

    Am I missing something! I thought that the US were backing them against the rise of the taliban. if this is the case why isn’t the US insisting that they are taught to grow other crops.

    It might be that the US has no control and these areas are too unsafe.

  • Then a couple of easy-to-program Arclight strikes at high level should fix the problem. Worked for Clinton’s regime.