Greens trying to kill jobs

The Queensland government is considering cutting royalties for an initial period for miners that open up the basin, in the state’s central west. Premier Campbell Newman says the incentive is all about creating jobs and boosting the state’s economy. The Greens, of course, are furious

Greenpeace spokeswoman Louise Matthiesson said the plan to consider royalty cuts suggests that new mega-mines in the basin were not independently viable.

No, what it suggests is the Newman government are trying to increase the wealth of the state by offering incentives for companies to mine in Queensland and creat jobs here rather than elsewhere.

“We are really concerned that ordinary mum and dad taxpayers are going to be giving a handout to the likes of Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer,” she said in Brisbane.

No, read the statement.  13,000 to 15,000 jobs are expected to be created.  If Rinehart and Palmer’s companies make more money, they employ more people and pay more taxes. Win-win actually Unless you are a Greenie

Green senator Larissa Waters agreed, saying discounts would make them even richer at the expense of the Great Barrier Reef, groundwater and climate.

How’s that happen Larissa?

“People like Clive Palmer don’t need any help making even more money, especially when their mega profits go to buying political power, as a federal parliamentary inquiry is now set to investigate,” she said in a statement.

I’m not a Palmer fan but our current high standard of living is based on entrepeurial people setting up businesses and employing people. Why are the Greens consistantly against any sort of development.  Why should they deny workers jobs?    

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