Another drug conviction imminent

INDONESIAN prosecutors have demanded an 18-month jail term for an Australian mine worker accused of using methamphetamine.
John Michael Kelly, 45, from Warwick on Queensland's Darling Downs, was arrested in September in Sangatta, East Kalimantan on Borneo, after a tip-off by hotel security guards.
Mmmm...Middle aged... working.... anglo sounding name and most probably not as pretty as Michelle or Schappele but we will have another press frenzy tomorrow with demands from Beasely, Rudd, Brown and Nettle etc to have his case taken on by the Government. Won't we?


  • Unneccessary to be so flipent Kev. You clearly enjoy the suffering of these people. I honestly hope that you never are subjected to such a vindictive and punitive streak which you display towards others…..

  • Barry,

    What is it with you. I would’ve thought I was very clearly having a go at the press and the left wing that seems to be selective in who it gets in a frenzy over.

    You have to be carefull about making assumptions about me as nearly all of yours have been wrong too date. I gain no joy from Aussies of any class suffering but I do have slighlty less sympathy when the suffering is self inflicted.

  • I find the thought of such a young man being hung to be somewhat disturbing. But I wonder if the anti death penalty protestors will go to bat for Garry Glitter, who will be facing the firing squad if convicted?

  • Dear Kev,

    What do you say to the comment from a lawyer in Singapore that the Australian government was very happy with the death penalty for the Bali bombers but not for the Aussie in Singapore.

    Are they showing double standards?

  • Flippant, you illiterate imbecile. You are implying that Kev has little regard for those incarcerated in Indonesia for illegally imbibing impinging opiates.

    As for your assertion ‘I honestly hope…’. Bullshit. That’s a qualifier akin to ‘With all due respect’. Would Barry like to perhaps write an analysis of his own outlining the possible treatment of foreigners charged and/or convicted of illicit drug crimes in South East Asian nations that have the death penalty?

    *note extensive use of multi-syllable words commencing with the letter ‘i’. It’s a trick I picked by reading Barry’s comments. Because it’s all about him.

  • Thanks CB. I enjoy living in a world knowing you roam the streets. A person once said to me “I can’t be bothered hating people, it takes too much effort.” You and Kev must always be exhausted

  • #4

    What lawyer in Singapore?

    And who cares what a lawyer in Singapore thinks about our government?

    Should we check with a taxi driver in Calcutta before making legislation?

    Trolls are out in force this morning.

  • Peter,

    Doesn’t matter if they are showing double standards and as I give little credence to Aussie lawyers opinions I don’t give a shit about foreign ones. They are just beating their own drum and the cadence is well back in my subconscience.

  • Barry nobody enjoys knowing someone will die but these are matters for other countries not Australia. it is not our place to tell other countries how to legislate (even if we don’t agree). We can suggest which has been done on numerous occassions at all levels up to the top. What more do people like you want. They new what they were getting into and what the consequences of their actions were, lifes tough deal with it. Maybe these counties will change their penalty system but thats their business not ours. What amazes me those people who continually say Australia want to tell the rest of Asia what to do especially the Liberal government. Then when it suits they want us to basically order Asian countries what to do. Then again why should I be amazed it is just another example of the hypocritical left.

  • Dear Pq,

    You have missed the point.

    The comment by Howard and Downer that it was a godd thing to execute the Bali bombers is not a matter of legislation but of comment and double standard when they bleat about the Singaporean government excecuting the Aussie. Incidentally I am against the death penalty in all cases; including our old mate Saddam. He isn’t going to get a fair trial in Iraq. The right to a fair trial is one of the fundamenatls that Kev and many other fought for. This soemtimes gets lost in the heat and fury of a debate. S what if Saddam did not treat his own people in a fair mannner. The point of the war was to install a better system and not replace the old with the same. It reminds me of the old saying” the more things change the more they remain the same”.

    It has nothing to do with law but about the stance taken in respect of both matters.

    It has nothing to do with calcutta taxi drivers either.

    The comment by the lawyer was that the government of Australia and its represenatives are adopting double standrds. The answer would even be obvious to you that there are double standards being applied.

    Dear CB, it is nice to know that a debate is enhanced by personal absue and not responding to the issues being debated. I would hope Kev that you would apply the same ‘shutdown” to him that you threatened to Barry.

  • If I was Mr Kelly, I’d be pumping iron in the hope that I might just wind up telegenic enough to attract a camera crew, but I wouldn’t be counting on it.

    Re Nguyen Tuong Van – stuff him if he can’t take a joke. he was happy to smuggle the gear into Aust, knowing it was likely to kill Australians, now he gets to pay that price.

    Its hard to feel sympathy.

  • Don’t “dear” me, you dunce.

    Smarmy crap about how much a caring human being you are, and disingenuous statements about “lawyers in Singapore” get no credit from me.

    Why don’t you say what you mean. and stop pussyfooting around making mealy mouthed “motherhood” observations.
    Call me a stinking bloodsoaked warmonger and baby killer with no compassion for his fellow humans.
    Won’t be the first time, and makes just as much impression today as it did 30 years ago.
    Why.. yes, that is an “ad hominem” attack. Sometimes it is just necessary.

    Go and have a bleat at webdiary, you might get a caring audience there about what a sensitive new age thing you are.

  • Peter,

    PQ didn’t miss anything…he got it in one. We don’t care what the foreign lawyers say as much as we don’t care what beaurocrats from the UN say. Foreigner’s opinions matter little in this debate.

    The point of the war was to install a better system and not replace the old with the same

    Mate, where are you getting your facts from? If you don’t acknowledge or really don’t know what’s going on Iraq then you need to broaden your reading base.

    Try reading some Michael Yon and don’t come back saying you don’t believe it…you can’t ignore facts. In fact, you might like to try and use some facts in your comments rather than just opinions.

  • Typical nihilistic thinking combined with shallow understanding of the world around him makes Peter a amusing read.

    Peter, punishments should fit the crime.

  • Outlining a case for illiteracy amounts to personal abuse does it? That was a simple way to upset the natives.

    ‘Would Barry like to perhaps write an analysis of his own outlining the possible treatment of foreigners charged and/or convicted of illicit drug crimes in South East Asian nations that have the death penalty?’

    Not contributing to the debate, I requested a case for commuting death sentences in SE Asia by sovereign nations that have historically ignored any previous treatise on the subject. Due to my complete and utter ignorance on the subject.

    Precious little princess, aren’t you?

  • Dear PQ,

    It does not surpise me to hear so much hate emanating from you.

    You must be nice person to be around. It would be nice to hear from your spouse and your children.

    What a wonderful role model you are.

    Wouldn’t the world be a more wonderful place if we all held your views. and expressed them with such vehemence.

    You contribute nothing positive to the debate except personal abuse.

    You must really hate yourself and probably everyone around you or who come in contact with you.

    Where did you go wrong.

    I bet that you really contribute to the good of society with views and the hate expressed by you.

    I can imagine you as a “Kapo” in Aushwitz, Belsen belsen, Dachau etc perhaps even at Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib.

    Why don’t you apply and get a job as a “contractor” and that way you can practise what you preach. You might even get shot if you are lucky. If you survive I am sure that you can log on with more hate filled “waries”.

  • Bull shit Peter. From the start you’ve shovelling sanctimonious drivel (a form of ad-hominem) so stop projecting.

  • Same goes for Barry Bones

  • Dear Peter

    Sitting on the side reading your last post. I can understand why
    you are so anti military and so left wing. The military would never have
    accepted you after a psych evaluation. You definitely appear to have
    anger management problems. I suggest after such an outburst you seek
    medical assitance.

    Cheers and have a lovely day.

  • Dear Don,

    We might get a joint referral from your doctor.

  • Gary,

    I won’t call your dear anymore.

    Still waiting for a positive contribution from you.

    keep the bullshit coming.

  • Dear Don,

    Did serve in the reserve.

    Passed a psych test.

    Must not have been good enough for you.

    Incidentally did you pass?

  • Peter yep I passed with flying colours and served. I just wanted to see how you coped with personal attacks like to served out in #16. Not very well apparently. Unlike you I won’t be reqlying again as I realize it is wasting everyone elses time who wants to hear genuine discussion. P.S. Boy scouts do not qualify as reserves.

  • “Did serve in the reserve.”