Jihadist crackdown

A CRACKDOWN on Australians travelling to Syria to fight with jihadists is set to widen, with police preparing to charge a third suspected extremist currently in jail on attempted murder charges.
After officers from the Australian Federal Police and NSW police yesterday charged two men with an array of foreign-incursion offences – the first such charges to stem from the Syrian conflict – The Australian can reveal a third man has been targeted by investigators and is expected to be charged. Its a start but this worries me;

Some of Mr Alqudsi’s supporters in court refused a request from the NSW Sheriff’s officer to remove their hats inside the courtroom.

“That’s part of the law? It’s not our law,” said one of the men, who declined to give his name.

If you claim to be Australian and take all we offer then it is “your law”.  Another aspect or “your law” is Contempt of Court and I would have liked the judge to say to the Sherrif  ” OK, Sherrif remove them from the court, place them in the cells and let me know when they are prepared to remove their hats and treat “their law” with respect. The NSW laws are a bit wishy washy on Contempt but I can see a case for judges to strive to maintain respect for the courts. I’m not even happy for ordinary people to have dual citizenship so my next step would be to remove citizenship from any immigrant who supports terrorism in any shape or form after a sutiable time in lockup. Bye bye…back home for you – we don’t want your type here.      

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