So what?

IN only the fourth Newspoll since Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister, he has registered a negative net satisfaction rating, of minus five.

Seriously, what do you expect?  After 6 years of  macro financial mismanagement Abbott has to carry the can of getting the economy back in a reasonable state.  That  requires giving the people a lot of bad news as he tries to get them to live within their means.

Shorten’s net satisfaction rating is positive 17. Since starting with a rating of six, his popularity has been steadily rising.

Considering Shorten has done absolutely nothing to earn this, it all has to be due to the bad news Abbott is hitting us with.  This will be the trend until Abbott had stabalized the economy and better management becomes obvious.

I’m not surprised and I’m not dissappointed – it was always on the cards.

2 Responses to So what?

  1. HRT says:

    Hello Kev,
    If the comments of our friends are anything to go by, Mr Abbott deserves the rating.  
    The appointment of Combet is seen as  weird, while the appointment of Stott-Despoja is viewed with disgust.  Typical comment:   “Our finances cannot be in such bad shape if there is money to be squandered on well rewarded non jobs such as hers.”
     One term for the LNP is also being mentioned although, the alternative definitely scares the horses

  2. Kev says:

    Let’s wait and see what happens with next years Senate make-up – his leadership will be defined from then.  I don’t know what he is doing with Combet and Stott-Despoya either but inbetween these type of moves there is hope. If we look at what he has done, that which has incensed the Left, then he is starting to make inroads.  I personally think he needs to tell us more about his thoughts and direction but I’m sure that is being addressed 

    I would be worried if this was early 2015 but its not and only time will tell.


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