Open for business

The Coalition government had inherited 371 unassessed projects from the previous Labor government, with 22 dating back to 2008. Environment Minister Hunt had made decisions on 125 projects in his first three months in office, including approving 29 major projects as part of their “Australia is open for business” statement. With green tape rationalized and based on the fact that the economy and ecology can live side by side, the new governments actions will eventually help them bring the nation out it’s economic gloom. Greens leader Christine Milne said Tony Abbott’s mantra of being “open for business” was just “code for dig it up, cut it down and ship it away” She says that like it’s a bad thing. I wonder where she thinks money comes from  

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  • “I wonder where she thinks money comes from”
    I’ve got some bad news for you Kev, she knows exactly where it comes from – the likes of you and I, the problem is she thinks the supply is inexhaustable and that she is justifed in taking as much as she wants to save the world from the sort of people who make stuff.

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