Go away Rudd

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd is creating a foundation to honour the principles of his historic 2008 apology to the indigenous stolen generation. Mr Rudd today announced he would establish the National Apology Foundation, which he will chair. The narcisist, who is also suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, says that because he is creating this foundation;

“We are not condemned to a future which sees a continuing division between the lives of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.”

While you continue to remind us of your one and only claim to fame, and it is a doubtful claim, then you are condemning us to continuing divisions. It simply perpetuates the ‘Sorry Industry’ and that helps no one. Go away Rudd, you totally fucked up Australia and the ALP and you still have the temerity to make sound waves.  A lesser narcistic individual would be so humiliated by the damage they did, they would be silent for decades.  


  • How did Glasson go in the bielection?  LOL, how you reckon Dooley will go next weekend, think I may be cracking a rum in celebration, your mate Newman is next Kev.

    • Glasson did brilliantly actually.  LOL

      LABOR’s hopes of using the Griffith by-election as a justification for its attacks on the Abbott government have been undermined after the Liberal National Party secured the first swing to a government in a by-election for nearly 20 years.

      It reflects poorly on Shorten as witnessed by the polls.  I actually never thought Glasson would get in  keeping in mind the voters in Griffith had re-elected Rudd even though he had proven to be a narcissist, incompetant beaurocrat,  totaly out of his depth.  And remember, it was only the prefrences from the Hippy Greens in West End and Bulimbah that got the union hack over the line.

      They deserve her.

      Couldn’t care about Redcliffe – the LNP guy seemed like a bit of a tosser and with a 67 seat buffer we can easily get rid of deadwood.

      Don’t be too optimistic about Newman.  As is always the case when a LNP government take over from the ALP the first years are spent recovering from the obscene debt we are left with while we get things back on course.  The hard decisions are made early and the non-thinking votors react and polls go down.  By the time the next election comes due, the economy has started to recover from the ALP debacle, the voters can see it and vote accordingly.  Newman will lose some seats but not government.

      Get used to it.


      • I bet you a carton of Rum Newman loses his seat mate

        • kind of like how the national preferences help the liberals form government hey Kev

          • No, not at like the Federal result.  

          • why is it not like the federal result, without National preferences Phoney wouldn’t be PM, so I guess it is a no to the bet of a carton of fum, to pun a phrase “I am looking forward to watching the blood of the LNP flow next election”  it will flow thick and fast.

  • BTW how is unemployment under Newman and Phoney Tony and Sloppy Joe LOL, they are incompetent and you know it

    • So, for the last 76 months we have had the ALP over 72 of these months

      • initiate a carbon tax and the RET as a huge impost on business;
      • wipe out the live cattle export business;
      •  brought in the mining tax that slows investment and thus employment;
      • impose Green tape that stops business investing and thus employment;
      • change the laws so unions can take over businesses and run them broke with wage demands to the point of closure;  
      • stopped commercial fishing on the reef; and
      • borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars, just to name a few basic economic errors.

      And over the last few months we have had a LNP government wondering how the fuck we can fix this mess and you blame them for the unemployment.  Unemployment figures are the result of years and years of policy application – not months.

      Eddie, like most of the Left, you aren’t debating, you are simply abusing and refusing to answer any points.  Words like”Phoney” and Sloppy” are just ad hominem attacks and add nothing to the debate.

  • and the green energy fund was creating jobs 

    • Nothing the Greens do creates jobs.  See this morning news?  Alcoa are closing their aluminium plant in Geelong – why?  Because the Greens carbon tax  imposes a carbon cost on Australian aluminium producers of at least $60 per tonne of aluminium compared to only $8 per tonne in China.

      Another ALPGreens coup – fuckwits.  They are supposed to be all about jobs but they impose costs on business – Alcoa, Toyota, GMH and Ford, that make it economically unviable to conduct business in Australia.

      • isn’t that the unions and free trade mate, and isn’t your mate tony going to get rid of the carbon tax?  I thought the closure was due to the low aluminium prices, can’t have workers getting paid a decent wage can we Kev

        • isn’t that the unions and free trade mate  Free trade depends on competitive prices and the unions have do not consider that at all.

          You would think the closure was due to just low aluminium prices – you wont read any further than what agrees with your ideas.  Abbott will get rid of the carbon tax but he cant until the new senate sits because Shorten can’t read the writing on the wall.  

          ...can’t have workers getting paid a decent wage can we Kev  The issue is not about a decent wage, it is about the unions forcing more money and conditions even when they know that it will drive the company to close.  Cars cost 40% more to manufacture here than they do in Europe. Now ask yourself…Why should GMH etc manufacture cars here when the unions and the ALPGreen carbon tax has forced costs up so much. They’d be crazy to stay – that’s why manufacturing is bailing out of Australia. 



        • Hey Eddie, did you read this morning’s news?

          The Australian can reveal the Australian Aluminium Council has told the Department of Industry’s energy white paper reference panel that the sector has paid more than $300 million in RET costs since it was introduced and “this is not sustainable”.

          In a new submission, the council warns that high electricity prices have had “negative market consequences”. It points to Queensland’s Boyne Smelters, which is cutting aluminium production for the first three months of the year because of the high price of electricity over summer.

          Gee Imagine that!  However not surprised – that was the Green plan all along.

  • looking forward to seeing the LNP blood spill in redcliffe on the weekend, going to be great to watch.  Why is tony giving money to farmers and not industry?  O thats right, because the farmers are all National supporters (he needs their preferences) and the manufacturers all employ union dominated work forces.  I don’t pay anything for electricity, thanks to my solar panels, you have some too don’t you?

  • BTW you do know that the european governments have the highest subsidies for  their car industries in the world don’t you, or did Andrew Bolt leave that out of his comments?

    Funny how all your kids are in jobs that rely on a good union in order to get paid well too isn’t it?  How much you reckon teachers, public servants and nurses would get paid with no union?

    • I can’t believe you raised the issue of unions.  Are you even aware of what has happened with the HSU?  Williamson, ex President stole millions and Thomson, ex National Secretary,  hundreds of thousands for whores and travel, from the lowest paid in the health industry.

      Is that the union you are talking about?

      I’d keep quiet about unions until the dust is settled from the Royal Commission. When all the thieves, thugs and standover merchants are thrown out and jailed and new and clean members come forward.


  • Don’t know where your mate Ted gets his bullshit statistics Kev, he doesn’t work with that other bullshit artist numbers does he?
    Where do you get these fuckwits from Kev?

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