Good news week

Five peace activists, including a woman who acted as a 'human shield' before the Iraq war, face up to seven years' jail for breaking into a top secret military base in central Australia.
Former 'human shield' Donna Mulhearn, who was abducted and briefly held by militants in the Iraqi flashpoint city of Fallujah in April last year, was among those charged with commonwealth offences.
It just gets better and better, Bryan Law, the anti-ADF wanker from Cairns has been caught in the bag as well.
Those charged include Mulhearn, 37, of Sydney, Jim Dowling, 50, of Dayboro near Brisbane, Brian Law, 51, of Cairns, Adele Goldie, 29, of Brisbane, and Sean O'Reilly, 47, of Brisbane.


  • I think Donna Mulhearn is the new Peter Whore

  • Again, your pleasure in seeing peace activists charged is illuminating. And people say its the left that is full of hate !

  • Barry, why is it hate to be amused by their self-inflicted misfortune? Especially since is was deliberately self-inflicted under the mistaken belief that it would achieve anything.

  • Wow…. because these people (mistakenly in your eyes) dreamed of a world of peace, and subsequently suffered for it, you derive amusement…. Though your correct in a sense…. perhaps it doesn’t reflect hate, but rather a perverse inner bitterness that seeks pleasure from the misfortune of others…. I guess if that’s what gets you and Kev off, who am I to comment….

  • Dave,

    I admire men like Ghandi and Mandela.

    They are the same. They are willing to face jail for their conscience and their beliefs. I admsire them.

  • Bazza and Peter

    They committed a crime and were arrested. Yes I hate them. They represent everything I hate.

    Hitler, Mao, Lenin and Stalin went to jail for their beliefs. Are they to be admired?

  • Barry

    They don’t dream of a world of peace. They dream of a world where western civilisation disarms itself intellectually, philosophically and militarily They dream of a world where they get to push everybody around and fuck everybody over who doesn;t agree with them. Just as their ideological predecessors did last century.

  • I admire men like Ghandi and Mandela, but I don’t consider this lot to be in the same category. While having the conviction to act on your beliefs, and potentially suffer for them, is not an entirely un-admirable thing, it also makes a difference what you beliefs are and what they drive you to do.

    I have no problems with them dreaming of world peace, but their stunt seems to me more aimed at drawing attention to themselves than making a serious effort to change national policy.

  • Mandela most probably wouldn’t be the moderate he is today or alive with out the long term prison sentence. Ghandi the man was a far more complicated then the saintly myth perpetrated by those needing replacing one messier for another. Ghandi knew the restraint of the people he was protesting so did the ‘human shields’ and these clowns. What separates Ghandi from these idiots is he ern’t martyrdom in his own right and not on the backs of others. Gave no comfort to the perpetrators of violence on his own side and didn’t need to declare his martyrdom. Unlike these gits who use the ’cause’ to feed egos and/or fill a gap in there worthless lives.

  • I don’t feel like contributing to the debate, due to being previously being assumed to be an intellectual pygmy by Bazza and Pedro, so I’m just going to resort to trite, and ill-informed rhetoric.

    Get your hand off it ya dickhead. Got what they deserved. Pity I didn’t get to be there to assist the arresting officers.