Cronulla Flashpoint

What price Multiculturism at Cronulla now? I wasn’t impressed with the rioters at Cronulla but the problem is clearly deeper that the media would have us believe. In all my years in Australia I have never heard of or witnessed such a mass display of anger and frustration and think the message to be taken from the scenes is much deeper than the mindless savagery displayed. I note the NSW police have suddenly found a supply of batons. Where were the batons previously? Certainly none at Redfern and there didn’t seem to have been any at Campbelltown or Palm Island either. Could I be forgiven for thinking that the batons are for Surfies only? Are the police issued with “tolerance kits” for trouble involving people of Middle Eastern or indiginous appearance and batons for yobbos. Could someone explain that contradiction. The world is busy condemning the ‘Nulla boys’ and rightly so but I can assure you if someone came to my turf and spoke to my daughters like the Lebanese did to the surfie chicks at Cronulla I would questions ask…no forgive me’s and no quarter given or taken. I have never been involved in a brawl in my life, drunken or otherwise, but would boil over in those circumstances. Al Jazeera carry an article on the riots and the quote Keysar Trad and Kuranda Sevit
Keysar Trad, the president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, called on the police to “use the full extent of the law on these criminal thugs who behaved in the way that they did”.
Damn right the police should use the full extent of the law which by extension means tracking down the Lebanese thugs who initiated the troubles as well as the Aussies who retaliated. Kuranda Sevit, the director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, said in a statement:
“We have over 3000km of beaches on the east coast, there’s plenty of sand and ocean there for everyone. “What happened to the Australian idea of a fair go and tolerance?”
That’s true but if you are going to break into someones elses turf and treat their woman as the Lebanese have done then you must expect some flack. The Australian idea of a fair go and tolerance has been pushed to the limits and people are getting sick and tired of newcomers spitting in our face. Couple that thought with the obvious Aussie hooligan element at Cronulla and trouble is guaraneed. I leave the last comment to Di who commented at
I work at Cronulla and everyday gangs come off the train and head towards the beach insulting anyone in sight along the way. Whilst I don’t support the action that happened yesterday, I understand the frustration of people in the Shire having to put up with this disgusting behaviour on a daily basis. The politicians need to address this situation now before we have more scenes like yesterday. This has been building for many years and last week’s attack on the lifesavers was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Our children have been targeted by these gangs whilst they are doing nippers and subjected to language that is very unacceptable in any part of the world. Stand up Mr Iemma and take charge!!!


  • I grew up in Cronulla, this has been brewing for a LONG time – the Lebs have gone to Cronulla looking for trouble since I was a kid, the problem is that their
    definition of trouble has become more extreme over the years as the Police have ignored it. a few judicious arrests at almost any time in the last 20 years
    could have nipped this in the bud.

    These guys abuse women, threaten to rape them, move as a group and pick fights with lone Australians, property crime, the list goes on.

    Ask yourself how little the police, govt and courts must be doing to get 5000 surfies angry enough to turn out for a riot – a one off attack won’t do it, or there
    would have been weekly riots for years.

    NSW Police needs a real police officer in charge as a starting point.

  • Harry,

    From my reading I tend to agree with you. I have watched the NSW police for some time on the matter of applying the law across the board and can see too much PC bullshit.

  • Its such a shame that these thugs have now re-ignited the whole racial theme. You’re right that the jacks should have been patrolling and if gangs, be they lebo, skip, wog or kiwi were being a public nuisance, then something should have been done. No one likes their women being abused (ps: Side note Dermott Bereton had his woman abused down in St Kilda a few weeks back and copped a punching…. but it wasn’t from lebo’s…. it was from skips…. though no one is suggesting all skips are sexist pigs now are they…. though I digress). However, I find the mob mentality which arose to be far more frightening from societies view point and when people start chanting “KILL THE LEBO”, “KILL THE WOG” I frankly find it disgusting that people try to make excuses for this
    UN-Australian behaviour. 50 men onto 1…. its pussy gutless and makes us sick !

  • Yeah, that ‘spitting in our face’ is both figurative and quite literal too.

    These hoodlums spit at you before speaking, as last nights news showed.

  • Kev,
    I agree. If the Police had been more proactive over the years, much of this anger and frustration would never have had the opportunity to develop. Interesting point about the batons too. And where were the Police last night as the visiting mob rampaged through Cronulla?

  • Kev,I don’t think the Police are actually issued with “tolerance kits” but the FIDO principle has become a mantra within the NSW Police Service.If coppers on patrol are unlucky enough to stumble across Middle Eastern males behaving in an anti-social manner FIDO ( fuck it,drive on) kicks in.The alternative,to actually do something, only causes unnecessary pain for no result.

  • I hope I wasn’t being too obtuse again…the Tolerance kit crack was an euphenism for being told to lay off ME males by their seniors which of course they would never do.

    Your last sentence says it all;
    ….causes unnecessary pain for no result.

    The Executive and Judiciary must support the police but there is too many stories of police holding back because that doesn’t happen. In todays press, police cars with sirens and lights follow the convoy of retaliators from the western suburbs without setting up road blocks to stop them, search their vehiclea and arrest them. Someone was carrying the reported glocks into Cronulla.

  • I am keeping a list of blogs that are reporting and posting pictures about the Australian riots. Some of these first hand accounts of racially motivated beatings are unreal.

    Send me blog links and I will post them.

  • I note the NSW police have suddenly found a supply of batons. Where were the batons previously? Certainly none at Redfern and there didn’t seem to have been any at Campbelltown or Palm Island either. Could I be forgiven for thinking that the batons are for Surfies only? Are the police issued with “tolerance kits? for trouble involving people of Middle Eastern or indiginous appearance and batons for yobbos.

    It’s worse then that. It’s not only the Police, its also the media, the education system, and especially the judiciary. Two cultures running in parallel. Only one is 100% accountable, the other 50%.

    BTW, is it my imagination or the NSW Police Commissioner a complete dud? He’s more suited to politics.

  • Let’s face it, Aussies have had a gutful of Islam and Lebanese moslems in particular. If we’ve run out of patience and tolerance who can blame us? The only difference between the Islamic problem here in contrast to places like The Netherlands and France is that the Aussies struck back! It wasn’t a pleasant spectacle but the spectre of a nation of cowed individuals to afraid to speak their mind, let alone turn up to show their determination to deal with a festering social blight, would be even worse. What happened at Cronulla on Sunday was no more racist that World War 11’s Battle Of Brisbane between Australiand and American soldiers. Anger and frustration was behind it, racism was not.

  • Dead right Maguire. dead bloody right, lying doggo taking out all that crap lest the multi-cultist apple cart be over-turned is rubbish. Common law principle, can defend. Indeed, it was for defence and taking
    down danderous criminals, in the place of otherwise law-abiding types, Peel estbalsihed
    England’s police force, that is in the late 19th century, after centuries without one.
    What has been the upshot? Look at what the N.S.W force and what they haven’t done, and their emasculation by polticially correct bastards, magnify that several times, because the rot is now deeper in Britian, and policiing today is a right bloody joke.