Vaughan Johnson

A QUEENSLAND politician has apologised for saying that Asian people don’t understand road rules. LIBERAL National Party MP and chief government whip Vaughan Johnson told a radio host on Thursday morning that foreign drivers, particularly those of Asian descent, didn’t comprehend road rules. Nowadays it isn’t smart for a public figure to say anything about any ethnic group to avoid screams of racism so Vaughan should know better but seriously has anyone driven in Asia recently?

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  • It’s a long time since I’ve driven in Asia, but when I did (in Malaysia) I found the drivers generally more skilful and considerate than your average SUV driving bogan encountered in SE Qld.
    As for Vaughan, he obviously hasn’t done much driving in his electorate recently. I did Charleville – Tambo – Augathella – Charleville last week, and the rigs carrying mining equipment are a much greater hazard to life and limb than the Asian tourists.
    And then there’s also the cattle crates – but generally the haulers are locals and they give a shit.
    The miners don’t…..

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