Booker prize winner out of order

Man Booker prize winner Richard Flanagan says Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s environmental policies make him ashamed to be an Australian. Well mate, I’m ashamed that as an Australian you denigrate our country in an international forum and I’m worried that citizens of other countries might believe your left wing ramblings actually represent Australia. They don’t. From Cut and Paste at The Australian; Guardian Australia online, yesterday:
THE winner of the Man Booker prize, Richard Flanagan says he is “ashamed to be an Australian” because of Australian prime minister Tony Abbott’s environmental policies …
Flanagan, The Guardian, December 16, 2010:
AUSTRALIA does have a dismal public life largely bereft of courage or humanity
More shame! ABC television’s Q&A, August 27, 2009:
RICHARD Flanagan: I must say I felt deeply ashamed to be Australian through the Howard years
Flanagan, The Guardian, November 28, 2007:
Every mainland capital city now has a water supply crisis so severe that people have been murdered by neighbours for watering gardens.
Flanagan, The Good Weekend, ¬October 21, 2006, on his new book, The Unknown Terrorist, dedicated to David Hicks:
(David Hicks is) just a naive young man who, through the romance of adventure, ended up in bad company …
Flanagan in The Unknown Terrorist, 2006:
…Jesus is history’s first, but not last, example of a suicide bomber.
On all accounts his book is readable and maybe even worthy of the Booker prize that he’s been awarded, but I think I’ll pass on spending good money on buying the book. I wouldn’t want to encourage him or give him any oxygen. There is plenty of good literature available written by people with a greater grasp on reality than this clown, penned by authors who  appreciate what a great country we have and would never think of  denigrating it publicly like he has.


  • Easy solution for the whining leftists who always proclaim that they are ashamed to be Australian when the democratic process doesn’t go their way.

    Leave. stop bitching and go to any one of the countless countries that you can feel proud to live in.

  • The Man Booker Prize is awarded on the basis of literary merit – not the political views of the author.
    To assess the quality of a work on the basis of the author’s politics is a feature of totalitarian philosophy.
    It happens, for example, in North Korea.
    By the way, have you actually read “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”?

    • Do you actually read what I say? I said “On all accounts his book is readable and maybe even worthy of the Booker prize”

      The debate is about his selection of words spoken at an international forum whereby he denigrates Australia.

      No, I have not read it and won’t. As I said I will not give him any encouragement or oxygen as there is plenty of good literature written by deserving authors and while I have a choice as to where I spend my money, none of it will go to this delusional prick.

      Clear now?

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