Anna good Premier!

ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk has declared her predecessor Anna Bligh was a “very good Queensland premier” and said she wants her at the launch of Labor’s campaign today. Despite being left to rebuild Labor after the wreckage of the Bligh and Peter Beattie governments, Ms Palaszczuk said she was very happy to have both former premiers attend the event in Ipswich. “Everyone remembers what Anna did during the floods,” Ms Palaszczuk said.
“She was a very good Queensland premier. So if she can come and attend I’d be more than happy to have her there.”
I remember what she did during the floods.  She fronted the media and behaved like a Premier,  the only time during her reign when she did.  Otherwise she spent like a drunken sailor and took the state to unprecedented deficits.  Campbell Newman is still trying to pay off the debt. But, she performed well on a couple of occasions and for that, Palaszczuk claims she was a good Premier. To add to that insanity people are seriously considering voting for them again mainly because Newman has had to do they hard yards to try and fix the financial hole left to him by Anna Bligh et al and they refuse to recognize that we can’t spend more that we earn. The entitlement mentality.


  • If lying to the electorate makes you a successful Premier, Newman wins hands down. From the statement “Public servants have nothing to fear from an LNP government” to “the State Budget has to deal with an $80 billion debt and interest repayments of $4 billion a year*” he is an expert.
    Newman is a tool for mining, financial and real estate interests.
    Locally, New Hope Mining donated $650000 to the LNP. Shortly afterward, the government approved a massive expansion at Acland mine, despite an election promise in 2012 that it would not go ahead under an LNP government.

    *The correct figure, using the LNP’s skewed accounting method, (after the spectacle of paying Captain Smirk $3300 a day to make up “facts”) spelled out in State Budget Paper Number Two for 2014/15 (p96), is $$48 billion.

    General Government borrowings of $48.141 billion are forecast for 2014-15, an increase of $3.162 billion over 2013-14. This increase is primarily to support the capital program of $5.972 billion in 2014-15.

    Unemployment has skyrocketed, regional services have been flensed, and the state’s economy has slowed appreciably.

    The only entitlement mentality is the LNP’s self-proclaimed divine right to rule. But he’s very good, much better than Anna Bligh ever was, at lying………..

    • Good isn’t it. Government borrowings are now for investment and infrastructure. Remember Anna borrowing to pay for her inflated public service. The QLD Dep of Health was the biggest in Australia and even larger than the ADF.

      So the mining industry supports the LNP and mines are developed. Money goes into the state coffers and people are employed.

      The Unions support the ALP and more of their members are employed in the public system. No money into state coffers and a bigger, out of control, wages bill.

  • Money goes into the state coffers and people are employed.
    That is a myth. The people employed are not the locals looking for work.
    I work across the Surat basin. Of all the local high schools, I am aware of one student in the last seven years actually getting a local mining job.
    The locals simply aren’t employed in the fields. All the workers are FIFO from interstate and overseas.
    I had to ask directions at a mining camp last year near Grosmont. I spoke to three people before I found someone who could speak English, and he was an Irishman on a work Visa. Australians are in the minority in these places, and locals are absent.
    The benefit goes to multinationals who don’t pay fair tax. Meanwhile the kids I support have lost access to vital specialist services because therapists have not been replaced when they resign or transfer.
    It’s easy to identify the LNPs priorities.

    • I am aware of one student in the last seven years actually getting a local mining job.
      Grossmont…hmm only 300 people in town but amazingly, mining is the 3rd biggest employer.

      I think you need to travel more and stop generalizing. I have traveled all around Australia recently and have relatives in mining in the west and NT. I have been to the mine sites and had dinner amidst hundreds of Aussie accents and, true, some foreign.

      The mining company pay billions in federal tax, billions in royalties and billions in wages, a part of which goes to Canberra when the miners pay their income tax.

      I just don’t understand the Left’s hatred of mining.

      • Not sure where you get your data, but it doesn’t accord with what I see when I’m in the locality and working with the locals.

        It’s a pastoral district with a few exploration camps (many of which have been pulled up in the last twelve months).

        Then there’s this, from Homesales website –

        Grosmont has a population of 303 residents, with an average income of $702.

        If this is correct, and I doubt it, coming as it does from the real estate industry which thrives on bullshit, the one third whom you claim are earning a living from mining should probably give it away, as it doesn’t pay very well.

        Source –

        • Perhaps the one third working for the mining industry are the only ones employed in the area….then the actual wages would accord with mining industry wages with long hours and penalty rates.

  • For an ex headmaster you aren’t real bright. You quote a line with two subjects indicating that the content of the sentence is a myth. You then totally ignore the first subject (money into State coffers) and then misrepresent the second subject (people are employed) with a reference to local people, which was not the intent of the writer. Your self serving B.S. has been used by yourself previously.

  • First up – I was never a “Headmaster”.
    That term is both sexist and anachronistic.
    It is used by private school managers*, not professional school leaders.

    The whole content of the statement (both aspects) is a product of spin.
    Taking the second point first – under the Westminster system (which members of the LNP don’t understand) an elected representative looks after the interests of voters in his/her electorate irrespective of the party line.
    That is not the case for the voters in Surat basin electorates, whose LNP reps have followed the party line and have abandoned them to the mercy of the multinationals.
    The only significant money coming into state coffers from mining is royalties, as the miners are the most efficient tax dodgers extant. Given the tumbling commodity prices, any government promising buckets of gold from extractive industry is pissing into the wind. Just ask Colin Barnett.
    *Origin of “manager” –
    1580s, “one who manages” agent noun from the French – One who minds the horses.
    Headmasters are managers – principals are leaders.

  • So, it’s now politically incorrect to call a headmaster a headmaster. Knowing that, that’s all I’ll ever call you.
    Heads of subject are called Masters thus the head of the school is called the Headmaster. Seems OK to me.

    Middle English: via Old French from Latin principalis ‘first, original’, from princeps, princip- ‘first, chief’.

    So, Principal teacher or Head teacher…same same to me.

    …an elected representative looks after the interests of voters in his/her electorate irrespective of the party line.

    This is not so in isolation and it is where you guys get confused. The party is responsible to run the entire country and each local member is a part of that. MPs govern for the country first then for their electorate.

    He has to think of the national interests. For example, at the moment he may well be told he will get nothing for his electorate as the previous ALP have left the country so deep in debt that we can really manage central issues and only some electorates will get some of the money – if they have national infrastructure within their boundaries.

    With LNP style governments expenditure can’t exceed income so some miss out. ALP governments, of course, don’t worry about this income/expenditure principle, they just borrow more money.

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