Well done Sir Phil

Before you dump on Tony Abbot for awarding Prince Phillip a Knighthood look up Duke of Edinburgh Awards for young people. The Duke has done more for young Australians, and youth all over the world, than have most of the Abbott haters currently mocking the man and the Knighthood. Ignorant peasants, the lot of them. Besides being a well earned Knighthood it annoys the hell out of the Left and the Media.  His politically incorrect comments are legend and never fail to amuse me and wind up the haters. Good call all round, I think. UPDATE:  A comment from Sabena at Catalaxy Files;
The Duke of Edinburgh was given an AC when it was Australia’s highest honour-now he has been upgraded given that AK is now the highest honour. Where was the criticism of him being given the AC? Oh wait-it was in 1988 and given to him by the Hawke government.
Fair comment.


  • The only contribution Phil the Greek made to the scheme was its name. If anyone is honoured for this idea it should be John Hunt, who was the force behind it and did the work –
    This award is beyond bizarre, and a fair indication of Metronome Tone’s tenuous grasp of reality.
    It also indicates that Tone has a low opinion of his fellow Australians, being unable to find one worthy of the award.
    But that’s unsurprising. He was, after all, born a Pom.

  • This is Peter Fitzsimons or Mike Carlton type inaccuracy:-
    …..”But that’s unsurprising. He was, after all, born a Pom.”

    Oh boy oh boy. He was born a Greek.
    His family became stateless exiles when he was a year old, when the Greek Republic was declared and they were expelled.

    His family, except for him, became Germans.

    He took British citizenship only after having served with distinction in the Royal Navy for all of World War II.

    • I was referring to Abbott – not Phil. He was born in London. His father was a ten pound Pom.
      Your reading comprehension is on a par with your knowledge of history.
      Both are abysmal.
      (Metronome Tone = Abbott. So dubbed because he swings from one extreme to the other depending on what he thinks his audience wants to hear).

      • Nice wriggle. Just as well you’re not a schoolmaster, otherwise writing a paragraph so that the reader got the meaning backwards would indisputably be incompetence (on your part).
        Not being a schoolmaster is about the only thing that’d get you off being correctly labelled incompetent.

        If you’re implying my knowledge of history is deficient, you’ll have to back it up with some….. facts.
        (Otherwise you’re just making a baseless allegation, more suited to the pair of doofuses Fitzsimons and Carlton..)

        You don’t do this stuff very well do you?

  • Not only was Prince Philip far from being “born a pom”, he was all set to become a German (as the rest of his family did) except for one chance event:

    The school he was attending in Germany, Salem Castle School, dropped in academic standard, when the Headmaster (jewish) left the country. Philip was then sent to the old Headmaster’s new school, Gordonstoun in Scotland. From there he went to RNC Dartmouth, the rest is history.

    If not for that change of school, he could well have served in the Kriegsmarine or Wermacht, and had he survived, now been just another ageing German Prince living in a housing block in Germany.

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