Another Commo dead

One of the intellectual giants of the Australian Labor Party, the former Whitlam and Hawke minister Tom Uren, has died aged 93.
With Tom Uren we see a leviathan of the labour movement passing
Known as the “conscience of the Labor party” because of his principled stands on issues, Mr Uren was a leading figure in the Left faction, and one of the most respected Labor politicians of his generation. Such accolades!  It’s true he gave honest service during WW2 and did a lot for ex PWs during his lifetime.  Unfortunately his principled stands on issues led to an association with Jim Cairns, whom he “loved”, thus spending years supporting the Viet Cong both financially and morally. He was also a staunch supporter of the anti-nuclear movement that demanded unilateral disarmament of the US that was supported and funded by the Soviets. I wont miss him.  


  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he get a turn at having Juni Morosi, after Jim Cairns had had enough of her? From memory Uren was about 3rd in line?

  • There is nothing so pissweak and graceless as taking a cheap shot at a man when he has died.
    Your ungenerous and mean disposition is explicily recorded here.

  • To whom is your comment directed Ms. 1735069?

  • Cheap shot! The bastard was a commo and supported the other side. That’s the same as someone in Churchill’s cabinet supporting the Nazis.

  • Tom Uren was not a member of the Communist Party of Australia.
    There was no “other side” in the Vietnam, as war was never declared. The comparison with WW2 is nonsense.
    By the the time our committment in Vietnam was over, more Australians supported a withdrawal than didn’t. By your reckoning, this makes the majority of Australians at the time “Communists” because they voted Labor.
    This shift in public opinion was a major contribution to Labor’s victory in 1972.
    Tom Uren’s parents were married.
    Before you throw gratuitous insults around, check the history, .
    My commemt is directed at anyone lacking the basic civility to respect the memory of great Australian.

    • “Tom Uren was not a member of the Communist Party of Australia”…..okay, but he was a commy sympathiser as attested to by his actions and associations. As yet it has not come out that he was acting as an agent for the Australian government at the time…..that would exonerate him. Membership of the Communist Party is not a prerequisite for being a Communist by the way…..ask the populations of any Communist Regime……the vast majority are not members of “the party”, merely puppets without a say in the lives they lead.

      “There was no “other side” in the Vietnam, as war was never declared”…..I can safely assume that you mean “in the Vietnam conflict” and that you were having difficulty with the subject without referring to it as a war. I would agree with you on the difficulties of referring to that conflict, but I along with a great many other Australian Military personnel have been presented service medals in relation to said conflict on the basis of recognition by our Government that the conflict is defined as the Vietnam War. Check out your own eligibility to wear those medals, and you will find that you apparently participated in a War without even knowing about it. Check on the edge of each medal you will find the number 1735099 with other detail. You were fighting in a war……fool.

  • There was no “other side” in the Vietnam, as war was never declared. That’s such a stupid statement I’m amazed you made it.

    Millions dead and it wasn’t a war…right!

    You’re right, he was never a member of the Communist party but he “admired them”, “loved” Jim Cairns and actively supported the Communists in Vietnam.

    Supporting a withdrawal is not the same as aiding and abetting the enemy.

  • The only stupidity displayed here is the bizarre comparison between Churchill’s wartime cabinet and Uren’s behavior when he was in government.
    As I recall, there wasn’t a Vietnamese Pacific fleet. Nor had they bombed the Australian mainland.
    Young Australians weren’t queuing up to enlist because of the existential threat to our security. In fact, there was so little interest in enlisting that the government had to make the totalitarian decision to conscript in peacetime. They only press-ganged a minority, of course, lacking the political courage to make the scheme universal. The vast majority of young blokes in Australia were enjoying surfing, music, and the opposite sex.
    There was no rationing, no Brisbane line, and no mobilization of industrial production. In fact, despite what you allege, the country was at peace.
    The only Communist to sit in an Australian parliament was Fred Patterson who was member for Bowen from 1944 until 1950. He was a WW1 veteran and a Rhodes scholar.
    In summary, the content of your post is pure tribal bunkum.

    • A guide to 2015:

      January: 17… agrees with the flat earthers and defends Paul Ham’s errors. Cites his exclusive access to membership rolls of Communist Party of Australia to prove his point.

      February: 17… says facts are all that matters to him. Moves to dismiss those facts he finds uncomfortable or beneath his dignity. Says nothing wrong with that.

      March: 17…. announces he once made a mistake.

      April: 17… passes the month without mentioning conscription. Birds fall out of trees and children flee to their mothers.

      May: 17… now says his March announcement is wrong.

      June: 17… announces the 50th genuine comment on his blog.

      July: 17… posts link which actually supports his argument. Readers befuddled.

      August: 17… claims all Muslims are wonderful, loving and peaceful folk. Cites as proof his Muslim dentist who told him so and a bloke he met in Lakemba.

      September: 17… wrestles with the following:
      All Muslims are liars
      This statement was made by a Muslim
      Therefore this statement is false
      Therefore all Muslims are not liars.

      Declares it is proof his dentist and Lakemba man are right, and that the LNP are murdering swine who believe forcing young men to bear arms is better than an orgasm. Refers readers to definition of principal headmatrix for further proof.

      17… quotes his children in support of his views. Readers chorus: “Well I’ll be fcuked – who would have guessed?” Argues those who deny he has male and female children are sexist, and don’t know the difference between half full and half empty. More readers befuddled.

      November: 17… writes a book on the ugliness of the LNP and the incredible wickedness of words beginning with “cons”. The previously unknown benefits of high penalty rates are also highlighted, together with demands for proof that the earth is not flat.

      December: 17… declares proof delivered by round earthers is not factual. Refers readers to WW I referenda on conscription together with statements by J F Cairns for real story. Dismisses poor reviews of his book – claims his facts are part of a nuanced historical narrative and no reader of this blog could be expected to understand that. Retires from blogging in a huff. Readers ecstatic.

    • “The vast majority of young blokes in Australia were enjoying surfing, music, and the opposite sex.”…..not you Booby. You waited for R&R and used a young Asian girl, for a fee of course. I think I saw a confession to this fact somewhere.

  • The combination of a very small mind and too much time on your hands is a very dangerous thing………….

  • Agreed 17… Best get yourself a hobby.

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