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Beyond parody Ever watchful for a case to bash Abbott, the Canberra Times carries a headline;
Tony Abbott’s St Patrick’s Day message causes offence in Ireland
The offence? Mr Abbott signs off his St Patrick’s Day message with an apology that “I can’t be there to share a Guinness or two or maybe even three”. Yep! That’s it.  That has caused offence.  The Canberra Times quotes the Irish PM
TAOISEACH (Irish Gaelic for Prime Minister) Enda Kenny has dismissed the “perception” that Irish culture is synonymous with alcohol, following remarks made by his Australian counterpart.
The Irish are having a debate about alcohol at this very moment with shenanigans abound as the government’s campaign to stop Out of control drinking gets out of control
……. his comments came as a second member of the Stop Out-of-Control Drinking campaign resigned from the newly formed group. Founder of mental health charity MyMind, Krystian Fikert, cited “resource restraints” at his charity for his decision to leave the board, less than five weeks after the launch of the Stop Out-of-Control Drinking campaign.
The Irish Taoiseach has a domestic problem and he might be well advised to keep it domestic. And just to compound the sin; Defence Minister Kevin Andrews also drew a link between St Patrick’s Day and alcohol consumption, tweeting a picture of himself holding a can of Guinness. The shame of it! All of which makes me wonder; just how many people are employed by the media to just surf the web looking for something to bag Abbott about. You have to admit the “offence” is pretty obscure’ To all except the Nanny State, wowser Irish Taoiseach, I wish you a happy St Paddy’s Day and if you partake of the devils brew, then enjoy it and maybe toast the Irish chap and ask the leprachauns to give him a life. And a final word….st-pattys-day-2

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  • And as I said on another blog, I would bet a lot of money on the Abbott haters knowing more derogatory jokes about the Irish than does Abbott.

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