Greens fighting to kill our economy

The Greens continue to try and take down Australia’s industrial and commercial capability. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt was exasperated when Greenpeace said it had gone directly to UNESCO’s key advisory body, the International Union for Conservation of ­Nature, to lobby against Australia. Greenpeace said the approval of coal port expansions such as Abbot Point had occurred in contravention of UNESCO’s adv­ice that no projects be ­approved that affect the “outstanding universal value” of the reef.
The government and resource groups say the true ­motive of the global campaign to protect the reef is to end coalmining, an issue that also lies at the heart of the UN’s response to climate change.
Greenpeace listed three concerns with the plan considered a key document in the UNESCO deliberations: it says it still allows coalmining, is silent on climate change and fails to address cumulative effects on the reef. Ah…you thought the battle was to protect the GBR.  Wrong.  It is part of the Green campaign to simply stop coal mining. Coal Mining that has lifted the world’s standard of living; that gives us in Australia a high standard of living and fuels our economy. The Greens want it closed down and replaced with renewable energy that cannot replace coal as a base-load power source. Greens Leader Milne;
Australia should scrap its potentially fatal coal industry. That’s the blunt message from Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne in response to forecasts the world is on track to record global warming of 4C by 2100, driven in part by the fossil fuel industry. “Four degrees is an unliveable planet, it is death to humanity,” Senator Milne told reporters in Hobart today.
Considering that  top climate scientists have admitted that their global warming forecasts are wrong and world is not heating at the rate they claimed it was in a key report, then Milne needs to shut up and stop inventing alarmist statements intent on frightening us into Greens submission. In the meantime the Greens also need to shut up about renewable energy until someone develops batteries that can store sufficient supply to power a city like Brisbane over the non-sunny, non windy times. Until then we need to just ignore the UN and their Green activists. The reef isn’t in danger, our economy and standard of living is!

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  • More green scare tactics to impress the gullible and stupid. You can bet your life the Greens are behind the indigenous objections to Adani’s Carmichael coal project.

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