Muslim leader confused about racism

muslimwomanDiana Abdel-Rahman, president of the Australian Muslim Voice in Canberra, says the Muslim community has “very deep concerns” about the Abbott ­government using its counter-terrorism policy as a “political wedge” to evoke anxiety.

Evoke anxiety!  The way I see it is that it’s the Muslims provoking anxiety.  9/11, Bali; Jakarta, London, happy snaps with son holding severed head and then there is this little list.

  • 2003-04: An investigation of Faheem Lodhi found he was plotting to bomb the national electricity grid or defence sites; he was convicted of terrorism offences.
  • 2005: Nine individuals were arrested in Sydney after sourcing chemicals and materials for use in the preparation of an explosive device; possession or attempted purchase of firearms and ammunition; and possession of large quantities of extremist material. All were convicted of terrorism offences.
  • 2005: 13 individuals were arrested in Melbourne and charged with plotting mass casualty attacks, with the intention of coercing the Australian Government to withdraw from Iraq. Nine individuals were convicted of terrorism offences.
  • 2009: Five men charged with conspiracy for preparation for an attack using firearms on Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney. Three were convicted.
  • 2014: In response to intelligence revealing an alleged plot to kill a random member of the public, entry and search operations were conducted on multiple occasions in Sydney.
  • 2014: Lindt Cafe Seige. On the morning of December 15, 2014, a self-styled spiritual healer, clairvoyant and sheikh who had arrived in Australia from Iran in 1996 under the name of Mohammad Hassan Manteghi, took staff and customers hostage at gunpoint inside the Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.  When the smoke cleared away there were two hostages dead and Monis was killed.
But wait, there’s more;
Authorities believe that around 150 Australians are currently fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria, making the country the highest foreign per capita contributor to the violence. Many more have left the country for the Middle East in recent weeks, though their intent in doing so has not yet been determined.
And Abbott is evoking anxiety.  God give me strength! She continues;
“I believe the language that he uses and the tone that he uses, the consistency of the words that he uses … (is) as if he is taking advantage of a situation to heighten the levels of fear in the community to a point that it can be perceived as being racist,” Ms Abdel-Rahman said.
Technically she is wrong.  If Abbott’s legislation was targeting Lebanese, Syrian, or Iranian nationals then she might have a case but Islam is a religion followed by Muslims of all nationalities so targeting them may be lots of things, but it isn’t racist. The levels of fear have been evoked by the radical Muslims, not by any politician.  The politicians are simply trying to make the country safe.
Her father migrated to Australia from Lebanon 64 years ago and Ms Abdel-Rahman said four generations of her family had felt “alienated” during the political debate on how to combat Islamic State.
If four generations of her family are feeling “alienated” then they need to talk to their Muslim mates and get them to quieten down. No good talking to us. we’re not the problem.


  • On first reading, I thought the article was a practical joke but, it’s no joke:

    Put aside the distortions, omissions and misrepresentations and take notice of the number of things we “must/need” do to accommodate Captain Shindy’s ideology. Then consider the attitude of Abdel-Rahman, along with the opinions of the battalions of Muslim “community leaders” pushing the same line.

    I thought they joined us, but they think we joined them.

  • My wife had been having treatment at a major Hospital and during a long waiting period we went into a lounge to relax. Whilst there I picked up an English version of the Quran/Koran and had a bit of a browse…..very enlightening reading. Having read the paper by Shindy I am sure we must each read from different versions of the same book. This is impossible though because from all accounts there is only one version of the Koran.
    If that is the case then the only conclusion I can reach is that Shindy has put forward views that are in opposition to the teachings of the Koran in order to create the appearance that Islam is not a problematic religion/ideology…..this falsifying of the truth is permitted in the teachings of the Koran to further the progression of Islam as a dominant force.She is merely doing what her version of the Bible instructs her to do.

  • 2003-04: An investigation ……………..and Monis was killed.

    Unless my maths is faulty, in summary this means that 2 people have been killed as a result of terrorist activity in Australia since 2003. Of those, one was actually killed by police.

    So let’s use that (the fatality rate) as a measure of the degree of threat of death offered to Australians, and let’s compare it with fatality rates involving other threats* – 2003 – 2012.

    Criminal homicides – 2717
    Suicide – 22800
    Car accidents – 8500

    Breaking the figures down some more, we discover the following –
    Falling off ladders – 230
    Accidental gun discharges – 190
    Falling off tractors – 137
    Electrocution – 206

    To get figures even faintly resembling those killed by terrorism, we have to resort to causes such as lightning (10), and whooping cough (20).

    But hang about, there’s a lot of causes of death out there that could conceivably be eliminated, or at least minimised by the determined application of financial and intellectual resources, including diabetes, for example. In fact, if the diabetes rate of indigenous Australians was lowered to just twice that of other Aussies, around 1200 lives would have been saved in that period.

    And then, of course, there’s domestic violence – you know, that issue that “bleeding hearts” are going on about. Between 80 and 100 Australian women die at the hands of their male partners every year. Women in Australia are more likely to be killed in their own homes by their male partners than anywhere else or by anyone else. There is a realisation developing around this, but it’s bloody slow.

    So if logic and reason were applied, rather than political posturing and wedging, preventing terrorism would be on a priority about the same as preventing Australians from falling off ladders or being struck by lightning.

    That will, of course, not happen whilst we have a Prime Minister who has learned at B A Santamaria’s knee, the lesson of recent history when paranoia about Communism, and the machinations of the DLP kept the Coalition in power for a very long time. Eventually, mounting casualties in Vietnam convinced the American voter that enough was enough. and as usual, like the sheep we are when it comes to foreign policy, we followed suit.

    It’s deja vu, only this time it’s Metronome Tone, not Pig Iron Bob, the bad bastards are militant mug lairs who claim to be Muslims, not Commies, and we have the internet to promote the paranoia.

    There’s nothing like fear to control a population. Both Abbott and the terrorists know this well, and they’re exploiting it for exactly the same reason – pursuit of power.

    And we are playing into their hands.

    *ABS figures – 2003 – 2012

    • Ah yes, the dumb shit speaks, yet again proving just how dumb he is.

      We can play the same statistical game with muslim terrorists before 9/11 in the US too, but then they killed 3000 people in one hit – the point, dumb shit, is to prevent them landing a serious punch.

      Also, you are a cretin when it comes to figures, so please stop pretending to understand them – everyone is more likely to be killed by their spouse, friends or neighbours you dumb shit – it is because that is where they spend most of their time and those they are more likely to find themselves in conflict with because of it, so stop trying to put on your fake “only the left cares” horseshit.

      No assault or murder is acceptable, but then you don’t really care about the victims, except as a way to try to make yourself feel superior.

      • The “dumb shits” – as you so eloquently put it were Bush and his Neocons who decided to “get square” for 9/11 by invading Iraq despite the fact that Saddam had no links with Bin Laden’s thugs.
        This created a conflagration which led, ultimately to where we are now. If the Yanks had completed the task in Afghanistan, contained Saddam, and left the Iraqi state infrastructure largely in place, there would be be no ISIS.
        158,943 Iraqi civilians and 4493 American military personnel would not have died.
        Of course, Bush may not have been re-elected in 2004…….

        • Ms 1735099, you draw a long bow with the assumption that Iraq was invaded as a pay back for 9/11…or have you just mistaken one war for another. 9/11/2001 and then the Afghan war 2001 seeking retribution obviously in the search for Taliban and Bin Laden. Invasion of Iraq…2003. No mention of 9/11 as a cause for that one. Looks like rewritten history according to the numerical midget.

        • This is just another example of the lying piece of shit trying to move the goalposts. Just after he has downplayed the terrorist threat, terrorists hit Tunisa, France and Kuwait on just one day (it’s almost like the terrorists don’t believe you either numbers), so the lying piece of shit tries to move the goalposts onto another unrelated issue to cover just how massively wrong he has been proved to be. yet again.
          Wrong, dumb and dishonest, the trifecta of numbers life.

  • You are correct your maths is faulty (still). Monis and two others died as a result of that particular terrorist incident. I believe another incident in Melbourne where a young man was gunned down by two heavily armed Policemen for attacking them with a toothpick (of the Arkansas variety) would qualify as terrorism related even to you. Ms 1735099, you are probably trying to point out that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. A strong proactive approach should be taken rather than a reactive approach. Am I correct?

  • “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to AGW, much more effectively than it does to terrorism. By definition, terrorism uses the asymmetry principle, turning fear to turn the power of a military superior adversary on itself.
    The terrorists, at the moment, control the agenda. In that, with the cooperation of the Hawks in Washington and Canberra, they have been entirely successful.

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