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I thought I’d reserve my opinion on Di Natale and not presume he’s just another stupid Greenie hellbent on destroying the economy whist espousing opinions that deny the truth of life, the universe and all that. I could’ve saved some time and gone straight to “he’s just another Greenie” as witnessed by his take on Scott Morrison.
“It’s not easy to sit in a room with somebody like Scott Morrison and look him in the eye and know this is somebody who locked up young kids, but you have to get past that,” Di Natale told this newspaper.
Well, I thought, if he has that opinion about Morrison who has been steadily releasing kids from refugee lock-ups, then he must have been apoplectic when the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government were just as busily incarcerating them. It appears not, or at least I can’t find any record of him commenting on the matter then. I would suggest the good doctor has a lot to get past, starting with his political hypocrisy.  

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  • He must have real difficulty coping with the fact that his party, in concert with the ALP, played a key role in facilitating the drowning of 1200 people then.

    Ah, being a leftist, it means never being constrained by either reality or the truth.

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