Right wing extremism worse than Muslims – really?


Not a good look but I can’t see any beheaded bodies on the ground

Right-wing extremism is emerging as an equal, if not greater, threat than Muslim radicalisation in Australia and multiculturalism is “close to death” at a federal level, academics and police have told a conference on social cohesion. Violent extremism in Australia is beginning to mirror that of the US, counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly from Curtin University said. She highlighted a New America Foundation study released last month that found right-wing extremists had killed twice as many people since September 11 as jihadists. Most probably because Intelligence agencies are all over anyone who even looks like a Jihadist whereas no one notices gun toting nutters until they implode and start killing. I note that the report uses stats post 9/11 and doesn’t mention Bali, London underground and the tens of thousands of Christians and Muslims slaughtered by Jihadists around the world. That would skew the stats a little too close to the truth
Dr Aly said there was a need to educate children on violent extremism in the same way we have done with other social issues like drugs and bullying.
Have to agree with the good Doctor there.  Kids need to be made aware that violent extremism of the Muslims is a problem and they need to be alert lest they get caught in another maelstrom of religious slaughter. I sometimes question the motives of the Fairfax press. They seem to be always on the side of the Jihadist, or more particularly, not on the side of governments that try are trying to stem the Muslim onslaught.


  • The likes of Bolt and other conflict entrepreneurs could learn a lot from this bloke – http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/videos/victims-son-paul-guard-speaks-mh17-anniversary/30257/
    His parents (from Toowoomba) were killed on MH17.

  • What a strange date to choose to collect your statistics from after, 9/11. Its rather like deciding to track mass murders of Jews from 9 may 1945 and then asserting that the SS and Nazis in general get an undeserved bad press.
    Simply put, the woman is using her sampling method to lie with statistics, exclude the big event that you don’t want to have tell the truth, by starting your sample the day after it and you get the result you set out to get. Its a fun game for all, pick any group and, by manipulating your sampling, you can blame or exonerate virtually anyone.
    Anyone who quotes her as an expert is either a willing accomplice to the lie or a fool.

  • Would that be the Ann Aly hitched to the “talking head” from their ABC?

  • If your’e referring to Waleed Aly then no. From Wikipedia Aly is married to Susan Carland and they have two children

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