Stick to Sailing Admiral

Not enough is being done to prepare the Australian Defence Force to deal with the security threats and other consequences of climate change, warns a new report by former ADF chief Chris Barrie. Admiral Barrie says the Asia-Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world and the ADF is under escalating pressure to help with climate-induced natural disasters. Is it…are they? I mean is it the most disaster prone region and are the ADF under pressure to help?  Talking to officers and soldiers in 7RAR thy are all about training for combat while training to counter computer modelling that spells doom and gloom are simply not in their thoughts or long term plans. The sermon continues;
Climate change will significantly affect accessibility and availability of freshwater resources and was a key factor in the 2008 food crisis, that increased the number of undernourished people worldwide by 75 million, he says.
Now that’s a big call! From the Science and Publicity website;
The SEAFRAME sea-level study on 12 Pacific islands is the most comprehensive study of sea level and local climate ever carried out there. The sea level records obtained have all been assessed by the anonymous authors of the official reports as indicating positive trends in sea level over all 12 Pacific Islands involved since the study began in 1993 until the latest report in June 2010. In almost all cases the positive upward trends depend almost exclusively on the depression of the ocean in 1997 and 1998 caused by two tropical cyclones. If these and other similar disturbances are ignored, almost all of the islands have shown negligible change in sea level from 1993 to 2010, particularly after the installation of GPS leveling equipment in 2000.
The whole piece strikes me as being a job application submitted for our new Climate Change advocate Prime Minister.

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