Deagon, father of one of

Deagon, father of one of the Bali victims argues against the death penalty for the Bali perpetrators. That is his right and one can only feel sympathy for the loss of a child but blaming Howard, Downer, US imperialism and other left wing targets obscures and invalidates the debate. His only reason for arguing against the death penalty is to avail himself of another avenue of blaming everybody except the mongrels who did it. This article in the Australian gravitates towards critisizing Australia’s foreign policy as its base. He goes on rail against the wrong causes. Politically, I am confused. It could be argued that these men who proclaim Allah has guided them did not single out my son. Rather, they viewed the group of tourists at the Sari Club on that October night as representative of a Western collective of terror whose leaders had bombed Muslim states such as Afghanistan and Iraq, so killing, albeit inadvertently, equally innocent children. One question Brian. When did western powers deliberately target women and children. Answer that and your confusion should clear. I have always disagreed with the death penalty because the possibility of a mistake is real. In this case I think I need to think it through again. I don’t care if they become martyrs so long as other potential mongrels get the message. Tim Blair and Gareth Parker have more.