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Remember the Jedi Council?

‘Friendly fire’: When soldiers survive war, but are massacred on the battleground of Army politics. An article by Robert Ovadia.

It begins;

“Hi Rob, bad news from my front again as I’m back in hospital.”

It was the beginning of a text message I’d received the night before. ‘Hospital’ is where this man had been a number of times since 2013, with mental health issues. This time, though, it’s a ‘hospital hospital’. “Cut through my wrist but I’m still here,” it continues. “I’m currently listening to a guy who thinks he is God. All good.” The ‘PTSD wing’ of a military hospital is a colourful place. He is a former high-ranking officer in the Australian Army.

Former army chief, Morrison, made a name for himself surfing a tidal wave of support for a brutally eloquent speech castigating men in the army who demean women.

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept,” he famously scowled through words written for him by someone else. It made him famous. He became an enigma, the enfant terrible of the Australian Defence Force. He spoke at a United Nations conference alongside Angelina Jolie. He became a champion of feminism, the darling of those who swooned at the narrative of the feminist general and now he is our Australian of the Year. Some republicans even suggest he would make an ideal president of Australia, one day.

Not a good recommendation for a man who is supposed to be leading an Army.

Brave military men left to fight in the dark. An article by Miranda Devind

ON the night of Australia Day, last Tuesday, a former lieutenant colonel we will call “Ken” sat in front of his TV and watched in despair as his old Chief of Army, David Morrison, was awarded the honour of Australian of the Year.

Ken drank too much that night and then he tried to kill himself. It was his second suicide attempt since Morrison stripped him of his command, destroyed his career, and publicly shamed him by incorrectly identifying him as a member of the so-called Jedi Council “sex ring”.
Loyalty is supposed to be a two-way street.

And then this appears in today’s The Australian

Former army chief David Mor­­rison is charging up to $15,000 for speaking engagements as Australian of the Year, up to three times more than his predecessor Rosie Batty asked for each appearance.

I’m actually offended by the fact that he is receiving vast sums of money simply because he made a speech denigrating the Army.

Time to go General.

I note in the pic above he is wearing a Stop Violence Against Women ribbon award.  I see your white ribbon general and raise you an Infantry Combat Badge. The ribbon is not a military award and should not be worn on Uniform.  The Generals in the Army I served in mostly had Active service medals and Bravery awards as would be expected of men charged with leading fighting soldiers.

This man sports a white ribbon.

I don’t think I’d fit in today’s military.

UPDATE:  Michael Smith notes the absence of an ICB as well

PS – Morrison calls himself a Veteran.   He joined the Army in 1979 and was commissioned into the RA Inf.   He must have worked very hard to avoid exposure to the ICB over those 36 years.   ICB, no, white ribbon apparently makes up for it.



  • Lets be very clear, neither Irwin Rommel nor Norman Schwarzkopf were renowned and remembered for their gender policies. If you are a decent General, that isn’t what you will be remembered for, now, a public servant, maybe.

  • I wrote to Morrison the other day.
    Some extracts –
    Since your retirement, I have witnessed (with a degree of disgust) the behaviour of some in the Veterans’ network towards your award of AOTY. Make sure you stick to your guns. Much of this criticism is driven by a vocal minority who mourn the loss of the coercive power they held in the days when bullying and abuse was part of service culture.
    I learned in my brief sojourn as rifleman in 7 RAR that this behaviour is not a feature of operational service. I am alive today because I was part of a team, led by Doug Gibbons, in which there was no place for the behaviour you sought to eliminate from the modern ADF.

    Having said that, I would like to draw your attention to a statement you made in an address to the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia on Saturday, 22 March 2014.
    I quote from your otherwise excellent address –
    “Despite the social backlash over conscription our ‘Nashos’ served with great professionalism and not one went to Vietnam without effectively volunteering for service there.”
    It is very important, therefore, in honouring the memory of these men, that their experience is chronicled truthfully. It is not correct to say that we were all “effectively” volunteers.

    It will be interesting to see his response.
    It’s a lay down misere that it will be more rationale than what I’ve read here.
    I’ll let you know……..

  • What a crock of shit.

  • Thanks for posting that Roly.
    It is a textbook example of how Smith’s acolytes react when he is called out.
    It also explains the calibre of some of the lunatics who inhabit his site. In the days after this post, and for a few weeks afterwards (when I was working out west away from home) my wife and daughter had to contend with phoned death threats at weird hours. This was a result of being named on Smith’s website. A couple of the callers (too gutless to provide their names) said as much.
    As I said in my original post, Smith is a professional smear merchant. that is his sole claim to fame. Now that his target is out of public life, he’s lost.
    It’s interesting that not one of the allegations he made against Gillard ever came to anything, and that he has had a falling out with Kathy Jackson since –,6706
    As the old saying goes “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.
    It also shows the timeworn sequence that many right wing commentators use when somebody disagrees with them.
    Step 1 – Attempt a smear (in this case someone claiming I was a military imposter and referring me to ANZMI).
    Step 2 – Abuse and name calling.
    Step 3 – On-line threats.
    Step 4 – Phoned death threats to family members.
    All four were used by the Neanderthals posting on Michael Smith News.
    His site is now indistinguishable from many others inhabited by those to the Right of Genghis Khan, and now that he doesn’t have Gillard to abuse, he’s a bit bereft.

  • Actually I find that poetic justice, my wife received phone calls from your rabid mob while I was in Vietnam. Harder to trace phone calls in those days. How did they know you were away working??
    So now how many blogs are you barred from now besides Catallaxy, Baird & Bolt?? Obviously more lunatics & Neanderthals on their blogs as well??
    Nothing wrong with you or your views of course??, but at least those lefty type media still print your bile.
    Face it ABC you are a whining, griping pimple on the butt of the world, get over your facile self.

  • Catallaxy, Baird & Bolt
    I choose to no longer post on Catallaxy. I have not been “barred”.
    Sinc has always been generous in any personal correspondence and exposure on his blog helped sell many books.
    I guest authored there a couple of times –
    And -
    Let’s check Bolt. You’re wrong.
    I post there quite regularly. Last time was Fri 25 Mar 16 (09:44am) -
    As for “Baird” – You’re wrong again. What a surprise!
    Mike Baird (NSW Premier last time I looked) is a bit too busy to run a blog.

    • Hello 17…

      How many books have you sold?

      • Since you ask – 360 copies left of a print run of 1500 in 2010. Will soon be released as an e-book. Sales covered printing costs way back in 2011. $5 of every sale goes to my old school P & C.
        They’re happy – I’m happy – all good. It continues to sell steadily.
        Best (and cheapest promotion) has been to stir the possum on Right Wing blogs. It creates sufficient outrage to create interest and publicity. The adage “all publicity is good publicity” holds true.
        My marketing page tells me where referrals come from and the bulk of them are from here, Bolt, Catallaxy (when I used to post there) and Blair.
        If you understand the interweb you can use it. It’s called asymmetrical publicity (Grunig and Hunt –
        You can buy my book here –
        Try it some time (writing I mean). It’s a discipline, but is mostly fun and profit. The fun is more important to me than the profit.
        I’m researching a couple of other themes. Eventually I will have to stop paid work – and will be bored stiff unless I have a project or two.
        One theme is about the stories of veterans who have lived much of their lives in Vietnam. There is an intriguing diaspora of these men. Many sad – and some uplifting – stories there.
        The other is about many of the myths about Vietnam and conscription that persist to this day. One has been discussed here with more emotion than history. Dapin did a pretty good job, but more detailed and focused research is necessary.

        • So now we can add mercenary to you cv, donate $5 to your old p&c from the sale of your book thereby locking in a group wishing to get back the donation.

  • But you always cherry pick what you want to answer don’t you, you pathetic coward. You’re a megalomaniac of the highest order. I read a lot of the comments on those blogs regarding yourself and I believe that as Kev allows you on here, the same goes for the others, you are a shining example of what is wrong in Australia at the moment and give the rest of us the urge to keep tamping you down into the mire that you and your kind spring from.
    Your demented ravings are a warning to all right thinking people.

    BTW I don’t think that you could actually hear carpet bombing of Cambodian peasants from Long Kahn. Fucking idiot!!

  • You made a statement.
    My links show that statement was simply wrong.
    You can’t challenge the fact, so you compensate by throwing a tantrum and resorting to abuse and gutter language.
    If you weren’t so boringly predictable, you’d be funny.
    Quit while you’re ahead.
    BTW I don’t think that you could actually hear carpet bombing of Cambodian peasants from Long Kahn (sic). Fucking idiot!!
    First, let’s establish where we (my unit) were.
    5 Platoon B Coy was in Long Khanh within 150km of Krong Bavet in Eastern Cambodia (an area saturated by HE during the bombing). This can be confirmed by visiting the AWM website and looking at the grid references in the duty officer’s log –
    and cross referencing with this very useful map –
    from the Yale website. If you have a copy of “Seven in Seventy” there’s a fold out map with grid references you could consult.
    Then, we need to establish when the bombing of Cambodia was at its height – when the B52 raids were occurring. We can do no better than to consult this document –
    Head, William H. War from Above the Clouds: B-52 Operations during the Second Indochina War and the Effects of the Air War on Theory and Doctrine. Maxwell Air Force Base AL: Air University Press, 2002.
    From that publication – Fourteen months after they began, the Menu raids were halted on 26 May 1970 (P41)
    These are the same “Menu raids” referred to in the Yale document. So we know that the raids were under way in March 1970 by cross referencing these two documents and understanding that the area was being softened up to prepare for the invasion of US and ARVN forces.
    The invasion began on 1 May 1970 near the Parrot’s Beak and Fishhook areas. Note the proximity of these areas to Long Khanh.
    So there is no question that we were in the area and that B52 raids were occurring at the time.
    Now let’s look at whether or not the raids could be heard from my location.
    There are many historical reports of sounds of explosions traveling more than 300 kms under normal conditions. Here are just a few.
    There was an explosion at a Hertfordshire (UK) oil depot in December 2005. Numerous reports were received of the sound being heard 320 kms away in the Netherlands and Belgium –
    The Halifax explosion in 1917 when the Mont Blanc, a French munitions ship, exploded 20 minutes after colliding with another vessel. Contemporary reports indicate that the resulting shock wave shattered windows 50 miles away, and the sound of the explosion could be heard hundreds of miles away –
    (100 miles = 160kms)
    The 1947 Texas City disaster (April 16th) was caused by ammonium nitrate on board the SS Grandcamp detonating after a fire. Windows were shattered in Houston, 40 miles to the north, and people in Louisiana felt the shock 250 miles away –
    (250 miles = 400kms)
    These are just three reports. There are many more – Google is your friend.
    Over and over again, witnesses report hearing sounds of violent explosions across distances much further than the 150 km separating western Long Khanh and the eastern extremity of the Parrots Beak.
    None of this contradicts the basic laws of physics.
    So guess what, old mate – it is quite reasonable for me to conclude that the rumbling sounds I heard when I was on picquet duty during operation Finschaffen were distant B52 Raids.
    The raids went on for a long time, were a daily occurrence, and it’s amazing what you can hear when you’re posted sentry and it’s very quiet.
    And another thing. If you read the duty’s officer’s log I referenced (serial 30; 0925; 23/03/70) you’ll note the following transmission –
    Seagull – several points to be rectified. Profanity to cease particularly from C/S 2 and C/S 95. C/S 95 has been designated as control. Disciplinary action taken if re-occurrences.
    Do pay attention. Was as true 46 years ago as it is now.

  • More bollocks from a truly fucked up lefty, you can quote till you are red in your face. Why didn’t you track down the people that rang up and threatened you on the phone?? Why didn’t you track down those people that threatened your wife and daughter?? Why didn’t you protect your wife and daughter??
    Why, because you are a fucked up coward hiding behind your fucked up ideology, you truly are one fucking coward.
    You , as I have stated before, have no integrity. and now we know you are a coward of the worst kind. You hide behind crap that only you think you have the ultimate knowledge of.
    I still attended, what you call an opt out parade, which you had no knowledge of along with a lot of other things that you had no knowledge of. You are typical of the fuckwits of the intelligentsia.
    You have been dismissed as a fruit loop on so many blogs, to have also been dismissed on a 7 RAR blog must really tell you what a wanker you are.

  • Bless you my son, and have a happy Easter:)

  • Off with the megalomania again I see.

    Thanks anyway, but I believe in the Pagan Easter rather than a thieved Catholic one.

  • It is a world wide conspiracy. Idiot teachers everywhere need to grow up and lose their megalomaniac tendencies.

  • From the Daily mail, the rag that publishes this drivel as news – Suddenly shy? Kendall Jenner looks self-conscious as she heads out in New York… after posting picture of her bottom online –
    As for teachers – look at this blog heading. You should be thanking me (twice).

    • Also can be found on BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, all media outlets followed by you, dickhead.
      Google is your friend, try it sometime.


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