Eddie McGuire drops a line and the perpetually offended attack.  Twitter explodes and the CEO of the AFL gets confused about what the letters AFL actually mean. Just days after the AFL launched a women’s league to begin next year and also signed up to the Our Watch campaign aimed at stamping out violence towards women, the AFL chief conceded the league still had much work to do.
“We still have a long way to go. Our sport must lead,” he said. “Casual language and jokes about threats to women are part of the problem. “Footy has to be an increasing part of the solution.”
“Footy has to be an increasing part of the solution.” No it doesn’t footy has to be footy! I’m sick of AFL playing the social justice card – they are there to entertain the masses with football. Just play football and leave the rest to the Social Justice Warriors.  There’s plenty of them and they need something to maintain their angst.

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  • It’s Winter in Melbourne. There’s a need to create some heat.
    In terms of getting stuck into women journos, Tim Blair makes a living out of it. Does the term “frightbats” ring any bells?
    Jo Cox – murdered in the UK by a mentally deranged individual who has extremist sympathies, would qualify for Blair’s adolescent epithet.
    Blair is a disgrace. At least the Mouth from the South’s offence giving was accidental.
    Blair’s offence is calculated.

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