SA closes down

It would appear that in strong winds wind turbines have to be feathered and as strong winds are generally associated with rain as well then the solar panels don’t work either. Thus entire state of South Australia is currently without power. I see the SA Premier on TV advising people to “reach out to neighbours” Could I suggest that they “reach out to Greenies and politicians who listen to them and throttle them” Just watch and listen now as progressives turn this SA storm into the greatest weather event ever.  They need to detract us from the fact that it was no worse than we endure in Queensland every year. Reported in The Australian – one comment from Gregory attracted my eye
This is the biggest media beatup I’ve ever read. I have been in the city and Adelaide hills all day.  The weather bureau reports 22mm of rain since 9am, falling roughly over a 6 hour period. The wind has averaged 22kmh with gusts to 32kmh. This press and the bureau are just trying to make an excuse for our inept power infrastructure.
Should be fun as politicians get inventive explaining how a summer storm can stop a first world city.    


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