Greens still stuffing up economy

Pictured above. Former Obama White House  and Hillary Clinton campaign Advisor John Podesta  …… Wikileaks drops the bombshell that foreign activists are stuffing up Australia’s economy with their anti coalmining campaign.  Foreign, as in American, to be precise and there is also also a suggestion that one of Obama’s advisors is involved. From The Australian
A highly orchest­rated, secretly foreign-funded group of Australian environ­mental activists ­oppos­ing the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has “dampened” ­Indian investment interest in Australia and received heated criticism from the federal Coalition and Queensland Labor governments.
Heated criticism doesn’t create jobs or wealth.  It wont drag the poor Indians who currently heat and cook with animal dung into the 21st century. The Weekend Australian revealed that “progressive” US foundations were funding opposition to the Adani project and passing reports from Sunrise Australia, which was using legal challenges and advice to indigenous groups against the mine, to Mrs Clinton’s campaign chairman, Mr Podesta.
The leader of a foreign-funded, highly orchestrated group of Australian activists working to stop the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has confirmed links with the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign and warned a Clinton administration will “embarrass” the Turnbull Government over coal
That’s pretty clear but Anastacia misses the point, most probably deliberately.
Ms Palaszczuk, who was in Prosperine yesterday to talk about the benefit of Adani’s project, for which the company began seeking approval seven years ago, said the US groups should look after their “own backyard”. “US-based and funded organisations worried about political decisions anywhere in the world should be working to keep ­Donald Trump out of the White House,’’ the Premier said.
Keep Trump out of the Whitehouse! For heaven’s sake concentrate Annastacia. While you need Green votes to stay alive we know you aren’t going to do anything about the activists but at least try and appear interested in the economy of the state you lead…well sort of lead. Oh, and can we improve on “heated criticism from the Federal government?” Maybe some legislation that restricts activists activities to pointless but less dangerous street marches. If the courts of the land can stop development because some Greenie activists planted a skink in the region and then take the developer to court funded by anti-develoment foreign activists then the laws need changing. NOW! UPDATE!
Malcolm Turnbull will revive Tony Abbott’s proposed laws to block environmental activists seeking to stymie major projects.  Another example of Tony Abbott getting it right and Turnbull doing nothing about it until he’s forced to by the media.
The Abbott government proposed the laws to stamp out “legal sabotage” of major projects after the Federal Court last year upheld a challenge to a massive Queensland coalmine brought by environmental groups.   The proposal – rejected by senators in the last parliament – would restrict access to the courts to individuals with a direct interest in the project, such as local farmers and townspeople, and shut out climate change activists who often live hundreds of kilometres away.
And, it’s not an answer, just a suggested answer that has no relevance until passed by the Senate.  Greens and left wing nutjobs still hold sway but maybe Hanson’s troops will help this time. Here’s hoping.


  • I commented some time ago about the Sunrise Project group on another blog, Kev. A real threat to the world as we know it.
    They want to take the world back to self governed individual communes where everybody shares the work and the wealth. Those that don’t work don’t share the wealth. Meaning that those that can’t or won’t work, will starve.
    Typical Greenies, no progress in case you upset the pink toed golden rimmed frog.
    Oh, and forget about the Sunday bbq, unless you have soy bean snags and vegetable steaks.

  • The economy is indeed in a mess (both nationally and internationally).
    To blame this situation on the Greens is utter rubbish.
    Remember the GFC, triggered by the Masters of the Universe packaging up debt (CDOs) and selling it at a profit until the whole Ponzi scheme fell apart?
    The old adage that incompetence always trumps* conspiracy holds true.
    We’re paying for the sin of greed committed by the powerful and the financially connected, not for an international Green conspiracy.
    And no amount of legislation will ever contain the Green movement.

    *forgive the pun.

  • Hello 17…

    I thought “Save your MPC, the South will rise again” was the the most amusing exhortation I had heard. However, your “And no amount of legislation will ever contain the Green movement” at least equals it.

    Got any more?

  • “Got any more?”
    Don’t need any more.
    Your reminder about MPC neatly emphasizes my point.
    Nothing much changes.
    The use of MPC in Vietnam in 1970 was to try to prevent spivs from profiteering from the black market.
    Exactly the same kind of spivs were responsible for the GFC in 2008.
    I well remember being asked by one NCO who had more rackets than Ken Rosewell to cash some of his accumulated superseded MPC on his behalf when they sprung the currency change. I told him to get stuffed.
    For some, greed is God. These are the dangerous people – not the Greens.

  • Thanks for the tip about the Greens 17…

    Were your tips for the Dat Do Dogs just as good?

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