The sharks are circling

Maurice Blackburn has received a flood of calls about the theme park accident that killed four adults, including from people who want their own bad experiences on Dreamworld rides to be recorded.
“A wide variety of people have called. People who have been directly involved, people who have been witnesses, people who weren’t even there but have a story to tell,” the firm’s personal injury principal Alison Barrett told AAP.   Ms Barrett said the law firm was in the process of gathering information relevant to the Dreamworld tragedy, but most people weren’t interested in any compensation that might be offered down the track.
Yeah, right.  Then why phone a law firm? I would suggest the “flood of calls” is a beat up by Maurice Blackburn to put themselves in the public’s mind as they and the public work out how they can benefit from the incident. Just to be sure we know where they are coming from the spokesperson lays the blame for the deaths on the previous LNP government;
She said members of the former LNP government, and specifically former attorney-general Jarrod Bleijie, bear responsibility for sliding standards. “They have played a very significant role in that. It was Jarrod Bleijie’s portfolio. And it all occurred under their watch.”
Got that? Call us and we will make you rich, even if you were just there on the day and eating an ice cream well out view of the incident. Oh, and it was the evil, uncaring conservative government that caused the deaths. Politics and avarice all while people are still grieving.


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  • “Just to be sure we know where they are coming from the spokesperson lays the blame for the deaths on the previous LNP government.”
    Probably not too far from the truth, given the number of public servants (many of them WH & S safety inspectors and their managers) sacked by the Newman government. Noddy’s idea was self-regulation. In the real world – an oxymoron.
    It comes from the same place as the current shortage of train drivers and driver trainers. More than forty of these were sacked by the LNP. The recently resigned QR head honcho Helen Gluer was a Newman government appointee, one of a number who had previously worked for him at Brisbane City Council.
    Noddy was going to “fix it”, using his coterie of BCC whizz kids. He sure did…..
    “Politics and avarice all while people are still grieving.”
    Certainly, plenty of avarice apparent when you look at the Argent Leisure Group’s CEO’s obscene bonus. Nobody is worth that sort of money.

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