I’m rereading Phillip Knightley’s The

I’m rereading Phillip Knightley’s The First Casualty (the 1975 edition, not the latest one with a foward by John Pilger – I do have my standards!) and find myself enthralled with the trials and tribulations of war correspondents in the early part of the last century as they try and scoop the war news. Dashing across battlefields in France, on horseback, to the nearest train station and then on to the eastern shores of the channel to catch a fast clipper to Fleet Street to submit their copy. Put aside the book and look to blogging. Scooped again. If the early bird gets the worm then Tim Blair is travelling well and there is no worms left for us minions. First post 2:28 am. Not fair Tim! I read on and note the last post is at 10:47 – I look at my watch, supposedly set on EST, and it says 9:50. So does the computer and the kitchen clock. What am I missing here? Even if I adjust for Tim’s computer clock being out he is still getting up to early for me. Any original thought I would have at that time of the day would centre on making a caffiene fix. Cross over to Sam Ward who is suffering writer’s cramp and Professor Bunyip, who could be forgiven for basking in his expose of Phillip Adams recycling the original wit of others under his own byline, has a telling article on the idiots who vandalized our Opera House. He suggests we contribute to their defence with cheques for two cents. Great idea!