Everyone’s offended

Latham is in trouble again.

Latham used his Sky News program to suggest a Sydney Boys High student who took part in a video in support of feminism, was gay.

“The boys at the boys school look like dickheads doing their video, total dickheads,” Latham said on air before adding, “I thought the first guy was gay.”

The first Prefect to appear said;

Feminism is important to me because a few months ago a guy wanted to have sex with me – I didn’t want to.

and walked off.  I did a double take as the prefect appeared to be a male and he was talking as if feminism effected him personally.  I replayed it – yep he’s male.

So, I think the first guy is gay as well but if he is or isn’t I don’t really care however I can’t see why a commentator can’t say “I think he’s gay”

Latham is also in trouble for saying Wendy Harmer is disabled.  I don’t know if a cleft palate qualifies as a disability but hey, Wendy does has a cleft palate. She doesn’t hide it and we all know and I can’t imagine too many people would judge her on her palate alone so what’s the big deal.

Are we all snowflakes looking for reasons to feel offended?


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