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I’m sitting in a shopping mall enjoying my first flat white after weeks of instant coffee in the Great Sandy Desert and just idly watching the world pass me by.

My focus is drawn to a display set up by Woodside Energy, attended by well presented black and white guys and girls. Hovering nearby is a feral hippy chick – you know the type – tie-dye clothes, metal in face, dreadlocked hair and a general dirty unwashed demeanour. Add to the mix her love child – a confused and stressed looking toddler. The hippy chick’s intensity permeates through the crowd as she circles the Woodside display like a hyena trying to flog some other animals recent kill. She finally settles on a black guy and attacks. Voices raised…black guy embarrassed and looking around for support before he is chewed up and spat out.

Shoppers hurry past not wanting to be involved and the love child starts crying. Hippy chick yells at a girlfriend – “take her for a walk up the other end” and turns and continues her attack. She eventually leaves and the crowd quietens.

I had traveled thus far without the company of my wife. She had flown into Broome that morning to join me on my travels throgh the Kimberlys and the Pilbara. Having prioritized her husband just below grandkids and quilting, she could only afford five weeks with me. Knowing that a trip to Broome was definitely going to cost me some dosh in purchasing pearls in some form or other for my bride, I agreed to do something I’m not normally inclined to do – that is, subject myself to a tourist venue visit.

We went to Willie Creek pearl farm where I made the traditional husband type contribution to the local pearling industry by buying my bride some pearl earrings. My wife viewed them with pleasure, I viewed them in terms of petrol tank refills – quiet a few actually.

Anyway, on the way to Willie Creek we had to pass a feral road block staffed with hippy chicks mates. They weren’t local and had traveled from all parts of the world in the modern equivalent of the old Kombi Hippy transporter, the ubiquitous Wicked Camper vans. I had come across these Feral Green/Hippy movers all down the west coast as I drove north. German, French and US ferals all heading to Broome for a marijuana smoke-in and protest.

Now the locals at Broome are having a debate about whether they should allow Woodside to continue with their James Point Development. The Kimberley Land council has voted to accept Woodside’s offer and have OK’d the project to go ahead on their land. Some in Broome are against this as they believe it will have a negative effect on tourism and while they are local it is, in my opinion, their right to debate the issue.

What isn’t right is feral hippies coming from all over Australia and overseas to simply stop progress. They couldn’t give a damn about the local aborigines and how they view the project as a way out of their troubles; they couldn’t give a damn about jobs for Aussies or additional infrastructure coming to a remote town and they certainly don’t care about those who want to keep tourism the sole income stream in Broome except, where it suits them to use the locals to hinder progress. They just don’t want any commercial development anywhere to impact on their Utopia that doesn’t include humans other than themselves.

The hippies/feral greens don’t even like Broome. it is to hot, remote and poor country for growing marijuana.

Should be open season on the bastards.

Bob Brown attacks the media

News Corporation are getting attacked by the Dark Forces as Bob Brown calls for an inquiry in the wake of the troubles in Britain. He wants to canvas new licensing requirements for major newspapers, new “fit and proper” character tests for their proprietors, new curbs on foreign entrants and a comprehensive review of media ownership “in light of the domination of News Limited in print media”.

In other words, he wants to muzzle News Limited

Ms Gillard said the media could head off criticism by lifting its game. “If I could put it as clearly as I can . . . ‘don’t write crap’,” she said. “Can’t be that hard. And when you have written complete crap, then I think you should correct it.”

Way to go PM…such class!

I can sort of understand; the ALP and the Greens have been getting a bit of stick from the media lately – since Julia was elected at least, and I can see they think it’s all a bit unfair.

But really, if you give the media ammo then they have a duty to report it. If you stuff up, and let’s face it, you have, the media’s duty is to tell the people – that’s what they exist for.

Because the Fairfax media see and report all through rose coloured glasses and recycle the governments line on everything, they of course, will not be a part of Bob’s inquiry.

Bob is so moved because News Corporations British arm, News International, have been caught out hacking phones and he sees it as grounds for attacking locally. Well, the News of the World is a tabloid paper and in Britain they do that type of stuff.

Not here…..Oh hang on The Age has form

The Australian, for example, just write it as they see it and to suggest that they should be called to order for not seeing life as Bob Brown does, reflects poorly on his idea of free press. The fact that they see Bob as silly and dangerous is because he is, and something like 80% plus see it that way and the more he makes these silly comments the more the figure will rise.

Silly man, silly woman.

Lee Rhiannon’s red tinge

Still think The Greens are just a group of harmless tree hugging hippies? Then read this

Social engineering at its best

The Greens have secured a Productivity Commission review into fuel excises, which could ultimately make all drivers pay more for petrol. The Greens said they would continue to push for fuel to be priced in a way that reflected its impact on the environment.

“We want Australians to drive less and … drive more efficiently,” deputy leader Christine Milne said last night.

Well I want you to but out of my life and stick to cuddling Koalas.

“In particular, we should change the fuel excise regime from a simple revenue-raiser into a real driver for change, taxing more polluting fuels more and cleaner fuels less,” Senator Milne said.

Fuel should be a means of powering vehicles, not a “real driver for change”.

Stupid woman!

Bob under the spotlight

There is only one positive I can see with the Greens holding balance of power in the Senate and that is – more scrutiny.

For years Bob Brown has been making outlandish statements on his ABC and in the media and no one has called him to order or demanded he explain why he is so intent on wrecking the economy or turning us into a socialist state . Now questions are being asked and the spotlight is on him and his wacko followers.

Bob negotiates a donation of $1.6m from Graeme Wood, founder of the wot.if site even though he is on record as saying “…ending all large political donations would make a tremendous contribution to stamping out corporate influence in politics”.

It stands as the largest single donation ever made to a political party in Australian election history and was instrumental in Bob getting the balance of power.

Say one thing, do something else…say anything…do anything. Not any more, Bob – we are onto you.

Now it appears Graeme Wood and Katmandu founder, Jan Cameron have indicated an interest in the Triabunna mill in Tasmania owned by Gunns who are negotiating the sale of the mill to family-owned logging and haulage company Aprin. Wood and Cameron would like to buy the Triabunna mill site for an eco-tourism development if the Aprin deal fell through.

Bob Brown now asks the government to guarantee that no public monies would be involved in any such sale by Gunns to Aprin.

I’m sure this is only a coincidence but if no public monies were involved then the sale would fall through, thus clearing the path for Wood and Cameron to set up their tree hugging Utopia.

As Glenn Milne says – it’s not a good look, Bob.

Milne also turns the spotlight on Lee Rhiannon – go read, it’s interesting stuff.

Rediculous to sublime

The Government destroys an entire industry worth about $300 million a year and then offers the loosers $30 million to go away and be quiet.

Won’t work.

Gillard says there is no quick fix for the ALP’s huge stuff-up and it’s certainly true that offers from the government aren’t going to help any time soon. Some properties have tens of thousands of dollar fuel bills just to water their stock and others are paying more in monthly interest bills than the $5,000 immediate support offered.

A suggestion of maybe up to $20,000 later is not even going to pay the monthly fuel bills on some properties. Meanwhile the cost of meat drops across the nation as everyone tries to sell off their surplus beef previously allocated to Indonesia. This may be good news for families suffering from other ALP stuff-ups but not the beef producers.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said: ”I think that the cattle industry doesn’t want welfare, they want their trade back.” while the Greens advocate eliminating the entire industry.

Greens leader Bob Brown condemned the bailout, arguing the live export trade should be banned.

”It’s got the aim of resuming the slaughter in Indonesia of Australian livestock, and the Greens are the only party which doesn’t want to see that happen,” he said.

Now that’s a cavalier way of treating the livelihood of hundreds of workers and businesses involved in the $300 million trade. The Greens are the only party that doesn’t want live trade resumed because they don’t care about such things as livelihoods while it conflicts with their perfect unlivable world.

We are being badly governed for the minority and it’s not going to get better any time soon.

Founding fathers confused

TWO founding fathers of the Greens say the split between the old-school environmentalists and the new generation of ideologically driven urban activists now swelling the parliamentary ranks could destabilise the party and alienate voters.

Damn right it could – in fact is is.

What Drew and Sanders don’t understand, or at least don’t mention, is that the various Green parties around the world became the party of choice for all those Marxist loving radicals of the 60s, 70s and 80s when communism become a lost cause.

After the fall of the Berlin wall and the subsequent release of USSR archives that cataloged communism’s crime against humanity general and their own people specifically, these useful idiots looked for the most left-of-centre party they could and flocked to the Greens.

The Koala, tree and whale hugging mob have thus been swamped with ideological radicals who support terrorism in all its form on the basis that anything that hurts capitalism and its main exponent, the US, gives them a warm inner glow and is therefore justifiable.

Its almost as satisfying as openly supporting communism and while the public are confused with tree hugging and anti US and Israel statements on the same platform these useful idiots enjoy a bit of camouflage as they push their same old hatreds of the society that feeds them.

They are dangerous.

Nuclear Power

Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation says Australia has a direct moral responsibility for any nuclear fallout.

Fair enough as long as we accept that Japan has a direct moral responsibility for Aussies killed in accidents involving Japanese vehicles.

Same logic.

The Greens and Lefties will be crowing about the danger of Nuclear power but Australia is well know as being geographically stable so the current Japanese problems have no bearing whatsoever on our Nuclear power debate.

Two earthquakes and no tsunamis of note in my life time in the entire continent do not cut it as a factor in the debate.

The same type of characters that panic about climate change used to panic about nuclear energy and to try and force us to join their church come up with the term China Syndrome‘, a scenario where a reactor accident would develop into a self sustaining heat source and burn all the way from the US to China.

In a small way the Three Mile Island accident proved the extent of truth in the proposition as the molten core material got exactly 15 mm of the way to China as it froze on the bottom of the reactor pressure vessel.

No one died but that’s not the point. The Left has an ideological abhorrence of anything nuclear, possibly emanating from the cold war days when they agitated for unilateral nuclear disarmament. Unilateral because they only wanted the US to disarm – the communists in the USSR were the good guys after all and anything that might bring the Great Satan to her knees was on their ‘to do’ list

It will be a long long time before Nuclear energy racks up more deaths that coal fired energy.

If ever.

Ziggy Switkowski, former chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation has this to say;

In Australia, opponents of nuclear power already point to the situation in Japan as evidence of the dangers of nuclear reactors. They conveniently sidestep the loss of life and damage caused by exploding oil tanks, burst gas mains, electrical fires: hazards that come with living in a tectonically active region.

Possibly tens of thousands dead from the earthquake but about half of the media coverage is about the nuclear disaster which, so far, has killed exactly no one.

Let’s just concentrate on helping Japan get back on her feet.


There is an incredible amount of misinformation and hyperbole flying around the internet and media right now about the Fukushima nuclear reactor situation.

To get a good layman’s description and maybe become better armed to enter into debate on nuclear energy you might like to read this piece at bravenewclimate

Who’s running the country?

We are facing a disastrous situation. The Greens, who represent about 13% of the electorate are currently the defacto government. They have one, I’ll repeat that, ONE member in the House of Reps and they are driving the debate.

Same sex marriage, euthanasia and climate change voodoo are not high priorities amongst Australians with the first two not even being on the agenda of the ALP or the Coalition and yet this morning’s papers are all over how the Greens have won “the debate“.

Government of Australia is currently untenable and something needs to be done before we become a Green lead backwater of civilization and industry.

UPDATE: Maybe sanity prevails;

THE Greens’ controversial bill giving the territories the ability to introduce radical social agendas will be stalled in a Senate committee after a revolt by Labor MPs.

Coalition and Labor senators went into furious negotiations overnight in an effort to sidetrack the Greens’ bill after a Labor backlash against the decision for the government to support the bill.

Labor ministers and backbenchers were furious the decision to support the Greens bill was not discussed in cabinet or the ALP caucus and scrambled to head off the bill.

It’s a start.

Carbon tax

My standard tariff electricity bill has increased from $417.00 to $585.00 for the summer quarter over the years of the Anna Bligh reign. Same usage with an increased rate – all courtesy of the Queensland ALP.

Thanks Anna!

Now Julia (there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead)Gillard is going to make electricity more expensive and uses this throw-away line to justify her back-flip.

“I also want to be clear about what it does. It has price impacts. That is the whole point. Consequently, things that generate a whole lot of carbon pollution will be more expensive … so that people adapt and go to low pollution alternatives,” she said.

What low pollution alternatives? There is no economically viable low pollution alternative available now, nor will there be for decades to come.

She also criticised some tabloid newspaper reports that the tax would push up electricity prices by up to $500 a year.

Speculation at this stage but I bet it will be close to the mark. As detailed above, my bill has increased almost $200 a quarter due to ALP ineptitude so $500 a year is believable with the insane Greens in the picture.

She is getting a lot of flack for the fact that she promised not to do exactly what she is doing but I can see her point. Before the election she needed all the votes she could get and certainly didn’t want to get rational thinkers off-side. After the debacle that was the election result she now has to march to a different drum – a Green one – to stay in power.

Gillard at the Media conference where she hands over power to destroy our economy to the Greens

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