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Balanced Media

The hide of some people. Fancy letting an anti-Kerry TV show onto the networks.

The Washington Post carries this article that reminds us all of the lack of balance in the media.

Now Sinclair’s decision to order its 62 stations to carry a movie attacking Kerry’s Vietnam record is drawing political fire — not least from the Democratic National Committee, which plans to file a federal complaint today accusing the company of election-law violations. “Sinclair’s owners aren’t interested in news, they’re interested in pro-Bush propaganda,” said DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, whose complaint will accuse the firm of making an in-kind contribution to the Bush campaign.

Australia’s ABC and SBS have anti-Bush documentaries and talk shows several times a week and I’m sure it’s the same in the US. Michael Moore even markets his documentaries as movies and yet a TV network in the States gets hammered for scheduling an opposing view.

It works too. A lot of people I know think Bush is the pits but when questioned, they all get their news from the mainstream media. SBS and ABC set the scene and the commercials are only interested in 5 second bites so Bush’s abilities or otherwise are never debated.

Kidnapping and suicide car bombers are good for 6:00 pm news. Instant gratification…no substance…no balance.

Sinclair’s TV network even had the temerity to send a VP (no less) to Iraq to find some good news as none seemed to be getting through the left wing censors.

Earlier this year, Sinclair sent a vice president who has called John F. Kerry a liar to Iraq to find good news stories that it said were being overlooked by the biased liberal press.

Mind you, they could have saved heaps by subscribing to Chrenkoff. His latest Good News from Iraq Part 12 tends to put some balance into the debate.

Talking of Chrenkoff. he is reading from my Library. He quotes Mark W Woodruff’s “Unheralded Victory: Who won the Vietnam War?” and says;

…Highly recommended for history and military buffs, this book makes it painfully clear that the American forces, together with South Vietnamese army and other allies have convincingly won every military engagement of the war, from 1965 to the American withdrawal in 1973, in the process almost completely destroying Viet Cong and inflicting staggering casualties on the North Vietnamese Army. Vietnam War, sadly, is another example of conflict won militarily but lost politically.

The example of Woodruffs book is relevant in Iraq today. I haven’t been to Iraq but I was in Vietnam and I can assure you that the Media snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in such a stunnung manner that for years even I believed it.

I don’t now and daily, I see the same tactics being used in Iraq.

Readers, some times the truth is hard to find but it is out there.

Go look for it.

Bush must be winning

Bush leads in the polls leaving his haters amazed at the stupidity of the voters.

For the first time in a Post-ABC news poll this year, a majority of likely voters now say they plan to vote for Bush. Among those most likely to vote in November, Bush holds a 52 percent to 43 percent lead over Kerry, with independent Ralph Nader receiving 2 percent of the hypothetical vote. Among all registered voters, Bush leads Kerry 50 percent to 44 percent.

What to do? I know, let’s have GlobeScan poll the world. That’s better! GlobalScan managed to find people who would vote against Bush if they had the vote

The Australian(no link) has an article headed Challenger’s Global Landslide stating…..In 30 of 35 countries polled by International research group GlobalScan, Kerry was preferred Leader.

Not surprising but a futile exercise none-the-less. They dont have the vote.

It’s still Bush 50% – Kerry 44%

Meanwhile the Democrats are attacking Bush’s military record but may have been caught out in a lie.

Via Tim Blair

They need to attack Bush’s record as Kerry’s has been trashed. Bush might not have gone to Vietnam but at least he didn’t go to North Vietnam.

Kerry Defined

Gary of Gravatt.org fame pointed me to this letter re John Kerry.

It talks of American dead defamed by lies but is equally relevant from the Australian perspective.

This as a teaser;

It’s bad enough that we couldn’t mourn our dead then. Now we see the same man that stood over the open graves of our brothers and pissed on their bodies is back. This time he’s dug up those bodies and is standing on them to give himself the stature for high office.

Compassionate and eloquent, it sums up the feelings of Vietnam Vets very well.
Go read and try and imagine how we feel.

If you were the man who, in 1970, phoned the recently bereaved parents of a mate from my battalion and told them he deserved to die or the man in Adelaide who told me the dead of Long Tan deserved to die or the young women, who in 1971, ask me how many babies I had killed, or anyone who agreed with them then read the letter and look into your soul.

Thanks Gary.

John Kerry’s Dodgy Awards

John Kerry set the scene to include his war service as a part of his case to be elected President so he can’t complain when people question that service.

I mean, right from the start I would have shut up. Does he really think people will forget what he did after the war when he went over to the other side. It’s one thing to disagree with the war – it’s quite another to give solace to the enemy and to denigrate the service of your own countrymen.

On the face of it it appears he was awarded the Bronze Star with V device for rescuing a special forces guy. The SF guy was in the water and there was no incoming fire. Big deal! That’s not hero stuff.

Now his Silver Star is under question. Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer writing for Frontpage have come up with some fairly interesting questions. Yes, I know where Frontpage are coming from but the questions still need answering.

It appears they have found three, repeat three, citations for the award. Civilians might find that of no import but the soldier in me screams “bullshit alert…there is somethig wrong here’

Not only are there an unprecedented three citations but they vary, were written years and decades after the event and look like a sanitization of events.

If your interested in pursuing the truth you should check it out

Wallace at Streams in Texas has a point to make on relative heroism. Non military readers may like to read what he has to say to get some idea what we proffessional soldiers think of dodgy citations and officers who enlist in the enemy’s services.


Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping has more

Fahrenheit 9/11

Yeah. I know. The subject has been around for awhile but I’ve decided to include this link to 59 deceits by Dave Kopel to help readers gain access to a critical assessment of the politdoco produced by Michael Moore.

I haven’t seen Fahrenheit 9/11 and have no intentions of doing so. To me it would be like taking time out of my busy life to spend an evening with Phillip Adams. I just have better ways of spending my time than watching a 122 minute anti-Bush/US political add peppered with lies, lies of omission and half truths.

It amazes me that people in Brisbane Australia will pay good money to watch a Democrat Political ad and accept it in blind faith. What?s more upsetting is that Moore is making buckets of money out of the exercise and no-one is calling him to order other than in the blogworld.

Great money if you can get it. I bet John Singleton never made anywhere as much money out of any of his ALP TV adverts. But then John is not as unprincipled as Moore.

I’m surprised Phillip Adams hasn’t thought of this and produced a politdoco making Howard look like a liar and a fool using the same formulae as Moore. Get an unflattering film clip of Howard, season with lies, lies of omission and half truths and sell it to the world.

Then again, maybe Phil has thought of it.

As an aside. Can you imagine the uproar if someone produced a similar piece on John Kerry. We would never hear about it. The press would block it and no actor would even look at a script and yet with Kerry’s background it would be a great expose.

Ah, the dream. Level playing field – unbiased media.

Stupid of me, I know.

Kerry Poster


Well, I like it.

Stolen from Streams in Texas.

More on Kerry and his casual and political approach to the truth is to be found here

John Kerry

Just in case you were taken in by shots of John Kerry arriving by swiftboat at the recent convention surrounded by his Band of Brothers take a peek at this sight and find out how many of his Vietnam brothers support him


Picture and lead stolen from Humanracewatch.com

Kerry’s true colours.

More on John Kerry and cohorts from Winter Soldier and Dewey Canyon III.

Quotes from wintersoldier.com and ‘Stolen Valor’ B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley, Verity Press, 1998, Chapter 6, Atrocities

In April 1971, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) staged a demonstration it called Dewey Canyon III, a “limited incursion into the country of Congress.” The protest was named after an operation in 1969 that sent elements of the 3rd Marine Division into Laos.

About this same time, an ad appeared in The New York Times signed by forty-nine American servicemen from the 1st Air Cavalry Division urging support for antiwar demonstrations. But as United Press International later reported, the men, members of a Mekong Delta-based helicopter unit, had neither read nor paid for the ad.

After being blocked from holding a ceremony honoring the war dead at Arlington National Cemetery, the veterans marched to the Capitol to present sixteen demands to Congress. At the end of the day; they held a candlelight march around the White House. After a man who said his son died in Vietnam blew taps, the soldiers began flinging their war medals over a high wire fence in front of the Capitol: Purple Hearts, Bronze Star Medals, Silver Stars — bits of ribbon and metal hurled in the face of the government that had so betrayed them.

Some, after throwing away what had cost them so dearly, broke down and cried.

One of them was John Kerry, Vietnam Navy veteran and aspiring politician who had been among those who organized the protest. Kerry flung a handful of medals — he had received the Silver Star, a Bronze Star Medal, and three Purple Hearts — over the fence. Kerry spoke later that week before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, putting a face on the antiwar movement far different from the one seen before — the scruffy hippie or wild-eyed activist.

Kerry represented the All-American boy, mentally twisted by being asked to do terrible things, then abandoned by his government.

From start to finish, the public took Dewey Canyon III at face value, not understanding that they were watching brilliant political theater. Kerry, a Kennedy protege with white-hot political aspirations, ascended center stage as both a war hero and as an antiwar hero throwing away his combat decorations. His speech, apparently off the cuff, was eloquent, impassioned.

But years later, after his election to the Senate, Kerry’s medals turned up on the wall of his Capitol Hill office. When a reporter noticed them, Kerry admitted that the medals he had thrown that day were not his. And Kerry’s emotional, from-the-heart speech had been carefully crafted by a speechwriter for Robert Kennedy named Adam Walinsky, who also tutored him on how to present it.

TV reporters totally ignored another Vietnam veteran, Melville L. Stephens, a former aide to Adm. Elmo Zumwalt, chief of Naval Operations, who that same day urged the Senate not to abandon America’s allies in South Vietnam. “Peace for us must not come at the cost of their lives,” Stephens said in a speech he wrote himself.

Others supposedly Vietnam Vets were with Kerry during this peace march.

Alfred H. Hubbard entered the Air Force in October 1952…..There is no record of any service in Vietnam

…Michael Harbert, also had problems with their credibility…His only overseas service was in Taiwan from November 28, 1967, to April 9, 1968.

Veteran Chuck Onan, for example, claimed he had attended parachute, frogman, and jungle survival schools and had received special training in torture techniques, such as stripping women prisoners, spreading their legs, and driving pointed sticks into their vaginas.

Onan became a member of an LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) unit but deserted before he was sent to Vietnam, fleeing to Sweden so he did not have to kill. “They just went too far,” Onan said.

He (actually) worked as a stock room clerk at a Marine base in Beaufort, S.C

Lawyer and activist Mark Lane was one of the organizers of Winter Soldier. Lane quoted one man’s contention that a female Communist sympathizer was interrogated, tortured, and then raped by every soldier in his battalion. “Lane does not explain that in Vietnam an American battalion runs anywhere from one thousand to twelve hundred men.”

I can remember seeing the TV shots of these people marching and thinking ‘what a mob of hippy freaks.’ How could they have been soldiers?

Lie after lie – just like the anti-war mob here in Australia. Keep telling lies and fools will believe.

Considering Kerry for President is the same as putting Jim Cairns forward for PM. Info on Kerry is coming thick and fast and people are starting to notice.

Read more>>

Kerry: Truth will out

The more I read about this turkey the more I don’t like him. Not welcome at any Vietnam Veterans reunion that I would attend he would also be a poor contender for chairman of the local PTA with adultry hanging over his head.

Besides being accused of adultry we now find in todays Frontpage his wife is a major contributor to radical left-wing causes.

This article cannot be dismissed with a ‘right-wing biased bullshit’ statement. The question needs to be asked – does she contibute to these causes and if she does, do the US want her as their First Lady? I should think not.

Frontpage also has an article on Kerry’s post-Vietnam service. It’s on public record that he denigrated the US military when he joined the Vietnam Vets against the War.

Mr. Kerry opened by stating “war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, [are] not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.” According to tales related by Mr. Kerry, Americans had “raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.” As to what endangered America, Mr. Kerry stated “the crimes threaten it, not Reds.”

The barking-mad Left will say but that did happen-we’ve read about it. Well I was actually in Vietnam and whereas one can always say these things do happen in a war zone there is no way they can be defined as ‘policy’, or the rule, or everyday occurrances. Isolated instances are what the left use to make a rule. If there was one Kelly at My Lai then by extension there were thousands.

This is simply untrue.

All of this is public and still he garners votes. What are you doing, America?

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