Jihadist crackdown

A CRACKDOWN on Australians travelling to Syria to fight with jihadists is set to widen, with police preparing to charge a third suspected extremist currently in jail on attempted murder charges.
After officers from the Australian Federal Police and NSW police yesterday charged two men with an array of foreign-incursion offences – the first such charges to stem from the Syrian conflict – The Australian can reveal a third man has been targeted by investigators and is expected to be charged. Its a start but this worries me;

Some of Mr Alqudsi’s supporters in court refused a request from the NSW Sheriff’s officer to remove their hats inside the courtroom.

“That’s part of the law? It’s not our law,” said one of the men, who declined to give his name.

If you claim to be Australian and take all we offer then it is “your law”.  Another aspect or “your law” is Contempt of Court and I would have liked the judge to say to the Sherrif  ” OK, Sherrif remove them from the court, place them in the cells and let me know when they are prepared to remove their hats and treat “their law” with respect. The NSW laws are a bit wishy washy on Contempt but I can see a case for judges to strive to maintain respect for the courts. I’m not even happy for ordinary people to have dual citizenship so my next step would be to remove citizenship from any immigrant who supports terrorism in any shape or form after a sutiable time in lockup. Bye bye…back home for you – we don’t want your type here.      

Hicks is not happy….good!

Terrorist DAVID Hicks says he can’t return to normal life in Australia without clearing his name in the US courts, declaring he is fed up with being called a convicted terrorist. Listen, you bastard, you don’t deserve a normal life in Australia because you are a convicted terrorist.  Remember – you fought for the other side, you had an audience with Osama Bin Laden, you were convicted? His passport should have been revoked and he should not have been allowed back into Australia.  The report in The Australian says he has a job in a panel beating shop.  So somewhere there is a business that is happy to employ terrorists – what is the owner thinking? There is a couple of things Howard did that I disagree with and allowing this bastard back into Australia is one of them.  The pressure from all the US hating left wing was distracting from the buisness of running the country so I can see  why he did it – I just don’t agree with giving terrorists any leeway whatsoever.

Lock ’em up or send ’em back home

Up to six Australians have died fighting with terrorist group al-Qa’ida and its affiliates in Syria, according to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s director-general David Irvine.
Australian nationals were also travelling to the Middle East to join the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, Mr Irvine said. Australia is at war with these terrorists.  We have soldiers fighting al-Qa’ida and the Taliban and have taken killed and wounded casualties so we can clearly state that they are the enemy.  Why is it then that these so called “Australians” aren’t  charged with Aiding the Enemy or Treason and either incarcerated for lengthy stretches or have their citizenship revoked and deported back to the shit hole they come from. If I had signed up with the Viet Cong, my father with Hitler or my Grandfather with the Boers we would’ve been in all sorts of strife with my Grandfather probably hung at the yardarm.  Yet these men come to Australia, often enough via boats, take advantage of our hospitality viz a viz Social Security payments, put shit on us publically in their mosques, travel back over seas and fight with the enemy and all ASIO can do is watch them while human rights lawyers defend their situation. It is indefensible. At the very least can we just revoke their citizenship and send them and their families back where they come from.  Lets face it, the money for the tickets to fly back home most probably came from you and me via taxes for social security payments. Bad show all round.  

Snowden still in limbo

A TOP-SECRET map leaked by US intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden reveals four Australian sites, including Pine Gap, which are said to play a key role in US global intelligence collection. Cameron Stewart offers this line.

So far 21 nations have turned their back on Mr Snowden’s request for asylum, fearing reprisals if they offer sanctuary to him.

Just a thought Cameron, could these nations be of the opinion that Snowden is just a traitorous spy and doesn’t deserve sanctuary?

Waleed thinks war should be fair

Waleed Ali complains about drones and pontificates;

War is a kind of contract. Each side confronts the other, with the risk of death and defeat. In short, war should come at a cost. That contract is shredded when you’re attacked by something that cannot itself be killed. It’s not remotely a fair fight.

War is not supposed to be a fair fight and if it is it’s a pain in the arse.  As David Hackworth once said “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan your mission properly”. As further evidence Waleed is a military illiterate he says;

A US drone costs anywhere from $5 million to $10 million. Depending on who you believe, China can build them for less than $1 million. If that’s true, you can forget any idea of an American monopoly on the drone market. Now consider China’s customers: countries who want cheap weapons, and who’d rather not buy them from America or Israel. Really, anyone in the developing world is a candidate. It’s hard to resist the conclusion that we’re staring at the future of warfare.

Waleed, the reason drones are so good at clobbering your mates is that Islamic terrorists generally, Al Quaida and the Taliban have a notable shortage of jet fighters to kill the drones.  Do you think for one moment that if a terrorist organization brought a drone from China that the US and/or other western powers wouldn’t have a F18 waiting to meet said drone on it’s inaugeral flight and another to sever the hand on the joystick. Still, if you believe all that stuff then encourage your mates to fork out a million dollars for a 30 second flight – any drain on their budget is a win for the good guys.

Boston bombers are Muslims – I’m amazed!

Gee, the Boston bombers appear to be Muslims.  This will not please the left and other US haters as they wanted the bombers to be white extreme right wing radicals.  Bob Elliss, for example is punting for the NRA, the Pentagon, MI6, or the FBI and states quite conclusively that there are no Arabs, Pakistanis or Afghans involved.  The two suspects, one already dead, come from Chechyna so Bob’s a little bit right but they are Muslims so the point he is trying to make, is like all his points,wrong. I’ve been reading Bob’s blog for a few days now on the basis of “know your enemy” – he’s literally demented, full of hatred and delusional. And the weirdos he attracts – makes for wide-eyed reading.  

Alexander Downer on Iraq

The Left have been celebrating the 10th anniversary with a litany of what went wrong. Me, I’m more positive and haven’t really changed my opinion since I posted on the subject nearly ten years ago

A democracy in the middle of the shit-hole that is the Middle East would give birth to hope and all the Mullahs and Kings and Princes would be feeling uneasy

More here Today in the Age Alexander Downer, Foreign Affairs minister when adults were playing the game has a piece in The Age We played a worthy role in Saddam’s demise

Let me be blunt: I think we were right to play our own small part in the destruction of the regime of Saddam Hussein. It was a far from perfect operation, mistakes were made and the sectarian violence that followed was appalling. But there are three reasons why the Iraqis, the Middle East and the world are better off for the demise of the Saddam regime.

The first is simple humanity.  Sadam is dead!  That’s a very big plus for the world and particularly Iraqis Secondly, there is the issue of chemical and biological weapons.  He had ’em, he used ’em and now he can’t nor can any other aspiring despot Downer continues;

But if the threshold question is, should we have played a part in getting rid of Saddam a decade ago, my answer is an unequivocal yes.

I’m glad we did. We played a small part in evicting the world’s most brutal dictator who made President Assad of Syria look moderate. We played a tiny part in starting to change theologies of the Middle East from dictatorship to democracy. And we helped spare the region and the world from a dictator who aspired to dominate the Arab world and threaten Israel.

That was the thing about the Howard government: we stood for something. And one of the things we stood for was freedom.

As different from the Gillard government who stand for themselves and the less than 20% of the population who are unionists.


Loading the machine guns

Loading the machine guns

FRENCH soldiers pressed north in Mali territory occupied by radical Islamists, launching a land assault (paywall) that was to put them in direct combat with al-Qa’ida-linked fighters “in one to 72 hours,” military officials said. A former French colony, Mali once enjoyed a reputation as one of West Africa’s most stable democracies with majority of its 15 million people practicing a moderate form of Islam. That changed in April 2012, when Islamist extremists took over the main cities in the country’s north amid disarray following a military coup, and began enforcing strict Shariah law. Background reading Mali at World Atlas I note this morning Hollande was quoted as saying it will all be over in three weeks. This evening it has stretched out to six months and good luck with that Monsieur President

Bloody Muslims

The world reels from Islamic radicals attacking the West once again. A lot of discussion centres around a YouTube clip of a film denigrating Mohammed but personally I just think the clip was an excuse. Let’s face it, the sub-human species that is radical Islam will use any excuse to attack the US and if there isn’t one readily available they will invent it. I’m appalled that the US Ambassador and his staff were murdered but I’m more appalled that the US didn’t do anything about it. Clinton issues apologies to those offended by the clip but according to the internet no ammo to those tasked with defending the Embassy. The Rules of Engagement for the Marine Corps Security detail are such that they can’t do their job as shown by the murders. It used to be that an attack against an Embassy was an attack against the country and thus a warlike act that had serious repercussions. Under Obama and Clinton it doesn’t even attract harsh words. Clinton apologises for the clip; The media is all over the clip’s producer, riots are everywhere and in Sydney 8 year old kids hold up signs saying “Behead those who insult the Prophet”. And people blame the West. I’m OK with people following the own religion but not when they denigrate others who follow another form and events over the last ten years has led me to believe that Muslims do not assimilate. In Australia, and elsewhere in the West, they will always define themselves by their religion and never by their new nationality. In a perfect world I would gather up those who shamed us in the streets of Sydney and send them home with their hatreds and kids that encourage others to behead people. Not only that but I would tell Immigration – no Muslims to be accepted until they sort their shit out and join the West in the 21st Century.
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