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Union rorting

Shorten claims the release of the news that the Trade Union Royal Commission has found he has not committed any indictable offence was released late on Friday night was an attempt to bury his “Innocence” has nothing to do with the timing

It is all about Shorten trying to get more media coverage on the announcement.

He may not have committed an indictable offence but he has committed and immoral and unethical offence. Any Trade Union official that negotiates a pay decrease for it’s members in exchange for funding that was used to finance his campaign to gain a seat in parliament has to be considered as unethical at best.

But that’s the unions for you.

Day after tedious day, the Trade Union Royal Commission uncovers examples of union officials stealing members funds for personal gain.

Day after day, millions of dollars of unexplained or false invoice deals are uncovered and the Unions and the ALP are still screaming “Witch Hunt”

Yes…right fellows.

In today’s news;

The Turnbull government will make a staunch defence against any Labor attack on the trade union royal commission in parliament this week, seizing on corruption allegations against the Australian Workers Union.

At least five former AWU offic­ials have been criticised in the submissions, including alleg­ations of possible criminal behaviour by Bill Shorten’s former deputy at the union, Cesar Melhem­, who faces a prison sentence if ultimately charged and convicted of falsifying invoices.

Staunch defence!!!

They should be attacking, not defending. Every press conference, whatever it’s initial subject, should be closed with ” Did you note today’s news from the Trade Union Royal Commission? Did you note that Secretary X has used X dollars on his or her private expense?

Every day, every press meeting.

And then table in Parliament a bill that brings Union officials under the same regulations as business leaders.

Let ASIC sort it out.

Penalty rates

Communist Pommy Jock Shop Steward and Labor Senator Doug Cameron says;

…..around 4.5 million workers across the country depended on penalty rates to “actually put food on the table, take the family out to get a meal and go for a holiday once a year”.

They do?

I trust they don’t try and take their family out for a meal on the weekend as due to the penalty rates a lot of restaurants and coffee shops can’t afford to open on the weekend.

So not only do the hospitality staff miss out on penalty rates the weekends, they don’t even get wages.

Well done Doug

The evidence starts with a deserted, newly renovated restaurant and bar in a prime tourist location at Circular Quay in Sydney. Following a multi-million-dollar upgrade, the restaurant of this international hotel chain was closed most of Easter and is closed most of every Sunday. The reason is weekend penalty rates. This top priced, international hotel can’t make money on Sundays. Staffing is too expensive

Everything in Australia is 24/7…except the unions and their insistence on penalty rate for weekend work.

Thomson “Good man” but depressed

“My husband is a good man” according to the current Mrs Thomson which makes me wonder what the previous Mrs Thomson thinks. Christa Thomson was still married to him when he was on a spending spree booking whores, porn, booze and travel up to the HSU membership. He is claiming depression from the break-up of his marriage to Christa caused him to seek solace elsewhere however he also claims Christa was with him at times when is accused of consorting with the ladies.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg doesn’t seem to be impressed with Thomsons depression plea.

“I’ve never met anyone who’s not depressed at the prospect of going to jail” he said, as Thomson’s QC passed up the magic report.

Thomson had agreed to repay the HSU the $24,538.42 he embezzled with union-issued credit cards and a Flight Centre account.


What about $389,000 of union money spent on getting himself elected to Parliament.

The thousand-page report by Fair Work Australia, made public this week, paints a fascinating picture of a man prepared to lie about the more than $250,000 of union funds he spent on trips, holidays with his ex-wife, an airfare for his brother’s girlfriend, wining and dining, and even prostitutes. Every cent of that spending – even the 14 airfares for his ex-wife – was legitimate, Thomson told FWA. Except for the prostitutes, of course.

Craig’s world is described here

Michael Smith has good coverage and well worth the time to read

The saga is nearly over and, I hope, it will end with Thomson’s incarceration.

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