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Closing the stable door

The ALP/Earthian Greens are having a lover’s tiff. Personally I think it’s all spin as the ALP look to justify their behaviour over the last couple of years and struggle to pick up votes from the left….or anywhere for that matter.

Gillard knowingly got into bed with these guys and the played the beast with two backs to guarantee her holding onto the treasury keys. It’s no good suddenly discovering that the Green Earthians are a dangerous, radical left wing bunch of tossers because we know, by her behaviour, that Gillard is all that and more.

The ‘more’ of course, refers to her incompetency.

Apparently the ‘blame Abbott‘ protocol isn’t working so Labor leaders are lining up to take shots at the Greens and confront their influence on the government.

GREG Combet, the man in charge of negotiating the carbon tax with the Greens, says Labor does not share the same values as its partners in minority government.

Mate! How can you say that when you negotiated the carbon tax with them.

Paul Howes has lots to say, up to and including, calling them ‘loopy‘;

They have got away with their grab-bag of loopy and out-there policies for years. They’ve got away with it by being passed off as a group of eccentric but basically harmless hippies.

People assumed that the Greens might have some weird ideas, but they are never going to run the show, so we don’t need to worry about them.

Well, we can no longer afford to be so complacent.

But apparently it was OK to be complacent when you and your mob turned back the covers and got into bed with them

Paul also mentions the Green Earthian’s idea of sport, just in case some rugby league guys read the front pages of the newspapers;

There probably wouldn’t even be a State of Origin – we’d just sit around with Queenslanders and play pass the parcel. After all, the Greens in NSW have a policy of promoting “non-competitive sports” such as yoga, dance, trampolining and tai chi over the traditional sports that Australian children enjoy playing.

As their policy explains, the Greens “believe too much emphasis is placed on full body contact sports often causing unnecessary physical damage and confining opportunities for participation to the athletic elite.”

Leader Gillard has suddenly discovered the green Earthians don’t share everyday Australian’s values;

“The Greens will never embrace Labor’s delight at sharing the values of everyday Australians, in our cities, suburbs, towns and bush, who day after day do the right thing, leading purposeful and dignified lives, driven by love of family and nation,” she said.

“The differences between Labor and the Greens take many forms but at the bottom of it are two vital ones. The Greens wrongly reject the moral imperative to a strong economy.

A picture of the Greens and ALP not sharing values;

Lots of Green Earthians said things but nothing they say is worth repeating so I wont.

Resource projects stalling

ONE in five new resources projects are stalling because unions are refusing to strike workplace agreements, putting pressure on companies to accept exorbitant wage claims or risk damaging investor confidence in the $500 billion pipeline of potential projects.

The other four resource projects are trying to work out how to pay the MRRT, how much the Carbon Tax will hurt them and whether they just should look at investing more overseas until this government is kicked out. Another 550 days could be just more than most bottom lines can stand.

Just another day in a ALP/Green Earthian socialist utopia.

Responsibility outsourced

A TENTH asylum-seeker vessel in a week has arrived in Australian waters, as people-smuggling looms as a major issue in Julia Gillard’s talks today with Indonesia.

Just so you get the picture…..that’s TEN vessels in a week and SIX in 3 days knifing through the soft butter of our borders

Amid the ongoing political impasse over border protection, Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said authorities had intercepted a sixth asylum-seeker boat in 72 hours, this one carrying around 39 people.

Come on, Julia…pick up the phone and talk to Narau. Admit you were wrong to undo Howard’s plan and make a command decision. People may give you a little credit back if you try and fix it. It’s not Abbott’s fault, it is yours.

Outsourcing the problem to Houston et al is simply an abrogation of responsibility.

You are the leader……Lead!

Mr Houston will be joined by refugee policy expert Paris Aristotle and former Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Secretary Michael L’Estrange.

“They will act independently. They will form their own views based on the evidence and the facts,” Ms Gillard told said in Canberra.

No they wont. If you have selected them then we already know the answer.

Even Swan of the two weetbix receipt idiocy knows deep down something has to be done and the government must do it.

So do something already. You can not let it simmer over the winter break.

Swan takes us for fools

TREASURER Wayne Swan has responded to criticism of one of Australia’s most controversial and complex taxes by proving the price of Weet-Bix has not risen overnight.

Speaking at Woolworths Nundah – opposite his north Brisbane electorate office – yesterday, Mr Swan said fears the tax would send the cost of groceries soaring had been exposed as “lies”. And he had the shopping bags to prove it.

That’s weird. No one is claiming grocery prices will soar on day one. The idiot has picked an item that wasn’t going to cost more and claim because it doesn’t cost more on day one of the Carbon Tax that proves that all claims that the tax is going to ramp up costs are therefore lies.

What twisted logic is that? The pic in the Courier Mail of Swanee holding two receipts with little difference other than the post Carbon Tax one is cents cheaper may appeal to those rusted on non thinking, shoe size IQ followers but really…come on…

On Friday evening, Mr Swan visited the supermarket and bought 11 items at a cost of $35.30. Yesterday morning, he bought the same items for $35.10.


Maybe Steve at the Pub (previous post) could do something similar but much more relevant. A picture of him holding last years refrigerant bill of $20k and next years anticipated bill of $170k would place Swanee’s picture of two weetbix receipts where they belong.

In the unmitigated bullshit list.

It begins

From The Public House

The product supplied by this man, a non-saleable item for which there is no alternative, currently costs the Wayside Tavern $20,000 per year.

Tomorrow that price rises to One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Dollars per year.

The product? Refrigerant gas.

Bet that doesn’t get reported in the media.

Newman drops Feed-in-Tariff

The Greens are going to hate this. Newman has changed the generous incentives for installing solar panels and returning power to the electricity grid.

New installations will receive a feed-back tariff of 8c down from 44c a kW/h. I’ve been warning all and sundry that this had to happen as it was simply unsustainable both economically and socially. Somebody has to pay the .44c and it falls on those who can’t afford to fill their roofs with solar panels – the poor and the battling Mum and Dad pensioners. Power companies have to balance their books and buying for .44c and selling for .22 ain’t going to cut it.

However, all is not lost;

Mr McArdle said households that lodged an Inverter Energy System connection application by midnight on July 9 would still be eligible for the 44 cents per kW/h tariff.

Feed in Tariffs involve a subsidy, incurring costs that need to be recovered from higher electricity prices or the state budget. The NSW government, in their plan to rid the taxpayer of ALP/Earthian Green economic nightmare, tasked IPART with sorting out the problem and making recommendations to the government, They were :

…. asked IPART to recommend a ‘fair and reasonable’ value for a feed-in tariff for customers
who export electricity to the grid but are not eligible for the Solar Bonus Scheme, and
a mechanism to implement this value in NSW. However, it stipulated that our recommendations:
 should not result in an increase in electricity prices in NSW, and
 should not require funding from the NSW Government budget.

In other words, any future feed-in tariff for these customers must be subsidy-free.

That is obviously where Newman is coming from as his new installation tariff of .8c a kW/h is similar to the IPART recommendation of 5.2 to 10.3 c/kWh. You can download the IPART report here

For all the non-thinkers and Green Earthians railing at Newman for “the broken promise” they need to realize a couple of hard truths.

1. You should be yelling at Bligh, not Newman. She has left the state in such a parlous situation that hard decisions have to be made. By the 2015/16 financial year, almost 10 per cent, or $5.3 billion, of state revenue will be spent paying interest on Queensland’s $92 billion debt. The selfish pricks should realize that there are no free dinners. Someone always has to pay and it should be the individual, not the poor folk or the subsidized taxpayer.

2. The Earthian Greens Renewable Energy Program and Carbon Tax are already going to cost us dearly and are a part of the increasing utility bill. As ever is the case, any plan from these guys doesn’t have a “Law of unintended consequences” factored in – It is uncontrolled, millions doled out to Earthian Green church members without any guarantee of results other that ‘I feel good”

Newman is obliged to try and balance the books and with the state debt sitting at $80b and rising something has to be done. All the ALP/Green plans never take costs into calculations – it is all just money to Giai – she deserves it more than us humans. But hey, Hippy, the rent always falls due.

He is not actually cancelling Feed in Tariffs. If you have a current system, or have lodged your application by July 9 then you get .44c. It’s just new installations that will receive tariffs that don’t cost the poor folk or the state budget money.

I have contracted to have solar put on my roof, not because I feel a need to save the planet, but simply because all the ALP/Green Earthian wacky plans are raising the cost of services for no benefit. I don’t want some poor bastard to subsidise my power bills and I don’t want it lumbered on an already financially troubled state.

ALP still don’t get it

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr said the major parties have to settle their differences on border protection to stop events similar to last week’s boat tragedy.

“Without the Malaysian orderly processing of asylum seekers we are loading problems including increased people smuggling into Indonesia ports,” Senator Carr said.

“That results in tragedies like the terrible one that the Australian public is coming to terms with now.”

The ALP are responsible for the illegal refugee problem thus it is up to them to fix the problem Why is it that the ALP and their follower are calling for Abbott to compromise – why not demand the Green Earthians compromise.

Oh, and Bob, what the public are coming to terms with is that we have a government who simply can’t govern and they are just waiting for the chance to kick them out so we can have the country back in adult hands.

Go and see Gillard and tell her in monosyllabic terms so that she understands. You caused the problem, you fix it! We look stupid, lowlifes are taking us for a ride and the voters know it.

That can’t be too hard for an old hand like you Bob…surely.

Open Border Policy must be fixed

Michael Gordon in The Age apportions all blame for the current spike in boat arrivals to Abbott

IT’S time to end the blame game – and it’s time Tony Abbott made it possible for Julia Gillard to implement the policy she insists will make tragedies like the one that unfolded last night less likely.

Why is this so?. Abbott isn’t the PM, Gillard is.

Why is it time for Abbott to enable the government to implement an inferior plan. The Malaysia Plan is never going to work by itself. It was born out of a desire to do anything other than what had been successful under Howard. It is simply an ALP/Earthian Greens plan that has as it’s first premise “Any thing but Narau or TPVs”

Stop grandstanding in Rio, Gillard, and fix the problem. While you fiddle people are dying.

Admittedly the Government has so many distractions that I really can’t see how Gillard could prioritize her day. but it is her, not Abbott, that needs to come up with a plan that fixes the problem.

Gina Rinehart has them jumping

Wayne Swan yesterday sharpened his attack on the mining billionaire by suggesting her designs on Fairfax Media endangered democracy.

The biggest threat to democracy is the fact that Swan made that statement.

Fairfax are in trouble because the people stopped buying their newspaper and I would suggest the reason is that they were catering to a small inner city market that enjoyed reading about the evils of conservatives as they sipped their latte.

To continually support a government as bad as we have now is economic and ideological nonsense. To not call the government to order over even one of their many incompetent, class driven stuff-ups is head-in-the-sand reporting and by definition looses readership.

Gina Rinehart’s involvement is driving the ALP/Green Earthians crazy.

Victorian MP Steve Gibbons called for laws to empower a new authority to oversee media behaviour and impose harsh penalties on those who breached standards.

I presume “breaching standards” only refers to media that refuse to sign up to the ALP supporters group.

The motion, which Mr Gibbons wanted to be debated in parliament on Monday, argues that the media industry has lost its “social licence to operate” and must face greater government control. “Concentration of news media ownership in the hands of a few represents, prima facie, a competitive market failure requiring compensatory regulation to ensure socially acceptable outcomes,” his motion states.

This is dangerous. We don’t want the government interfering in media control. We already have a media control mechanism in place – if the readers don’t like what they read, they stop buying the newspaper.

Gina Rinehart wants board representation for her money and she is entitled to it. It also appears she isn’t interested in abiding with Fairfax charter of editorial independence.

So what. The charter isn’t the driving force of what appears in the press. It is the mindset of the Editor and journalists that drive copy. If the majority ownership on the board don’t like the editorial stand then they can be easily replaced.

And I suspect there will be some replacements in coming days.

The Green Earthians Ludlam shows just how out of touch with the world he is;

Greens senator Scott Ludlam wrote yesterday to Senator Conroy and opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull, asking them to back legislation that would impose fines or other penalties on Mrs Rinehart if she breached the Fairfax charter.

The Fairfax charter isn’t a law, you dropkick. It’s a feel good statement to try and head off any conservative writings in Fairfax media. You can’t legislate against something that isn’t already legislated.

What next, a law to ban Andrew bolt from ever having a position with Fairfax?

Here’s something else for the ALP/Green Earthians to panic about. News Corporation has made a bid for Fox News.

For News, a successful bid would double its stake in pay TV business Foxtel to 50 per cent

Great stuff all round.

Carbon Tax Q&A

Tim Blair on the Carbon Tax.

Some might call it a simplification of the subject but it’s not far removed from the truth

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