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The Great Barrier Reef

An interesting article by Walter Stark. It would be reasonable to say that no one knows more about marine biology, and certainly the Great Barrier Reef, than Starck

MPAs (marine protected areas) are an ill-considered and expensive idea that address no demonstrated problem. Bypassing full parliamentary scrutiny while permitting a single minister to exercise personal discretion in implementing a vast, costly, unneeded network of them is gross misgovernance.

How dangerous is that while we have the party of Joe Ludwig in power.

The Greens, Getup, Greenpeace and the ALP are forever harping about the damage fishing and the passage of ships does to the reef but Stark comments;

And all this debate about the danger posed to the reef by shipping is nonsense. One cyclone causes more reef destruction than if all of the ships that ever traversed the reef since the beginning of time crashed into it.

During World War II thousands of ships were sunk on or around reefs, bombed and smashed, some of them oil tankers. And where is the evidence of that today? To the extent that they went down on a reef they are now part of that reef. The Chinese bulk coal carrier Shen Neng 1 ran aground on the reef east of Rockhampton in 2010 amid cries of outrage and demands to cease bulk shipping through the reef. But in reality it was a minor blip on the vastness of the reef, one that will quickly rectify itself.

I’m prepared to accept that comment as being closer to reality that the Greens industry breaking out in an attack of the vapours every time someone mentions ‘coal ships’ and ‘Gladestone’ in the same sentence.

A succession of baseless decisions have been made regarding limits on fishing the reef and Stark question the value of these.

MPAs do nothing to address pollution or climate change. Their sole effect is to further restrict fishing when we already have the world’s most highly restricted marine fisheries.

MPAs, closed seasons, size limits, bag limits, quotas, gear restrictions, limited licenses and access restrictions have been imposed willy-nilly on fishing with little or no evidence of any problem and no consideration of socio-economic impacts. It seems that current management has never seen an additional restriction they find unnecessary or superfluous to those already in place.

Australia has the largest per capita fishing zone and lowest harvest rate in the world at about 1/30 of the global average. We also have the most restrictive and costly marine resource management in the world. Two-thirds of our seafood consumption is imported. All of these imports come from much more heavily exploited resources elsewhere. This is unconscionable.

So we limit our catch of tuna, for example, while PNG licensed asians catches the tuna we don’t and then sell it back to us to the tune of AU$165 million.

Now that sounds like a plan…an ALP/Greens plan, that is.

It’s a good read and if you want to debate the Great Barrier Reef and fishing, mining, Gladestone, sinking ships and other ecological disasters then maybe, just maybe, it might add some balance.

At the very least it indicates that the further away from any Greens solution we can get, the better off all players will be

Emerson gets a knock back

(Trade Minister) Emerson has the dubious distinction of being the first Australian Trade Minister to open modern trade policy to protectionism and green principles.

The text of the Malaysian FTA reveals Emerson tried, but failed, to get Malaysia to agree to insert labour and environmental measures. This has been a persistent goal of unions and green groups for years.

That is plain crazy. The Malaysians have correctly assessed the current Australian government as being driven by unions and greens and have refused to play their games.

The Greens are at it again

Western Australia are trying to open a uranium mine with a view to increase the wealth of the state and her citizens. The Greens, of course, are against this.

In a test of Labor’s policy to allow new uranium mines, the federal government is facing pressure to erect new obstacles to the project as the Greens meet this week with Environment Minister Tony Burke.

Greens senator Scott Ludlam called yesterday for new federal reviews of the Wiluna mine, 520km north of Kalgoorlie, because of radiation risk as the yellowcake is trucked thousands of kilometres to Adelaide or Darwin.

Easy fixed Scott! Open up the port of Fremantle and the go away and shut up.

It has to be trucked so far because the Fremantle Council (and Port) are contaminated with Greenies and Left wing ideologues that ban uranium moving through the port.

The Greens, ideologically obliged to stop any mining of uranium or national development that might lead to greater wealth and an improved ecology have found the obligatory “endangered species” at the mine site. In this case it’s a succulent. Any port in a storm. If no endangered species can be found then I’m reasonable confident that they import one.

Not only does Australia industry have to develop in the face of the government stuffing the economy and mining industry by incompetence and class war ideology, but we also have to fight the Greens who simply want to stop all development.

There still could be over 550 days of this shit….at this rate it will take years to recover.

Henbury Station

Nothing on TV Monday night. No good movies or reruns of ALP grief so I ended up watching Lifeline.

Bad move. They had a piece on Carbon farming and I’m so incensed with the insanity of it all I am writing this at 1:00 in the morning. The Landline clip on Henbury is here

RM WIlliams Holdings have somehow decided it would be a good idea to use the governments offer of fronting up with nearly 2/3rds of the purchase price of Henbury Station, near the Alice. The government come up with $9m and RJM, $4m. They then de-stock the station and spend money on looking after the saltbush, waterways and fairey covens (any Greenie will tell you where they are). Coupled with the resultant downturn in cattle produced methane, somehow or other RJM Williams are going to earn up to $25m after they find someone to pay them for something or other, otherwise being touted as carbon credits. This mystery company, who most probably brought the Sydney Harbour bridge the week before, could use that as collateral to splash out on Carbon fantasies.

Is this f*****g insane or what?

Money earned is to be used in managing the local vegetation. The local vegetation has been a feature of the area long before the Greens insanity invaded the country and no amount of hugging or talking to the tress will improve it. With the removal of the cattle the land will return to what it was like before – marginal for anything other than cattle fattening.

According to the Federal government the early estimates is that there could be up to a million tonnes of carbon or more on the property.

Who assesses the ‘million tonnes’ If someone is going to pay $25 per tonne, as another report suggests, then just how is this quantified?

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke in the Alice Springs news

“By establishing the science and the economic model for generating income from carbon farming, Henbury will offer a new potential income stream for pastoralists who wish to diversify.
“A key requirement of the funding deed is an in-perpetuity conservation covenant for the property.

“If the property were to be sold, the new owner would need to manage it for conservation under the same conservation covenant.

That is – permanently locked away, at least until a conservative government arrives and reverse the insanity.

With young Ludwig ruining the cattle export industry and Communist/Green Senator Rhiannon calling for the total ban on cattle and animal libers running around filming cattle slaughter to impact on those less worldly people who never ponder the source of the eye fillet, one could easily make a case of there being a concerted plan to stop us eating meat. Like all Green vegan radicals, they are not happy just not to eat meat – they have to stop us all enjoying a steak

According to Opposition spokesperson for agriculture John Cobb says the figures are a PR stunt to sell the idea of carbon farming.

“To try and pacify agriculture, they pulled $9 million from somewhere, heavens knows where, to help a very large company buy a station to be locked up and actually do nothing,” he said.
“It is a front about trying to convince agriculture that carbon farming is good for them. It is a joke.”

From Fiona Lake

…here’s quote in The Australian from CSIRO ‘site leader’ Ashley Sparrow, regarding ‘revegetating’ Henbury and turning it into a ‘carbon sink’:

“…. the rejuvenation would be “a slow process, since most recovery relies on big rainfall events. I would expect in a while, and after some good rains, you’d see fields full of daisies in winter and high grass in the summer”.

I think Ashley needs to go and read some of the dairies written by explorers, the first white people to travel through inland Australia. All the photos I’ve seen of Henbury show it looking right now as good as it probably has for a couple of centuries – well before whities arrived in this area with cows.

I’d love to see the business plan – if there actually is one I think it would start with “look for easy money from stupid government to purchase land and when said government is kicked out, which is definitely on the cards, then we will own another cattle property.

Nothing else makes sense.

All this angst from the Greens. Lead by a man who blamed the 2011 Queensland floods on the coal mines and who, at a dinner celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Greens, addressed the crowd as Fellow Earthians and reiterated his stated desire of a world government;

So let us resolve that there should be established for the prevalence and happiness of humankind a representative assembly, a global parliament for the people of the Earth based on the principle of one person one vote one value

And they have the balance of power in the Senate of a first world country.

Just how much damage can these people do in the remaining 18 odd months of this government.


Bloody Communists…bloody ABC!

I went down to Gloria Jeans to get a caffeine fix and on the way back the ABC were quoting Lee Rhiannon, resident communist in the Greens.

She was prattling on about Bob Carr needing to disclose all his conflicts of interest before he takes up Foreign Affairs.

Two points;

First: Lee, talk to Bob Brown about conflicts of interest, bring up Graeme Wood’s $1.6m donation to The Greens that turned the ever dangerous lunatics into a third power in politics. Mention the purchase of land from Gunns, Tasmania and Bob’s demanding the ALP not allocate any funding to help Gunns stave of the bid by Wood.

Now that’s a conflict of interests.

And second: Why is it that the ABC are quoting communists. How does it happen. Does she phone up her fellow travelers in the ABC and arrange air time? Or do the ABC have the Greens and communists on speed dial and phone and ask them to comment?

Either way The Greens only represent about 10% of the population, thus air time should be on a similar ratio – not the other way around. Further, considering communists represent about .001% of the electorate we should only hear from Lee about once every three years.

Bloody Communists…bloody ABC!

Greens lonely MP Adam Bandt says Tony Abbott should be focused on Aboriginal disadvantage not political point scoring.

He is. He spends a couple of weeks every year in the outback helping Aboriginal communities. No cameras, no journalists – just trying to help and understand their problems.

What are you doing for them Brandt?

Now they want to drug us

Greens gambling spokesman Richard Di Natale released a discussion paper today that suggests the anti-addiction drug naltrexone be used to help problem gamblers resist the urge to punt on poker machines.

“The effect is basically to reduce the pleasure people get when they get those big wins or when they get some of the more deceptive things the poker machines do – the losses disguised as wins and so on,” Senator Di Natale, a former GP, told ABC Radio today

Talking about denying us life’s simple pleasures. The Nanny state just knows no limits.

The 12-page discussion paper also calls for GPs to be trained to identify problem gamblers.

Who goes to their GP and says “I’ve got a gambling problem?” and if the patient doesn’t raise the issue how the hell can a doctor diagnose the problem? Twitching fingers trying to push buttons or maybe cheap clothes due to no money left?

Must be a terrible existence in the Greens parallel universe.

Adam Brandt named Politician of the year!

GREENS MP Adam Bandt has been named Australian politician of the year by men’s magazine GQ.

I’ve never read GQ and I’m definitely not going to start now if they or their readers think Brandt is the best there is.

Mr Bandt was unable to attend the award ceremony at the Sydney Opera House because he was engaged in last-minute talks with the Government screwing the government and Australia out of $200m as the Greens price for supporting the ALP’s mining tax legislation.

From News.com

THE Federal Government has been forced by outrage over an extraordinary secrecy pact to reveal details of its multi-million dollar deal with the Greens to get a law passed.

It will defer concessions for foreign banks to get $20 million a year in revenue the Greens wanted spent on public facilities.

When will this debacle end?

Radicals win the day

Only the ALP/Greens coalition could come up with a plan that will adversely effect our economy and not help the environment and then brag about it.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet told the ABC’s 7.30 program the climate change package was a Labor reform, not a Greens’ victory. “When you are successful in something, there are a lot of people who claim authorship,” he said.

Yeah – right.

Senator Bob Brown thinks “even the heavens are clapping” and that “it’s a great day for the human race and planet earth”.

It’s a pity that it’s not a great day for Australia! Sure as night follows day, if the Greens think it’s good then it’s catastrophic for the economy.

Piers Akerman likens it to Year Zero of the Australian economy and tend to agree.

Treasurer Wayne Swan labelled the vote as historic, claiming the reform would be a “victory for the optimists and it will be a defeat for the deniers.” He still doesn’t get it. He is suggesting that people only fall into two categories; those who believe in the ALP’s carbon Tax or climate deniers. He is forgetting the majority of people who recognize climate does change but don’t think the ALP have the answer. He will be reminded of that fact at the next election.

It’s the maths!

I’ve long argued that Climate Change is ideologically based. The Left see doom and gloom with Pittwater 6 meters under and Tuvalu residents about to be flooded out of their homeland.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to the doom and gloom scenario. I’ve lived through a host of such theories from our friends on the Left and my “Bullshit” meter soars whenever I hear or read their claims.

The debate is laced with so many percentage figures, stats on temperatures of land and sea, graphs and maps of what would happen if…that the mind has problems sorting out hard scientific evidence from ideology. It has become difficult for the layman to argue or form a reasonable opinion.

As part of the campaign to frighten us non-scientists in believing that we should accept everything at face value. those members of what I term the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists, introduced Modelling.

Basically,if you enter all the data into a computer it will predict the future. Remember when spreadsheets come into play – similar type of software. Set up a spreadsheet for your business planning and see what happens when you enter another staff member in the expenses column…try two extra staff…look at what happens to your bottom line….make a decision.

Back to Climate Change. Enter all the data and see what happens to sea levels….agriculture…the environment. Play with it…add another degree rise and then see what happens….add two…add six….watch sea levels rise. Turn it into a frightening pic of Pittwater where residents can track their street and house and see it is under water. Send it to the local council where you just know they paid-up members of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists and let them start panicking the residents.

The science doesn’t seem to matter anymore – just use the modelling to bring them into our church.

A couple of problems here. Do we trust the data entry. Lies, damn lies and Statistics is still relevant years after Mark Twain first said it and whenever I read a stat I like to know the agenda of the person making the claim.

Computer modelling is all about maths, not science. The climate will go it’s own way without help or hindrance from us puny humans. Sure, it will most probably warm up for a bit and then go cold again as it has for millions of years. While this happens it is prudent for us to look for alternative energy and to clean up our act but in the meantime we shouldn’t let the maths panic us.

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