Open for business

The Coalition government had inherited 371 unassessed projects from the previous Labor government, with 22 dating back to 2008. Environment Minister Hunt had made decisions on 125 projects in his first three months in office, including approving 29 major projects as part of their “Australia is open for business” statement. With green tape rationalized and based on the fact that the economy and ecology can live side by side, the new governments actions will eventually help them bring the nation out it’s economic gloom. Greens leader Christine Milne said Tony Abbott’s mantra of being “open for business” was just “code for dig it up, cut it down and ship it away” She says that like it’s a bad thing. I wonder where she thinks money comes from  

Commo MP arrested

Green Commo MP Rhiannon has been detained by the Sri Lankan authorites for visa infringements.

Ms Rhiannon has been in the country studying the Sri Lanka’s human rights record, and says she has seen evidence of extreme government repression.

What the hell is an Australian minor party politician doing in a foreign country calling them to order over anything – let alone their human rights record? Get back you clown and see what you can do to help your electorate. Failing that maybe Sri Lanka could be encouraged to keep her.  It would certainly lift the standards of politicians in Australia. UPDATE:  Damn! She has been released.

Bad week for Greenies

AUSTRALIA will be represented by a diplomat rather than a senior minister at international climate talks in Poland next week aimed at securing an agreement to cut global carbon emissions.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt won’t attend annual United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw, saying he’ll be busy repealing the carbon tax in the first fortnight of parliament. Good, it’s one of the reasons that the Coalition won the election. Stand by for the screaming tomorrow – I can just see all the Greenies and rent seekers swarming like angry wasps tonight as they pray at the altar of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists.  Their money tree is being chopped down and reality has set in.  Well almost, because they will all ignore the fact that Abbott has been elected on a platform that has as it’s base, a repeal of the Climate Change tax and spend industry. They still believe that all those outside of their church are stupid and don’t believe in climate change when it is the huge amount of money being spread around the industry, with not even a hope of any impact on climate, that we don’t like. And that is how Australia voted – get over it…go away and be quiet.

Greens trying to kill jobs

The Queensland government is considering cutting royalties for an initial period for miners that open up the basin, in the state’s central west. Premier Campbell Newman says the incentive is all about creating jobs and boosting the state’s economy. The Greens, of course, are furious

Greenpeace spokeswoman Louise Matthiesson said the plan to consider royalty cuts suggests that new mega-mines in the basin were not independently viable.

No, what it suggests is the Newman government are trying to increase the wealth of the state by offering incentives for companies to mine in Queensland and creat jobs here rather than elsewhere.

“We are really concerned that ordinary mum and dad taxpayers are going to be giving a handout to the likes of Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer,” she said in Brisbane.

No, read the statement.  13,000 to 15,000 jobs are expected to be created.  If Rinehart and Palmer’s companies make more money, they employ more people and pay more taxes. Win-win actually Unless you are a Greenie

Green senator Larissa Waters agreed, saying discounts would make them even richer at the expense of the Great Barrier Reef, groundwater and climate.

How’s that happen Larissa?

“People like Clive Palmer don’t need any help making even more money, especially when their mega profits go to buying political power, as a federal parliamentary inquiry is now set to investigate,” she said in a statement.

I’m not a Palmer fan but our current high standard of living is based on entrepeurial people setting up businesses and employing people. Why are the Greens consistantly against any sort of development.  Why should they deny workers jobs?    

Good news from Russia

Russia’s top investigative agency says it will prosecute Greenpeace activists on piracy charges for trying to climb onto an Arctic offshore drilling platform owned by the state-controlled gas company Gazprom.

“When a foreign vessel full of electronic technical equipment of unknown purpose and a group of people calling themselves members of an environmental rights organisation try nothing less than to take a drilling platform by storm, logical doubts arise about their intentions,” Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in a statement.

“Such activities not only infringe on the sovereignty of a state, but might pose a threat to the environmental security of the whole region.”

The Investigative Committee, Russia’s main federal investigative agency, said its agents will question all those who took part in the protest and detain the “most active” of them on piracy charges. Piracy carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years and a fine of 500,000 rubles ($A16,601). Good news all round but surely they can confiscate the Greenpeace ship as well.  The Russians could give it a paint job and give it the oil company. Now that would be fitting – don’t you think? UPDATE:  Putin, the weak bastard, is dropping the Pirate line. UPDATE II: They now face Piracy charges.

A regional prisoners’ rights activist said the activists were complaining of their holding conditions which included cold cells, chain-smoking fellow prisoners and difficulty communicating with guards who do not speak English.

Poor babies…chain smoking fellow prisoners…oh the inhumanity.  Other complaints include being locked up like chickens which makes me wonder why the Russians are being so kind to them. Leave ’em there and sell their ship.  It’s the only reasonable thing to do.    

Bandt could be gone

TONY Abbott says the Liberal Party will put the Greens last in every seat because of the party’s “fringe economic policies” and its belief in “open borders”. He said his “captain’s call”, which could see Greens MP Adam Bandt lose his lower house seat of Melbourne, was a principled decision, and he urged Kevin Rudd to match the pledge.

“There is a world of difference between the Greens and as far as I am aware, just about everyone else who is contesting this election campaign.

“Because everyone else in this campaign supports economic growth and supports a more prosperous economy. The Greens on the other hand, they want a bank levy, they want to bump up the mining tax, they want a wealth tax, they want 100 per cent renewable energy, they want $100 a tonne carbon tax. These are quite frankly, fringe economic policies, to put it at its kindest.

They also want the coal mining industry closed down and, in fact, all mining.  

Kennett on the danger of the Greens

JEFF Kennett has unleashed a withering attack on the Greens, warning the minority party should be preferenced out of existence to protect the nation’s economic and social fabric. The former Victorian premier said the Liberal Party nationally should preference the Greens and independents last, even if it risked elevating Labor candidates. Can’t disagree with him.

Carbon Tax costs Virgin and Rex $30 million

Virgin Australia (VAH) has felt the cost of the carbon tax, announcing a net profit after tax of $23 million, down $28.8 million on the same period last year. The company estimates the impact of the carbon tax at $24.4 million. But not to worry says Combet, the business is still profitable;

AUSTRALIA’S aviation industry is profitable and will continue to grow despite Virgin Australia’s complaints about the carbon tax, federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says.

Virgin on Tuesday announced a drop in interim net profit and its chief John Borghetti said a competitive market meant the $24.4 million cost of the carbon tax could not be passed on to passengers.

Combet says just pass it on to consumers but Virgin  say intensifying competition in Australia’s domestic travel market drove down ticket prices and stopped it from passing on the carbon tax to customers. Rex Aviation has felt the cost of the carbon tax as well, announcing a 36% drop in profits and they lay the blame squarely on the Gillard government’s carbon tax. I wonder how many years it will take and how many billions of dollars will be lost  before the ALP accept the carbon tax is poisonous.

Greens have dummy spit

The Greens and the ALP are undergoing a trail separation. Christine Milne says, amongst other things, that the ALP have put the interests of Evil Big Mining ahead of the country. I think she’s talking about the ALP’s decision on the Tarkine reserve. Bourke decided to base his decision on jobs rather than endangered species, not for any altruistic reasons, but to protect another endangered species closer to his heart – Australian job seekers who may vote ALP. Conservationists say the Tarkine is the second largest intact stretch of rainforest in the world, and is home to more than 60 rare, threatened, and endangered species. Name them! By mid-afternoon, and with government figures lining up to embrace the split, Senator Milne appeared to backtrack.
Asked by David Speers on Sky News if the agreement was dead or not, she said: ”It’s in place on paper, yes, but our signatures are on it and that means something. Whenever I have signed an agreement to give a government confidence and supply, they can rely on the Greens’ word.”
That’s great news – we can rely on the Greens word – something that hitherto has never occurred to me. So news of the marriage split now seems to be exaggerated with Julia still allowed in the marriage bed. Maybe it’s just a lovers tiff or one of a party positioning themselves in the eyes of their kids (read voters) before September when hopefully, they both lose their share of the house.
“Good riddance to them,” said one Labor MP, who criticised the Greens for their “self-righteous” attitude to asylum-seekers, support for death duties and “obsession” with gay marriage
And, can I add, for their negative attitude to anything that provides jobs for Australians.

Guilty Bastards II

While Australians are still suffering and losing their houses and infrastructure, it is beholden on me to continually remind readers of the danger of the Green ideology that places us all at risk during the bushfire season.
“IT’S really simple,” says Brian Williams, captain of the Kurrajong Heights bushfire brigade. “Fires run on fuel. Limited fuel means limited fire
Simple to most of us but not to the Greens. They say that burning off in the winter or spring could impact on the wildlife that exists in the bush and what about the people having to put up with all that smoke? Whereas off-season burning might impact on wildlife, not doing it does impact on us humans-it kills us. Today’s Cut and Paste in The Australian underlines the twisted reasoning of climate extremists. If you don’t subscribe to The Australian and can’t get past the paywall I have uploaded a .pdf file for you to read. Its important that the public know about the damage they cause. Today’s Newspoll tells us there are still 9% of Australians who actually support the Greens. We all need to work on educating these people.
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