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Remembrance Day

Terry Sweetman can’t keep ideology out of todays remembrance as he talks of  good  and bad wars in a piece entitled Remembrance day silence a time to contemplate the pointlessness of-war.

He starts;

We should think of lives lost, lives shattered, lives squandered, and lives given in service of what good men and women rightly or wrongly believed were good and just causes.

and I respond

Your article and the above quote makes me think the value of sacrifice of those who served in “bad”  wars is less than had they died in “good” wars.

You question why we served in earlier wars but the Maori Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, the Sudan War, the Boer War and WW1 were all fought during a period when most people in Australia thought of themselves as British Australians who were similar to British Canadians or British South Africans.  It was a case of Britian is at war, we are British, let’s go.

Who could argue about the good or bad of WW2.  Who would ever suggest we shouldn’t have contributed to the downfall of Hitler and Tojo. No one surely and the arguement that Japan was never really going to invade Australia was lost on my Father as he endured 64  Japanese bombing raids on Darwin.

Korea might be officially still under a truce but the communist regimes of China and North Korea didn’t take over the South and it has flourshed so that’s a win.

The Paris Peace Talks ended the Vietnam war in a truce as well.  All beligerants went home but while the West lost interest and political will the communists never did and North Vietnam, rearmed by the USSR, finally invaded.  It took them nearly 15 years to win the hollow invasion and it cost them dearly.  We held them up for all that time and sapped their economies so surely that’s a positive. Korea, Malaya and Vietnam were all battles of the Cold War and that was won in 1990 when the Berlin Wall came down.

The more recent “good ” and “bad” wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, are battles of the war against terrorism. Both have given the local populace an inkling of democracy, secular education, better health and education outcomes and some hope of a better future.  Al Qaeda and theTaliban are somewhat depleted, albeit not destroyed, and I think the point is, the whole affair is a generational campaign that will bear fruit in days to come.

The battles aren’t done and the war continues.

I’m tired of being told I fought in a “bad” war with 7RAR in Vietnam while the later 7RAR troops who fought in Iraq also copped the “bad” war service but the next rotation to Afghanistan of the battalion served in a “good” war.  We don’t see it that way.  The country called and we served under the rising sun, as did our fathers, in an apolitical manner.

I would rather the line quoted at the start be;

We should think of lives shattered and lives given in service of what good men and women believed were good and just causes.

Leave the “rightly or wrongly” and “squandered” to the politicians lest the words start appearing on gravestones and memorials.

In the meantime I await the news of my mate Percy who yesterday was given 24 hours to live.  Percy served in one of  the “bad” wars in an exemplorary manner and in doing so proved himself a better man than Sweetman ever will be.


Commo MP arrested

Green Commo MP Rhiannon has been detained by the Sri Lankan authorites for visa infringements.

Ms Rhiannon has been in the country studying the Sri Lanka’s human rights record, and says she has seen evidence of extreme government repression.

What the hell is an Australian minor party politician doing in a foreign country calling them to order over anything – let alone their human rights record?

Get back you clown and see what you can do to help your electorate.

Failing that maybe Sri Lanka could be encouraged to keep her.  It would certainly lift the standards of politicians in Australia.

UPDATE:  Damn! She has been released.

Animal Activists

THE live-export industry is mounting a campaign to dismantle government regulation and take back control for policing animal welfare standards, as activists produced fresh allegations of Australian cattle being abused overseas, this time in Mauritius.

Labor agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon said it was “the worst possible time” to raise self-regulation.

“A debate about greater self-regulation is the last thing the Australian community wants to hear right now, (when) confidence in this important industry has again been undermined.”

Ah…so it’s an important industry now.  Didn’t seem important when Joe Ludwig arbitarily closed it down based on a video shown on the ABC.

The hide of Fitzgibbon to say anything about the confidence when it was the ALP/ABC that totaly scrapped any confidence our trading partners had in the industry by their sheer stupidity and hatred of the man on the land.

City folk don’t reaslize that Ludwig’s stupidity didn’t just impact on the live export industry but on the entire industry.  With  one stroke of the pen he destabalized cattle prices across the entire country as a surplus of cattle, once intended for Indonesia, suddenly came on the market.

Cattle prices plumetted with the glut; mortgages couldn’t be met; truck repayments were missed; staff were let go and it is still in the doldrums.  I noted one “expert” on the ABC say “the live export industry was closed down for only one month!”

Bullshit!  Two years later and is is still in trouble.

One friend, not involved in the export industry but cattle breeding generally, now has an $8 million  mortgage attributed solely to Joe Ludwig.  Two seasons of rediculously low beef prices where his costs far outweigh prices per kilo paid has left him in trouble.

So I’m glad Fitzgibbon now thinks it is an important industry.  Maybe the ALP won’t stand in the way of any remedial work Abbott and Joyce have to do to get it back on track.

We’ll see.

I find it somewhat strange that  radical animal rights activists can take videos of cattle or sheep being mistreated anywhere in the world, sheet it home to Australia and use it as a base in their program to close down the cattle and sheep industry.   How can the cattle breeder out Chinchilla way be expected to have any impact on what happens to the cattle he sells in far away places like Mauritius?

He can’t really and whereas no one likes to see animals treated poorly we can’t be held to account what other cultures do.

Bad week for Greenies

AUSTRALIA will be represented by a diplomat rather than a senior minister at international climate talks in Poland next week aimed at securing an agreement to cut global carbon emissions.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt won’t attend annual United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw, saying he’ll be busy repealing the carbon tax in the first fortnight of parliament.

Good, it’s one of the reasons that the Coalition won the election.

Stand by for the screaming tomorrow – I can just see all the Greenies and rent seekers swarming like angry wasps tonight as they pray at the altar of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists.  Their money tree is being chopped down and reality has set in.  Well almost, because they will all ignore the fact that Abbott has been elected on a platform that has as it’s base, a repeal of the Climate Change tax and spend industry.

They still believe that all those outside of their church are stupid and don’t believe in climate change when it is the huge amount of money being spread around the industry, with not even a hope of any impact on climate, that we don’t like.

And that is how Australia voted – get over it…go away and be quiet.

It’s not a matter of guilt or innocence

If anyone is naive on the subject of international diplomacy it must be Harry Mansson of Clareville, NSW who in letters to the editor writes;

THE amateurish Australian handling of the Indonesian spying crisis is beyond belief (“Indonesia queries joint security”, 5/11).

Either we are guilty or we are not. It must be assumed that we know what it is, and the Indonesians have seen the Snowden documentation. If not guilty, then Julie Bishop should swear that this is so, and it may be believed.

If guilty, then simply say so, that it was a mistake, and it will not be repeated, apology will be accepted, and a more solid mutual ground will be created to continue on. The current response to “never admit or deny” admits guilt without the courage and honesty to say so. It undermines the declaration of trust and friendship with Indonesia, and whoever invented it should be out of a job.

Harry, I was spying on the Indonesians in the 60′s as a newly minted Indon linguist in the Army and I can tell you I felt no guilt at all.  I learned not to be afraid of their capabilities but that we did need to keep an eye on them and it will always be thus.  A country isn’t “guilty” of spying on another country, it is just what civilized nations do.  We spy on the Indons, they spy on us and when some traiterous usefull idiot like Snowden points it out then nations are obliged to make diplomatic representation.  The diplomats talk, the media beat it up, naive people like yourself pontificate and the matter is put aside.

It is not a mistake, it will be repeated (in fact it wont even be paused) and both parties know this.

If you don’t understand how the world works then stay out of the debate Harry.

Holden being killed by unions

HOLDEN workers will receive cash bonuses and annual pay rises worth almost $5 million during the next two months as the carmaker seeks extra taxpayer assistance from the federal government to stave off closure.

Sometime in the near future GM willl close down Holden, they simply can’t keep on paying unions the worlds most expensive labour rates.  When it happens the unions will scream and hundreds if not thousands will be out of a job.

It’s a case of less money or no money. Can’t they see that?

Shock: Sheep sold for food slaughtered

Animals Australia must be cranky.  They released footage of some sheep being mistreated in Jordan and the Agriculture Minister isn’t going to shut down the sheep export industry.

All those farmers, families, workers, transport infrastructure, sales agents and others involved in the industry still have a job – not what Animals Australia wants at all.  They want the entire cattle and sheep industry closed but the difference this time is, we have adults in charge.  Unlike when the ALP simply closed down the live cattle export based on a similar video, ruining thousands of jobs and killing Australia’s reputation as a reliable, dependable trading partner, this time the Minister talks reason.

Barnaby Joyce says;

“We’re going to have issues such as these which are disturbing, which need to be fixed, but it shouldn’t be the reason we shut down the industry.”

Further, Mr Joyce told a conference of beef and sheep producers and exporters in Townsville this morning that an animal welfare supervisor set up by the former government to monitor the humane treatment of live exports would be dismissed on the basis that the position was an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.

Mr Joyce says his department will take over the task of implementing government policy on live exports, including the operation of the Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS), previously overseen by the Inspector-General of Animal Welfare.

Rational rather that emotive.

I imagine Animals Australia will have ample opportunities to make similar videos in the future for as long as we sell to the Middle East, the chances of any civilized treatment of animals remains remote. However, while we have a government prepared to say “Yeah – whatever” then we can go about our business of feeding people.





ALP still missing the point

ALP national secretary George Wright has warned the coalition’s plan to change laws in relation to unions is an “entree” to removing some working conditions.

He warns us;

“I suspect what you will see is a concerted effort by the government to really go after the unions first – union organisation and union finances – obviously as an entree to then have a go at members’ conditions,” he said.

“They will weaken and probably distract the machinery and organisation that protects workers’ rights before they actually go after the rights themselves.”

He said he had no immediate advice for the labour movement in how to address it.

He says that like it’s a bad thing.  How could anyone in Australia not be aware of the urgent need to bring the unions into line in business practices alone, after Williamson’s and Thomson’s fling at the expense of their members.  The union management and board members need to be under the same constraints as business in regards to members funds and jailed and/or fined when they transgress.

Protecting worker’s rights to a job might be more important than their other rights.  Just ask all those missing out in the hospitality industry as they close on weekends due to over-generous penalty rates.

Just ask the those who were employed (or still are but wont be for long) in the manufacturing industry….Ford…Holden and allied industries.  I’m sure those people would rather less take home pay than none.

The unions aren’t running the country any more George.  Time to adjust the pendulum just a bit.

Get used to the idea – it’s coming.

ALP heavyweights are all lining up to publically ignore why they were kicked out.  Disunity is their only call and this guy, George Wright,  suggests that the recent election campaign for a leader was a “stunning success’.  While the ALP think disunity is all that’s wrong and that ‘Electricity Bill’ Shorten is a ‘stunningly succesfull’ answer then they better get used to the wilderness – they own it!



Palmer’s true colours exposed

CLIVE Palmer is demanding Tony Abbott repeal the carbon tax retrospectively and refund billions in revenue in exchange for his party’s crucial Senate support in a move that would enable the businessman to escape a $6.2 million disputed charge for emissions.

That is a conflict of interest and should be stopped right now.  For Palmer to argue that legislation should be tabled to allow for him to personnaly gain a benefit of millions of dollars  is Banana Republic bullshit.

Surely there’s a law against that?

Shorten new ALP leader

Bill Shorten “elected” leader of the ALP with a Caucus majority and a member minority -that should be good for the ALP members out in the community- the “new ALP democracy” has elected a leader they didn’t want.

GG Bryce, aka Shorten’s MIL, has offered to resign to avoid conflict of interest and Abbott has said no.  A good call I think – she is due to finish soon anyway.

This should get the expenses debate off the front page as we now have an Opposition – seven weeks after the general election!  The ABC and Fairfax will be citing every word Shorten utters as they studiously ignore the Coaltion’s successes.

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