Crossing the Gulf on the Matilda Highway

Travelling solo with few vehicles on the road it was a lonely drive. Thank God nothing went wrong with the Rangie

Camped at Eagle Nest near Sharks Bay WA

You can just see the glow of my laptop where I was working on a clients web sIte in Tassie hosted through servers in Dallas Texas. As good an office as any!

Whales off the NW Coast

A pod of about 20 whales come fast from astern and passed either side of the yacht, frightening hell out of us.

Fire on the road

No flames apparent so I hardly slowed down until I had travelled a hundred odd meters with no visibility. About the time I started to panic I came out the other side.


Maori Farewell

A video of the passionate haka performed by the comrades of three fallen New Zealand soldiers has gone viral, with tens of thousands of people around the world watching the clip.

The 2nd and 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment performed the moving tribute for Corporal Luke Tamatea, 31, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker, 26, and Private Richard Harris, 21, at their funeral service at the Burnham Military Camp in Christchurch on Saturday.

The trio were killed instantly when a roadside bomb destroyed their Humvee in Afghanistan’s northeast Bamiyan Province on August 18.

Pickering on Shorten

I don’t often link to Pickering but this needs the widest dissemination and discussion. Pickering makes serious allegations against Shorten and at the very least, points raised need to be discussed, countered or admitted.

Why I really don’t like Shorten

H/T Rolly

ABC Traitors

I have been medically indisposed of late occassioned by dental surgery and all its associated side effects. The surgeons “discomfort” became my “pain” and I become a grumpy version of my old self.  Whilst so incapacitated, unable to defend myself  let alone the realm, my country was attacked by an enemy within.

I was beside myself with rage as the ABC took the side of the enemy and told the world our espionage secrets and defended same by saying it was “in the public interest

NO IT WASNT!! The only interest served was that of attempting to destabalize the Abbott government and their attempts to resolve the illegal boat people issue left them by the previous incompetant government .  The ABC’s irrational hatred of Abbott and conservatism generally led to their huge break from protocol.

I have some skin in the  Indonesian/Australian relationships where as a young soldier I was hustled off to the RAAF Language School to study Bahasa Indonesia for 12 months as part of defences answer to the problems of Bung Karno announcing he was going to attack Australia on New Years Day and, in fact, was already attacking Malaya/Malaysia over the border between Borneo and Kalimentan.  On graduation most linguists were detailed to Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), then at Albert Park Barracks (now Australian Signals Directorate and at Canberra) whilst some would be sent off with Infantry Battalions to help in the “Confrontasi” campaign. Of course, being an infantryman I was hoping to get a posting to Borneo rather than be sitting in Melbourne with headseats on listening to the Indons.

Think about it, I was young, smart and fit and joined the Army for adventure, not to become a spook in a dimly lit room in a mainland city.  I wanted to travel overseas to experience other cultures and, if on learning their culture, found them to be dangerous to the Australian way of life or to our citizens whom I had sworn to defend then yes, I was prepared to take whatever measures necessary to defend my country up to and including killing them.

As it happened the Vietnam War overtook events at the time and I did neither and had to quickly adapt to another Asian language although my basic premise of defending my country and its people by extreme means become much more relevant than if I had been sent to Borneo. It was a much bigger war.

Few Australians are aware of the Australians involvement in the war against Indonesia.  The Indons called it Konfontasi which translates like you think it would, Politicians and the ever loving media wouldn’t call it a war but my mates who were killed and wounded did.

One such mate, Jack, involved in Claret Operations was wounded during an ambush of Indons moving through an Aussie ambush.  He was evacuated and confronted by the media at the airport who questioned him about his wounds and the action he was involved in.  Amongst other things he said it “was liking shooting ducks”

The government were furious but maintained the fiction that the ambush happened in Malaysian territory and he got away with his politically incorrect language and went on to serve twice in Vietnam.

So with that background you would understand me when I call Scott’s decision to reveal these details as treason and I would suggest his days are numbered.  The hypocracy of him complaining about the leak of Journo’s salaries, claiming the detail were commercial in confidence when the ABC is a public body, when considered in the light of his release of sensitive material that has damaged the country, is breathtaking .

Abbott will, I imagine, play the scene quietly and in due course it will fade somewhat but next year, when the Senate make-up changes, if he doesn’t do something about the anti-Australian ABC I will be both surprised and disappointed.

The ALP’s handling of the matter needs some work considering they caused the problem in the first place when Rudd authorised the taps on SBY and his wife.  Shorten says he is offering bipartisan support but suggesting Abbott apologise like Obama did to Merkel simply shows his ignorance.  The international rule of diplomacy is “neither confirm nor deny” allegations of spying.

Shorten needs to prove his bipartisanship by silencing his court of fools.  Pilbersek cites “missteps from this government from day one”.

“The announcement of the turnback the boats and buy back the boats policies before the government was elected were very troubling for Indonesians,” she said.

“They didn’t like the fact that people in Australia were making plans for what would happen on Indonesian soil and in Indonesian waters without talking to the Indonesians, so the relationship was under strain, and this … kind of pushed it a little bit further along that strained path.”

Actually Abbott had been talking to the Indons until the treasonous ABC pointed out the ALP governments actions.

She needs to be careful about fanning the flames of political confusion, where she suggests the Coalition and Abbott were responsibile for stress in the relationship lest a spark be ignited that reminds the public  just who cause the whole furore in the first place.

The enemies I have fought were at least honest about their intentions.  The bastards at the ABC claim citizenship and a $ billion a year to attack the very people they are meant to serve.

They need to be brought to heel.

Typhoon before and after shots

You know the drill – just move your mouse over and see the devastation

See here

Remembrance Day

Terry Sweetman can’t keep ideology out of todays remembrance as he talks of  good  and bad wars in a piece entitled Remembrance day silence a time to contemplate the pointlessness of-war.

He starts;

We should think of lives lost, lives shattered, lives squandered, and lives given in service of what good men and women rightly or wrongly believed were good and just causes.

and I respond

Your article and the above quote makes me think the value of sacrifice of those who served in “bad”  wars is less than had they died in “good” wars.

You question why we served in earlier wars but the Maori Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, the Sudan War, the Boer War and WW1 were all fought during a period when most people in Australia thought of themselves as British Australians who were similar to British Canadians or British South Africans.  It was a case of Britian is at war, we are British, let’s go.

Who could argue about the good or bad of WW2.  Who would ever suggest we shouldn’t have contributed to the downfall of Hitler and Tojo. No one surely and the arguement that Japan was never really going to invade Australia was lost on my Father as he endured 64  Japanese bombing raids on Darwin.

Korea might be officially still under a truce but the communist regimes of China and North Korea didn’t take over the South and it has flourshed so that’s a win.

The Paris Peace Talks ended the Vietnam war in a truce as well.  All beligerants went home but while the West lost interest and political will the communists never did and North Vietnam, rearmed by the USSR, finally invaded.  It took them nearly 15 years to win the hollow invasion and it cost them dearly.  We held them up for all that time and sapped their economies so surely that’s a positive. Korea, Malaya and Vietnam were all battles of the Cold War and that was won in 1990 when the Berlin Wall came down.

The more recent “good ” and “bad” wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, are battles of the war against terrorism. Both have given the local populace an inkling of democracy, secular education, better health and education outcomes and some hope of a better future.  Al Qaeda and theTaliban are somewhat depleted, albeit not destroyed, and I think the point is, the whole affair is a generational campaign that will bear fruit in days to come.

The battles aren’t done and the war continues.

I’m tired of being told I fought in a “bad” war with 7RAR in Vietnam while the later 7RAR troops who fought in Iraq also copped the “bad” war service but the next rotation to Afghanistan of the battalion served in a “good” war.  We don’t see it that way.  The country called and we served under the rising sun, as did our fathers, in an apolitical manner.

I would rather the line quoted at the start be;

We should think of lives shattered and lives given in service of what good men and women believed were good and just causes.

Leave the “rightly or wrongly” and “squandered” to the politicians lest the words start appearing on gravestones and memorials.

In the meantime I await the news of my mate Percy who yesterday was given 24 hours to live.  Percy served in one of  the “bad” wars in an exemplorary manner and in doing so proved himself a better man than Sweetman ever will be.


Commo MP arrested

Green Commo MP Rhiannon has been detained by the Sri Lankan authorites for visa infringements.

Ms Rhiannon has been in the country studying the Sri Lanka’s human rights record, and says she has seen evidence of extreme government repression.

What the hell is an Australian minor party politician doing in a foreign country calling them to order over anything – let alone their human rights record?

Get back you clown and see what you can do to help your electorate.

Failing that maybe Sri Lanka could be encouraged to keep her.  It would certainly lift the standards of politicians in Australia.

UPDATE:  Damn! She has been released.

Animal Activists

THE live-export industry is mounting a campaign to dismantle government regulation and take back control for policing animal welfare standards, as activists produced fresh allegations of Australian cattle being abused overseas, this time in Mauritius.

Labor agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon said it was “the worst possible time” to raise self-regulation.

“A debate about greater self-regulation is the last thing the Australian community wants to hear right now, (when) confidence in this important industry has again been undermined.”

Ah…so it’s an important industry now.  Didn’t seem important when Joe Ludwig arbitarily closed it down based on a video shown on the ABC.

The hide of Fitzgibbon to say anything about the confidence when it was the ALP/ABC that totaly scrapped any confidence our trading partners had in the industry by their sheer stupidity and hatred of the man on the land.

City folk don’t reaslize that Ludwig’s stupidity didn’t just impact on the live export industry but on the entire industry.  With  one stroke of the pen he destabalized cattle prices across the entire country as a surplus of cattle, once intended for Indonesia, suddenly came on the market.

Cattle prices plumetted with the glut; mortgages couldn’t be met; truck repayments were missed; staff were let go and it is still in the doldrums.  I noted one “expert” on the ABC say “the live export industry was closed down for only one month!”

Bullshit!  Two years later and is is still in trouble.

One friend, not involved in the export industry but cattle breeding generally, now has an $8 million  mortgage attributed solely to Joe Ludwig.  Two seasons of rediculously low beef prices where his costs far outweigh prices per kilo paid has left him in trouble.

So I’m glad Fitzgibbon now thinks it is an important industry.  Maybe the ALP won’t stand in the way of any remedial work Abbott and Joyce have to do to get it back on track.

We’ll see.

I find it somewhat strange that  radical animal rights activists can take videos of cattle or sheep being mistreated anywhere in the world, sheet it home to Australia and use it as a base in their program to close down the cattle and sheep industry.   How can the cattle breeder out Chinchilla way be expected to have any impact on what happens to the cattle he sells in far away places like Mauritius?

He can’t really and whereas no one likes to see animals treated poorly we can’t be held to account what other cultures do.

Bad week for Greenies

AUSTRALIA will be represented by a diplomat rather than a senior minister at international climate talks in Poland next week aimed at securing an agreement to cut global carbon emissions.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt won’t attend annual United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw, saying he’ll be busy repealing the carbon tax in the first fortnight of parliament.

Good, it’s one of the reasons that the Coalition won the election.

Stand by for the screaming tomorrow – I can just see all the Greenies and rent seekers swarming like angry wasps tonight as they pray at the altar of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists.  Their money tree is being chopped down and reality has set in.  Well almost, because they will all ignore the fact that Abbott has been elected on a platform that has as it’s base, a repeal of the Climate Change tax and spend industry.

They still believe that all those outside of their church are stupid and don’t believe in climate change when it is the huge amount of money being spread around the industry, with not even a hope of any impact on climate, that we don’t like.

And that is how Australia voted – get over it…go away and be quiet.

Greens trying to kill jobs

The Queensland government is considering cutting royalties for an initial period for miners that open up the basin, in the state’s central west.

Premier Campbell Newman says the incentive is all about creating jobs and boosting the state’s economy.

The Greens, of course, are furious

Greenpeace spokeswoman Louise Matthiesson said the plan to consider royalty cuts suggests that new mega-mines in the basin were not independently viable.

No, what it suggests is the Newman government are trying to increase the wealth of the state by offering incentives for companies to mine in Queensland and creat jobs here rather than elsewhere.

“We are really concerned that ordinary mum and dad taxpayers are going to be giving a handout to the likes of Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer,” she said in Brisbane.

No, read the statement.  13,000 to 15,000 jobs are expected to be created.  If Rinehart and Palmer’s companies make more money, they employ more people and pay more taxes. Win-win actually

Unless you are a Greenie

Green senator Larissa Waters agreed, saying discounts would make them even richer at the expense of the Great Barrier Reef, groundwater and climate.

How’s that happen Larissa?

“People like Clive Palmer don’t need any help making even more money, especially when their mega profits go to buying political power, as a federal parliamentary inquiry is now set to investigate,” she said in a statement.

I’m not a Palmer fan but our current high standard of living is based on entrepeurial people setting up businesses and employing people.

Why are the Greens consistantly against any sort of development.  Why should they deny workers jobs?



Hicks is not happy….good!

Terrorist DAVID Hicks says he can’t return to normal life in Australia without clearing his name in the US courts, declaring he is fed up with being called a convicted terrorist.

Listen, you bastard, you don’t deserve a normal life in Australia because you are a convicted terrorist.  Remember – you fought for the other side, you had an audience with Osama Bin Laden, you were convicted?

His passport should have been revoked and he should not have been allowed back into Australia.  The report in The Australian says he has a job in a panel beating shop.  So somewhere there is a business that is happy to employ terrorists – what is the owner thinking?

There is a couple of things Howard did that I disagree with and allowing this bastard back into Australia is one of them.  The pressure from all the US hating left wing was distracting from the buisness of running the country so I can see  why he did it – I just don’t agree with giving terrorists any leeway whatsoever.

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