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Sick Hillary

From Frontpage.mag. In poll after poll, a majority of American voters have reported that they hold an “unfavorable” opinion of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there are enormous differences in the policy positions which these two candidates embrace. Following is a comprehensive overview of exactly what their positions and agendas are, with regard to the major issues confronting the United States. In some instances, background information is provided in italicized print, so as to place the candidates’ positions in proper context. A taste;
CLINTON: On March 12, 2003, Clinton went to the Senate floor to speak out against legislation that proposed to ban the procedure commonly known as “partial-birth abortion”—where the abortionist maneuvers the baby into a breech (feet-first) delivery position, permits its entire body to exit the birth canal except for its head, and then uses scissors to puncture the baby’s brain and kill it while the head is still inside the mother. Defending the legality of this procedure and condemning Republicans for trying to outlaw it, Clinton argued that any attempt “to criminalize a medical procedure” would compromise American liberty.
Trump views this late-term abortion procedure as “terrible” and “not acceptable.”
Full cover of their respective stands on issues can be viewed here. It is most probably more relevant than “10 years ago he was mean to a woman” type statements.  

Clinton caught out again

The FBI, while investigation a case of an adult male sexting a 15 year old girl, confiscate his laptop and while going through it found 650,000 emails relating to state issues with Hillary Clinton’s stamp all over them. The man being investigated is Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.  In the flurry to destroy the evidence of thousands of emails the Clinton camp apparently didn’t realize that an auto-sync feature between Huma & Weiner inadvertently saved the deleted emails on Weiner’s machine. Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email server during her tenure as secretary of state has been on the boil for months and so it should be. We now have state emails stored on a civilian laptop which raises the question. Is there anything the communists and radical Islamic terrorists don’t know about the USA’s strategy under the Obama/Clinton administration? I doubt it. Next week millions of US citizens will vote for Hillary – it’s a worry. More on Democrat Weiner  
American politician Anthony Weiner, former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York City, has been involved in three sexual scandals related to sexting, or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone. The first, sometimes dubbed Weinergate, led to his resignation as a congressman in 2011. The second, during his attempt to return to politics as candidate for mayor of New York City, involved three women Weiner admitted having sexted after further explicit pictures were published in July 2013. The third, in 2015 but publicized in 2016, resulted in an announced intended separation between him and his wife, Huma Abedin.
  But…but… Trump sexually humiliated Jennifer Hawkins, Australian ex Miss Universe screams The Australian headline. Oh, hang on, he didn’t.
“Just on that whole subject, Donald and his family I have to say, have always been respectful to me,” the former Miss Universe told News Corp at Victoria Derby Day today.
Media bias…nah…never happen.  

The sharks are circling

Maurice Blackburn has received a flood of calls about the theme park accident that killed four adults, including from people who want their own bad experiences on Dreamworld rides to be recorded.
“A wide variety of people have called. People who have been directly involved, people who have been witnesses, people who weren’t even there but have a story to tell,” the firm’s personal injury principal Alison Barrett told AAP.   Ms Barrett said the law firm was in the process of gathering information relevant to the Dreamworld tragedy, but most people weren’t interested in any compensation that might be offered down the track.
Yeah, right.  Then why phone a law firm? I would suggest the “flood of calls” is a beat up by Maurice Blackburn to put themselves in the public’s mind as they and the public work out how they can benefit from the incident. Just to be sure we know where they are coming from the spokesperson lays the blame for the deaths on the previous LNP government;
She said members of the former LNP government, and specifically former attorney-general Jarrod Bleijie, bear responsibility for sliding standards. “They have played a very significant role in that. It was Jarrod Bleijie’s portfolio. And it all occurred under their watch.”
Got that? Call us and we will make you rich, even if you were just there on the day and eating an ice cream well out view of the incident. Oh, and it was the evil, uncaring conservative government that caused the deaths. Politics and avarice all while people are still grieving.


Greens still stuffing up economy

Pictured above. Former Obama White House  and Hillary Clinton campaign Advisor John Podesta  …… Wikileaks drops the bombshell that foreign activists are stuffing up Australia’s economy with their anti coalmining campaign.  Foreign, as in American, to be precise and there is also also a suggestion that one of Obama’s advisors is involved. From The Australian
A highly orchest­rated, secretly foreign-funded group of Australian environ­mental activists ­oppos­ing the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has “dampened” ­Indian investment interest in Australia and received heated criticism from the federal Coalition and Queensland Labor governments.
Heated criticism doesn’t create jobs or wealth.  It wont drag the poor Indians who currently heat and cook with animal dung into the 21st century. The Weekend Australian revealed that “progressive” US foundations were funding opposition to the Adani project and passing reports from Sunrise Australia, which was using legal challenges and advice to indigenous groups against the mine, to Mrs Clinton’s campaign chairman, Mr Podesta.
The leader of a foreign-funded, highly orchestrated group of Australian activists working to stop the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has confirmed links with the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign and warned a Clinton administration will “embarrass” the Turnbull Government over coal
That’s pretty clear but Anastacia misses the point, most probably deliberately.
Ms Palaszczuk, who was in Prosperine yesterday to talk about the benefit of Adani’s project, for which the company began seeking approval seven years ago, said the US groups should look after their “own backyard”. “US-based and funded organisations worried about political decisions anywhere in the world should be working to keep ­Donald Trump out of the White House,’’ the Premier said.
Keep Trump out of the Whitehouse! For heaven’s sake concentrate Annastacia. While you need Green votes to stay alive we know you aren’t going to do anything about the activists but at least try and appear interested in the economy of the state you lead…well sort of lead. Oh, and can we improve on “heated criticism from the Federal government?” Maybe some legislation that restricts activists activities to pointless but less dangerous street marches. If the courts of the land can stop development because some Greenie activists planted a skink in the region and then take the developer to court funded by anti-develoment foreign activists then the laws need changing. NOW! UPDATE!
Malcolm Turnbull will revive Tony Abbott’s proposed laws to block environmental activists seeking to stymie major projects.  Another example of Tony Abbott getting it right and Turnbull doing nothing about it until he’s forced to by the media.
The Abbott government proposed the laws to stamp out “legal sabotage” of major projects after the Federal Court last year upheld a challenge to a massive Queensland coalmine brought by environmental groups.   The proposal – rejected by senators in the last parliament – would restrict access to the courts to individuals with a direct interest in the project, such as local farmers and townspeople, and shut out climate change activists who often live hundreds of kilometres away.
And, it’s not an answer, just a suggested answer that has no relevance until passed by the Senate.  Greens and left wing nutjobs still hold sway but maybe Hanson’s troops will help this time. Here’s hoping.

Too many lawyers?

ADF Spokesman 2016 From The Australian
An ADF spokesman declined to give details of operations but said ADF members operated under strict rules of engagement and targeting procedures designed to protect them, minimise the risk of injury to civilian non-combatants and strictly comply with Australia’s obligations under domestic and international law.
  Army Spokesman 1970
We closed with and killed the enemy.
Me thinks there are too many lawyers in the system.



South Australian pylons after120kph winds


Queensland pylons after 290 kph

              South Australian Premier Weatherill flat out defending the indefensible.
“South Australia hasn’t seen a storm like last week’s in living memory,” Mr Weatherill said. “Those images of transmission lines bent over showed just how powerful the wind was.”
No, those images show just how flimsy the infrastructure was. I put more concrete around the base of my fence posts than the SA guys did around their pylons. Yes, the storm produced the blackout but there’s more to it than that.  The wind turbines closed down before the pylons were knocked out and the sudden drop in power from wind caused a huge instant demand from the Victoria connector. It closed down to protect the Victorian energy system. If SA had coal or gas generators on line it wouldn’t have blacked out. From Graham Llloyd in The Australian quoting a report from the AEMO
A dramatic, sudden loss of wind power generation was the root cause of South Australia’s state wide blackout last week. And the bulk of damage to high voltage transmission lines that was caused by high winds and paraded as evidence to defend renewables most likely took place after the power had been lost. These are the major facts contained in the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) preliminary report.
Graham continues;
But AEMO said data currently available indicates that the damage to the Davenport to Brinkworth 275 kV line on which 14 towers were damaged “occurred following the SA Black System”. The big event was a 123 MW reduction in output from North Brown Hill Wind Farm, Bluff Wind Farm, Hallett Wind Farm and Hallett Hill Wind Farm at 16.18.09. Seconds later there was an 86 MW reduction in output from Hornsdale wind farm and a 106 MW reduction in output from Snowtown Two wind farm.
Renewables are fine so long as there is a base load source to maintain the grid.  Green left wing state governments are outbidding each other in taking us along the road to renewables without listening to engineering advice. They will cost us dearly. Link here to The AEMO Report. Greenies should read it and ponder.    

SA closes down

It would appear that in strong winds wind turbines have to be feathered and as strong winds are generally associated with rain as well then the solar panels don’t work either. Thus entire state of South Australia is currently without power. I see the SA Premier on TV advising people to “reach out to neighbours” Could I suggest that they “reach out to Greenies and politicians who listen to them and throttle them” Just watch and listen now as progressives turn this SA storm into the greatest weather event ever.  They need to detract us from the fact that it was no worse than we endure in Queensland every year. Reported in The Australian – one comment from Gregory attracted my eye
This is the biggest media beatup I’ve ever read. I have been in the city and Adelaide hills all day.  The weather bureau reports 22mm of rain since 9am, falling roughly over a 6 hour period. The wind has averaged 22kmh with gusts to 32kmh. This press and the bureau are just trying to make an excuse for our inept power infrastructure.
Should be fun as politicians get inventive explaining how a summer storm can stop a first world city.    

Presidential race

All the media in Australia claim Clinton won the first debate.  Meanwhile, in the US, polls are telling a different story.
Trump is fast turning into prohibition. The more the establishment and media keep railing against him, the stronger he gets and the more people want to vote for him. The more people are told that ‘Hillary definitely won’, the more inclined they are to say Trump – even if purely out of spite. This is what happens when you play the man and not the policy, treat people as if they were idiots and smash them with obviously rehearsed sound bites and impractical, pious ideology.
The MSM and PC crowd are panicking and as they react he keeps gaining. Keep it up guys, the people will decide, not you. Just in case you think the above link is a setup check here at the Washington Times

Hanson upsets The Greens

From a speech in the Senate yesterday;
If you are not prepared to become Australian and give this country your undivided loyalty, obey our laws and respect our culture and way of life, then I suggest you go back where you came from.
Sounds reasonable to me and therefore to millions of Australians however as it is from a speech by Hanson then it will be attacked ad nauseum I’m not a fan of Hanson’s but she did get the Greens to walk out of the Senate yesterday and that’s always good for the country. Whereas I’m not a fan of Hanson I am a fan of freedom of speech and not only when I agree with the speaker. Obviously the Greens aren’t as they walked out of the Senate, a house of debate, during Hanson’s speech.

The Greens walk out of the Senate

By not staying and debating the issue I have to assume they do not think immigrants should show loyalty, obey our laws or respect our culture and way of life. Strange cattle these Greens.
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